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World: Shinobi

You Set My Soul Alight

Naruto watched with darkened cerulean eyes as his lover cleansed her body from the dirt and blood she had gotten from a mission. His eyes carefully watched as those droplets of water caressed her soft and porcelain skin. He would watch as they moved down from her neck all the way down to that wonderful and fuckable ass of hers. Unconsciously he licked his lips, just dying to taste her skin. It was a good thing that Sakura was unaware that her boyfriend was staring at her body with hunger in his eyes. As the rosette let out a moan as the warm water soothed her aching muscle, Naruto's male organ began to throb in need.

Sakura happily hummed as she began to lather her body in her favorite body wash, Naruto couldn't help but take in the scent.

Hmmm tropical mango how, delightful

Cerulean eyes watched as delicate yet strong feminine hands began to cover up the rosette's body in scented soap. The blond male watched with intensity as Sakura's right hand brushed against her left side, he took notice at how she shivered in delight. He watched her lift a lithe leg up to lather it up in the mango scented body wash, he grinned at the memory of having those delightful creamy legs wrapped around his strong and slender male hips. But his grin widened because he knew that one of his favorite body parts of Sakura's, were in-between her legs, oh yes how he loved the rosette's womanhood.

The young Namikaze loved how nice and warm it felt when his length was buried in there. He loved being inside of his lover and have her scream his name in pure please each time he thrusted inside of her. Oh kami, he was getting hot and horny just thinking about it. It took all of his restraint not to jump his lovely rosette right now while trying to enjoy the show. His fingers twitched as he watched Sakura beginning to lather her inner thighs. He let out a low growl as his lover let out another pleasurable moan, he could feel his control beginning to slip.

His cerulean eyes watched carefully as her fingers would lightly touch her seeping womanhood. Oh he could smell her desire and the scent was intoxicating him. Drool began to form inside of his mouth and his arousal began to stir once the scent of his lover's desire hit his nose like a ton of bricks. His canines, thanks to the influence of the Kyuubi, dug into his lower lips and drew blood. The Namikaze felt like he was getting teased as soon as Sakura began to gently stroke her clitoris. It was like she knew he was watching her, he bit back a growl as he heard Sakura began to call his name.


Oh how desperate she sounded to his ears. Her pleasurable cries were like music to his ear. Right now he wanted to do nothing but simply rip off all his clothes and take her, right there and then.


He didn't know how long he would last until he snapped. Naruto had learned to control himself, of course that was only on the battlefield and on missions. But when it came to sex, well his self control wasn't that great….

At all…

All of his blood began to flow down below his waist and straight towards his now straining arousal. He growled softly as his pants started to become a nuisance. His right brow twitched as he saw her slender index finger enter her womanhood. Naruto watched with intensity as the finger slowly moved in and out of her. The blond lost it the moment his girl let out a long pleasurable moan and her back arching, giving him a front view of her hardened nipples.

Sakura jumped the moment she heard an animalistic roar. Slowly she turned around and saw her lover, his once clear cerulean eyes now were darkened with pure lust, hunger, and desire. It wasn't the roar that ripped from his throat that made her eyes widened, no, it was the fact that Naruto was standing there naked the day he was born, and her eyes wondered down and saw his red throbbing member. She felt a warm feeling in her loins as pre-cum leaked from the tip of his length. The rosette backed up a bit as the blond approached her with a predatory gait, desire and dominance radiated off of him. Sakura mentally winced as the cold feeling of the shower walls came in contact with her skin. She jumped a bit as both of Naruto's hands slammed against the wall, trapping her with this strong body hovering over her.

Emerald eyes were met with darkened cerulean eyes, she could see the desire her lover held for her, especially after that little display. A low growl emitted from his throat and sharpened canines began to appear. Sakura knew that Kyuubi or Kurama, was giving some influence to the blond haired man.

"You know Sakura, if you wanted to be pleasured," he lowered his head until his lips were slightly touching her right ear, "All you had to do was call out to me."

A loud pleasurable scream escaped Sakura's throat, her back arching, her body responding to Naruto's index finger, entering her dripping pussy. His thumb brushing against her throbbing clitoris as his finger pumped in and out of her. Sakura gripped onto Naruto's broad shoulders as he began to nibble on her neck and occasionally licking it as well. As soon as his middle finger entered, along with his index finger, Sakura felt like she was losing her mind. Naruto growled as he felt himself get extremely aroused, the minute his canines sharpened, his sense of smell heightened as well. He definitely could not ignore the smell of Sakura's arousal. Her walls constricted against his pumping fingers and would tighten even more when they would brush against her g-spot. Sakura wrapped her legs around his waist in order to get more leverage and her hips moved against his fingers.

