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Spazz: it's that time again

Naruto: oh no not now

Spazz: new story time!

Naruto: dude you have like, a crap load of stories out already

Spazz: I blame my creative juices besides I promised to give you all an M-rated NaruSaku story with lemons in them, and they're one-shots

Naruto: well at least I get to fuck Sakura

Sakura: I'm going to be sore

Spazz: yup *smiles*

Naruto: *smirks*

Sakura: oh joy I can't wait to get pound *being sarcastic*

Naruto: Spazz Sakura's being mean can we start

Spazz: sure

Sakura: NO!

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A man with blond hair, blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheek, threw a punch at his opponent, which happened to be a young lady with pink hair and emerald eyes.

"Is that all you got Naruto?" Sakura grinned and then punched the ground with her chakra filled fist.

Naruto quickly dodged it and kicked the pink haired konouchi Sakura quickly got up and began to throw punches at him. The blond gracefully dodged them all he grabbed Sakura by the arm and threw her to the ground.

Naruto hovered over his girlfriend and smirked. "Is that all you got Sakura?"

She groaned as she tried to get up Sakura fell back on the ground. "Naruto can we take a break right now?"

"Aw what's the matter Sakura don't have the endurance to keep up with me?"

The rosette rolled her eyes she always hated how her boyfriend had more stamina than her.

"Let's go Sakura I'm up for another round."

Sakura let out another groan, "Naruto we've been at it for hours can we go home?"

"Alright fine," the blond carried his girlfriend back to the apartment they lived.

Naruto laid his girlfriend on the bed Sakura first went in the shower and after she was done Naruto was up. As soon as Naruto got out of the bathroom, he felt two slender arms around his waist and Sakura nipped his ears, causing him to yelp.

"Sakura what was that for," he rubbed his ear.

The rosette just nuzzled his neck. "Naruto I'm horny."

"Now but I thought you were tired."

Sakura grinned, "I am from the training." With that she spun Naruto around and pressed her lips roughly against his. "I'm horny and you're going to help me."

Before Naruto could say anything Sakura's tongue made its way in his she nibbled on the bottom of his lip. She then proceeded to push Naruto on the bed, like a predator, Sakura climbed on the bed lust and hunger, were shown in her emerald eyes. The rosette straddled his hips and grinded their lower regions against each other. Naruto couldn't help but moan but was silent as Sakura kissed him her fingers lightly traced his well tone abs and his perfect six-pack. All the blond could do was shiver from his girlfriend's gentle touch. He let out a moan of protest as she broke the kiss, Naruto watched as Sakura slowly took off her pajama shirt. Naruto tried to move his hands but noticed they were tied to the bed posts.

He noticed a grin was on the rosette's face. "I did that while we were kissing."

"You sure are a vixen."

Sakura giggled, "Yes one that's very horny."

She then unclasped the bra and slowly took her bra off, Naruto was getting tortured by the minute she took off her shorts and underwear off really slow. The blond was getting turned on right now all he wanted to do was fuck his little vixen until she could no longer scream or walk.

"Sakura this isn't fair."

She rolled her eyes. "Well you weren't fair during training, so why should sex be any different?"

Right now he hated it when Sakura was being in charged in the relationship, including sex, oh yes. It would usually be him that controlled the sex, but his little vixen would surprise him and pounce on him from behind. He groaned as Sakura began to rub the towel that covered his lower region and mostly his penis. The blond felt like he was going to explode from Sakura's hand job, he noticed that Sakura took her hand off of the towel.

"Let's see how much your friend had suffered." Swiftly the towel was off and lay on the floor. "Oh my looks like he wants some attention." Sakura lowered her head so she could see the now harden penis. As she touched it, Naruto's penis twitched and was throbbing. "Someone's in need of a release." Naruto let out a stifle cry as Sakura slowly licked his penis.

"Please Sakura I need you." God he sounded so desperate for a release, but the sad part was it was true. He felt like his penis was going to be ripped out of his skin.

"Let me think," Sakura lightly traced the head of his penis, if it weren't for those damn handcuffs he would've banged her so hard that the bed would break. The blond gasped in pleasure as Sakura took all of him within a heartbeat. He groaned as his girlfriend was giving him one hell of a blowjob, the konouchi would suck and then lick the tip of his penis.

She massaged his balls which increased the pleasure he was receiving. "God Sakura I'm getting close." If only poor Naruto hadn't say that. Sakura then took him out of her mouth. "What the hell Sakura?"

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were going to come, but you know, it's so much fun to tease you." Sakura pressed her pussy against his penis and began to grind.

Naruto felt her juices leaking onto his penis and some poured onto his thighs, oh how he wished he could thrust himself inside of her nice and tight pussy. Crap he was getting hard again just by thinking about it.

"Sakura what are you doing," he asked in between moans.

"I'm still horny Naruto." And then she smirked. "Aw what's the matter Naruto don't have enough endurance to keep up with me?"

Naruto learned a very important lesson, irony's a bitch.


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