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Standing next to my bunk, I stared at the roll of Lifesavers in my hand. Fruit. What the hell kinda message was I trying to send? I should've chosen Butter Rum; something daring, pirate-like. Or Wint-O-Green; the kind the commercial says makes sparks. No, I chickened out and bought the best girl in the whole world 5 Flavor Fruit. What an idiot!

I heard voices coming up the path from the Mess Hall and realized I needed to make my break for it quickly. I'd gotten pretty lucky every night, sneaking out to the lake with no one the wiser. If I wasn't careful, this would be the night I'd get caught.

I slid the candy into my pocket and pushed open the cabin door, stepping out onto the screened porch. The sun had already set and everything looked a kind of blue-gray. As I reached for the screen door a voice came abruptly from behind me. "Sneaking off to the lake again?"

"Jeezuz Christ!" I exhaled, almost coming out of my skin.
James covered his mouth, trying to hide his laughter. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"I wasn't scared!" I protested, probably a little too quickly. "I...just wasn't expecting you."

"Uh huh. You know you're not supposed to be at the lake at night, right?"
I did know that, but I didn't care. I couldn't exactly make that my argument so I didn't say anything, looking down.

"Just promise me you're not doing anything illegal and nothing TOO immoral." He said.

"I'm not!" I wasn't sure what he meant by immoral, but since I hadn't even gotten the nerve to speak to Iz other than during Swim class I was pretty sure I was okay.

"Is she pretty?"

"Yep." I said before I could even stop myself. The smirk on his face told me what I'd revealed. "Shit!"

"Go on Brando, just don't be too late." James laughed. "But if you get caught, I know nothing." he shrugged, still smiling, with
his palms facing me.

I barely made it down the steps before I heard him again. He was using a high pitched voice and dragging out his words. I was pretty sure he was making fun of me this time. "Ooooh Edward, you handsome devil."

He was still laughing as I turned the corner for the trail to the lake. I dodged into the trees to avoid Hip-hop and Gates, not that I had to hide from anyone. I just didn't want them following me.

Nope, if she was at the lake tonight, I wanted Iz to be all mine.

I moved slowly down the path, stealthily. I was careful, checking to see if anyone had beaten me there. But the coast was clear. The lake was as still as I'd ever seen it. Not even the canoes were making any noise against the water. Only the occasional frog sang out and the crickets chirped.

I began to cut through the wooded area between our path and the one leading to Camp Unicorn when I heard a twig snap. It came from behind me, so it was someone from my camp. I stayed hidden in the trees, hoping the guys hadn't caught a glimpse of me after all and decided to follow. Or, even worse, another camp counselor. I didn't want to get sent home. I couldn't, not now.

As the shadowed figure got closer, I recognized it as the big kid from camp. I didn't know his name, but I'd sort of named him Neanderthal that first day. I watched as his legs lunged across the bank straight to the boat dock and leaned against the old wooden building that housed life jackets, rafts and oars. His eyes pointed toward the trail, remaining focused on the very same spot that held my interest. Only a few minutes went by before I heard footsteps working their way down the steep path in an unbalanced rhythm. I stayed back, determined to remain unseen, suddenly worrying that maybe Iz would be meeting him out here. I got a sick feeling in my gut that made me want to throw up. And I couldn't help but wonder if I might have bought those stupid fruity Lifesavers for nothing.

I stared at the figure coming closer, praying she didn't have hair the color of hot chocolate that smelled like flowers and sunshine. I held my breath until the moon shone brightly and I could see it was that same blond girl I'd seen before, the one from the picnics. Boy did I breathe a sigh of relief! But then I wondered what the chances were that two girls would happen to come to the lake at almost exactly the same time on the same night. And then I began to panic.

What if Iz wasn't coming to the lake? What if she realized I'd be there and decided to stay away?

The blond girl had made it about halfway down the path when I noticed someone standing at the top. Iz! She was watching the other girl, moving slowly behind her. I couldn't imagine what she was doing. They were obviously not together; it was like Iz was trying to be sneaky. The little blond made it to the foot of the path and practically leaped on top of Neanderthal. He pulled her into his arms, fumbled in his pockets for a moment and turned toward the boat shed.

That's when I heard a horrible sound, sort of like horse hooves but not nearly as melodic. I turned to discover Izzy...rolling down the path...bouncing over roots and rocks. Crap! It would be just my luck to meet the girl of my dreams, just to have her come down with amnesia and not even know who I was. I ran to the edge of the woods as quickly as I could, getting there just as she landed with a thud at my feet.

God, I hoped she was alright! I had to find out. "Hey..." I started, offering her my hand.