Naruto smirked against her neck as he the scent of her arousal was beginning to get heavier and he knew that she was getting close to coming. As soon as his thumb pressed down against her clitoris, that was when Sakura had lost it, she cried out her release and her bodily fluids spilled onto her lover's hand. The blond haired man removed his hand from her lower regions, he looked around and noticed the towel rack and carried Sakura over to where the rack was. He slowly got on his knees and unwrapped Sakura's legs off his waist and placed them onto his shoulders, his strong hands held her hips.

The rosette was confused at her boyfriend's actions. "Naruto what are you doing?"

"Hold onto the rack Sakura."

Before Sakura could reply, Naruto's tongue immediately entered her dripping core, quickly her hands gripped the rack, strongly. The blonde's tongue began moving around the rosette's inner walls, every nook and cranny was being licked by his wet muscle. Sakura's breathing began to quicken as she felt his warm breath brushing against her outer lips and cried out whenever he nibbled her nether regions. Her grip on the towel rack tightened as his tongue brushed against her throbbing clitoris and closed her eyes when he sucked on it. Naruto's tongue entered her again and continued to move in and out of her, and around her inner walls. Once a growled escaped Naruto's throat, as her legs wrapped around his head, and that was when Sakura lost it. Her grip on the rack was so strong that it nearly broke, her juices gushing out of her and flowed into the blonde's hungry mouth. After finishing up his meal, he looked at his lover and smirked, her hair was a mess and drops of water rolled down her perfect body.

He unhooked her legs from his head and brought Sakura into his lap. The rosette looked at him and noticed his usual spiky hair was being tamed by the water coming down from the shower head. Sakura would never admit it but she always thought that Naruto looked sexy with water coming down his body. Just the thought of that aroused her once again, but when Naruto bucked his hips, she felt his throbbing member brushing against her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as Naruto began to stand up, he pushed her against the wall and under the shower head, his lips possessively claiming her own. Her back arched as their tongue began to duel for dominance. Naruto growled once Sakura began rubbing against his extremely hard member, capturing her lips again, he swiftly entered the confines of her warmth.

The rosette broke away from the hungry kiss as the man above her, filled her with this throbbing organ, the sound of his hips slamming against hers echoed throughout the bathroom walls. Naruto growled again, but this time a bit louder, when he felt Sakura beginning to tighten around him.

"You need to relax my love," the blond said through gritted teeth.

Tears of pleasure began to roll down her cheeks as her body trembled with pleasure. "I can't Naru, I need to come now."

Another growl, "Relax," Naruto whispered huskily in her ear.

He began to move but this time slowly, Sakura tried moving against him, but couldn't when Naruto gripped her hips tightly. Whenever she felt like she was going to come, Naruto always moved slow, and she hated it with a passion. All she wanted was some rough sex, now. Sakura began mewing as she wanted more of this powerful man inside of her, but no matter what, Naruto always got what he wanted.

"You. Need. To. Relax." Naruto said in-between painfully, well according to Sakura, thrusts.

The blond did not want to come until he was full satisfied of his lust, after all Sakura had teased him unintentionally, but damn it, his body yearned for hers. He wanted her, all of her, both body and mind. Naruto began laying soft kisses on the side of Sakura's neck, a happy sigh escaped her lips and her body went from trembling to relaxation. Once her inner walls unconstructed itself from his length, the blond began to move in and out of her. Loud cries of pleasure emitted from the rosette's throat as he moved against her, as she arched her back again, Naruto began to kneed both of her breasts with his skilled and callous hands. Her nails dug into his back as he pinched them a bit hard and his fangs nipping at her porcelain skin. Naruto's pace had quickened, but not fast enough, his hands caressing the sides of her body and once they reached her ass, he pressed her against his hardness, causing Sakura to scream, a throaty chuckle escaped his lips.

The rosette looked up and the sight of a extremely soaking wet Naruto turned her on even more. Her eyes followed a drop of water, moving down from his strong and sharp chin, to his muscular neck, down to his well sculpted abs, continuing down his perfectly cut six-pack (which was becoming an eight-pack), and down to where they were joined. That sight just made her tighten around the blond haired man, Naruto growled in response. Sakura could feel like she was about to release for a third time this day, but she wanted Naruto to come with her as well. While Naruto was too busy leaving little bite marks on her neck, a sly smirk appeared on her face. She grabbed Naruto's face and brought him into a lust filled kiss. The blond couldn't help but groan in response not know what the rosette's true intentions were.