"Jeezuz!" she yelped.

"Shit...Shoot!" What an asshole- for cussing and for scaring her! "It's just me. Edward. From swim class." I explained, unsure how hard she may have hit her head. Hoping she remembered me.

"Ummm...hi?" Iz replied. I panicked a little because she sounded like the amnesia patients on those soap opera shows my old foster moms couldn't seem to get enough of.

Never having met someone with a head injury in real life, I didn't know what to say. "Hi. My name is Edward. I'm in your swim class and...You may not remember this...but are madly in love with me." No, that'd be too dishonest, even for me.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked me.

I ended up using some lame excuse about ghost stories and arm wrestling. She laughed and told me that I scared the crap out of her.

"Sorry about that." I explained. "That wasn't what I was trying to do."

"What were you trying to do?" She asked.

Without bothering to take the time to think of something charming or witty, I simply told the truth. "I was looking for you." Her smile gave me the courage I needed to continue. "I bought this for you."

I realized my palm had gotten kind of sweaty squeezing that roll of candy and I was almost too embarrassed to hand it to her. But she reached for them, so I couldn't exactly refuse to let go.

"I wasn't sure what flavor you liked." I explained, still wishing I'd have chosen Butter Rum.

Then I could finally breathe when she said "These. They're perfect. Thanks."

I stared at Iz, her pink lips curved up into the slightest smile, her fair skin shining under the moon as it reflected off the golden hues in those eyes that stayed glued on me. I couldn't imagine any other girl ever looking more beautiful. Even DJ Tanner had nothing on Iz. Totally lost in the sight of her I mumbled something about giving her lifesavers because of swim class, when really I did it just to see her smile. And, boy did it pay off!

"Wait." Iz said as her brow furrowed just a bit. "Tell me you didn't use your canteen credit to buy something for me. You didn't, did you?"

Suddenly my throat got real dry and I started to wonder if I'd made a big fat mistake. Maybe it was inappropriate, since she practically gave me the money. Maybe I'd made a fool of myself.
"It's fine. No big deal." I said, anxious to get away so I could thoroughly beat myself up in private.

And then Izzy did something I wasn't expecting. She touched me. And it wasn't part of swimming class; it was because she didn't want me to leave.

"Don't go." she said.

Her eyes looked sad, like she actually wanted me there. I never felt like it really mattered to anyone if I was around or not. I'd always thought of myself as more of a nuisance than anything else. But Iz, she held on to my arm, keeping me there with her.

And once we finally started talking, it was the most effortless thing I'd ever done. Talking to Iz was as easy as skipping rocks on a lake, smooth as glass, when nobody else was around. It was like closing your eyes and moving your fingers along the strings, playing the chords you feel in your heart. It was as simple as breathing.

I asked her what Iz was short for and she told me Isabella. Isabella. Like my Bella.

She asked if I preferred a nickname, like Eddie. I'd never had one, but she could call me anything she wanted as long as she kept talking to me.

Iz told me she lived with her mom in Phoenix most of the year and just spent summers with her dad in Forks. She said he was the Police Chief. Great. She got to come to camp because he was away doing some training. I was thankful to the guy for that.

I told her nothing of my family; the real one that had been non-existent most of my life nor the fake ones that I wished had never happened.

She told me about her step-dad Phil being a minor-league ball player and traveling a lot.

I told her about Miss Esme, sort of. I told her she was my counselor and let her assume I meant from school. I told her about listening to Van Morrison and The Eagles and all that good classic music when I spent time with her.

She talked about her best camp friend, Angela.

I spoke about James and the guitar lessons.

Without even realizing it, somehow we ended up sitting on the edge of the dock, our feet dangling above the lake. I completely forgot about Neanderthal and the little blond. I completely forgot about any sort of curfews and James' warning not to get caught. All I knew was that Iz was right there on that dock with me because she wanted to be. And her body was right there next to mine; our arms almost touching; her hand right there.

I looked down at the Billabong board shorts I never thought I'd own and I thought of the person who wore them before me and what he would do. And then...I did it. I wrapped my little finger right around Iz's and held it there.

My mouth got really dry, but I was flooded with warmth when she squeezed back. Her hand was softer than mine and warm. I couldn't look at her, afraid I'd give away every emotion I was feeling. So I just stared at the lake, or at our feet, or at the reflection of the moon. I guess she did too, because she didn't say anything either.

We stayed that way for a while until I'd almost gotten up enough nerve to go for the whole hand. That's when it happened. The door to the boat shed flew open in a frenzy. Neanderthal and the little blond girl fell out onto the dock beside us... their bodies entwined, their faces horribly red and their clothes a jumbled mess!

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