Soft slender fingers began to stroke both sides of Naruto's whiskered cheeks, the sensation of having his whiskered marked cheeks was causing an internal battle to erupt inside of Naruto's mind. While he wanted to enjoy being inside of Sakura, the animal side of him demanded to show his dominance and power over her. When Sakura stroked his cheeks again, this time more gently than the last, all hell broke loose. His fangs now more sharpened and the whisker markings more prominent and his eyes fully consumed with lust. Sakura screamed aloud as Naruto's began to thrust in and out of her with more speed and force.

His tan hips banged against her pale ones, the sounds of skin against skin was now a lot louder than it was before. Animalistic growls were escaping Naruto's throats as he continued to fuck his pink haired lover. Sakura was having a hard time holding onto him, she would pour chakra into her hands just to get a better grip, her nails dug deeper into his strong shoulders. Screams of pleasure would rip out of Sakura's throat as Naruto repeatedly slammed against her g-spot with perfect precision. Angry streaks of red appeared on Naruto's back as the rosette clung for her life. The bathroom walls began to shake from their furious rutting even the lights began to flicker, even the condiments of the shower began to fall from the shelves, and the tiles of the shower began to crack a bit.

Sakura's inner walls were tightening even more around Naruto's length, but that still didn't stop him from fucking her roughly. The rosette's head began to trash as the intensity of the pleasure she was receiving was beginning to consume her from the very core. She knew that Naruto's whisker marks were sensitive, even though they had sex plenty of times the thought of stroking them never came to mind. But now she knew what they could do to him when they had sex, she had absolute no regrets at all. Sakura knew that her lover could be rough during sex, but she wanted to see him when he was wild, and she loved it. The feel of being completely overpowered by this man, was just so hot and sexy. She loved the power radiating off of him. The rosette couldn't complain when she felt the sharpened fangs grazing over her soft and delicate skin, she shivered when they nipped her. Naruto's grip on her hips grew very strong, his hands digging into her skin, usually would be concerned about leaving bruises, but now the animal side of him couldn't careless, all it cared about was just rough fucking her until she screamed until her throat went raw and until he was fully stratified.

The scream coming from Sakura's throat was so loud that Naruto almost stopped to cover his ears, but he couldn't, not when he was almost full. She came heavily, her juices coating his length and splashing against their stomachs. Without pulling out, he turned Sakura over until her breasts were pressed against the cold tiles, she clung onto the tiles as Naruto continued his wild romp. His balls smacking against her milky white ass, Naruto nipped right between her shoulder blades. Sakura shivered as locks of blond hair brushed against her shoulders. The blond laid his head between her shoulder blades as he continued to fuck her wildly. His powerful hands grabbed her breasts again and began to pull and twist them. Sakura arched her back causing Naruto to move deeper inside of her. Again she shivered as his tongue from the middle of her back all the way back to her neck. Her clitoris was being rolled between his index finger and thumb, and a hand held her hips, but once those two fingers pinched her sensitive numb, Sakura cried out her climax again. Her juices began to flow down her legs and onto the shower floor.

Again, without pulling out of her, Naruto had Sakura face him again, he turned the shower off and carried Sakura out of the bathroom and into their room. Having Naruto inside of her and walking, made Sakura moan as his still hardened length moved inside of her. Even though his animal side had taken over him, he gently laid her on the bed, and hungrily captured her lips once again and slammed his powerful hips. Sakura tried to break away from the kiss, but his left hand pressed her head against his, her screams were being muffled. Naruto ripped away from the kiss and animally took her right breast into his hungry mouth. His sharpened fangs nipping against her teat while his tongue brushed against the tip. Sakura pressed his head against her breast, and his left hand roughly handled the left breast. Having Naruto wildly fuck her and possessively suck on her breast was beginning to be too much for the rosette.

The wild blond switched breasts and continued his wild ministrations. Sakura's body continued to tremble in pleasure, but the pleasure she was experiencing was getting too much for her. Toes curled, back arched, head thrown back, and a very loud scream, a blast of the rosette's juices came out pouring and splat against their stomachs and dripping onto the bed sheets. Naruto could no longer hold on, ever since Sakura had come twice on his hardened length, he didn't know how long he would be able to hold on, then after her third release, that was when he lost it. The blond let out a loud animal roar as his seeds spilled into Sakura's waiting womb, and bit down hard to where her neck and shoulder were connected.

As his animal side subsided he managed to catch himself before he crushed his lover. Sakura manage to smile at him lazily and the blond kissed her gently. The blond pulled out and watch his seeds dripping out of her entrance. He stumbled towards the linen closet in their room and too out a clean blanket, Sakura already took off the one that was soiled with their love juices. Once the blanket was laid onto the bed, Naruto carried Sakura to bed and covered them with the clean blanket. Sakura nuzzled against his chest and fell asleep, the blond followed after kissing her forehead.


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