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Chapter 1 Prologue

At the Grand Hommes hotel, a man with black shaggy hair, black coal eyes, pale skin wearing a black vest orientated with animal and human bones, black shaggy pants and black flip-flops made no sound as he walked past the white wall and white doors. He got to a corner and turned right. He growled as he saw a girl with blonde shoulder length curls, a pink dress that was above her knees showed off her pale skin, pink flip-flops protected her feet from the terribly white carpet. "You're not here to stop me from taking what is mine?" the man asked, his voice sounding rough and scary.

The girl tensed before turning to meet the man's black eyes against her blue. She started to reply to the man with a voice that sounded small and innocent, "You're not the only one who has duties here, Papa Ge. Now where are little Ti Mourne and Elidor?"

"You should know that Ti Mourne is a tree Erzulie," Papa Ge stated as he pushed her out of his way.

"I said little Ti Mourne!" she yelled as she rolled her eyes."She's Daniel's and Andrea's daughter who is turning five. I'm her lou and Elidor's."

Papa Ge turned around swiftly and pushed her into the wall with his black cane that was stripped red and a skull for the handle, "When did they get a daughter? I know they have a son but a daughter?"

"When you told us not to bother you even if we were being attacked," she shrugged. "Ah, they're near here." She gently pushed Papa Ge away from her and started to move when she heard him say something under his breath.

Papa Ge watched as Erzulie rounded the corner, her flip-flops making no sound, just watching her walk send dark, unholy images in his head. He shocks his head and continued to follow the grand homes trail towards Andrew.

Erzulie, once she was sure that Papa Ge wouldn't find her, fell to the ground in a dark hallway. "I've been looking for Elidor for the past 72 hours," she said to no one expect her self as the darkness surrounded her small frame. "As soon as I find him I'm getting me some major rest. Papa Ge has it easy with a trial."

A panther appeared with a gold heart necklace around its neck and a slight smile was on its lips, "Erzulie should I tell you the good news, the bad news, the beautiful news, or the ugly news?"

Erzulie wrapped her arms around the panther's neck and cried, "I really don't care Star."

Star licked her tears away from her face as he started to tell her the bad news.

"Ah-ha! Today's my lucky day, all my victims are at this hotel," Papa Ge said to himself. He then heard sobbing, "It's not my problem."

Star's ears pricked up when he heard Papa Ge's footsteps, "Erzulie, someone is coming I have-"

Papa Ge's voice boomed, "ERZULIE!"

Erzulie looked towards Papa Ge, and for a moment thoughts that weren't supposed to come from her mind showed up by the way the candlelight flickered across his face. She mentally shock her head and stood up, her tear marks were still wet. Star put himself protectively in front of Erzulie baring his fangs, "Papa Ge, may I be able to help you?"

"Why are you crying?" he asked as he took a step closer to her which resulted in Star hissing. "Please don't tell me that love is getting to you. Your job is easy, make two random people fall in love."

Erzulie gasped, she quickly put a hand on Star's neck to stop him from attacking Papa Ge. "Are you saying that I don't have morals or values? You have a trial and a list while I go on reasoning!"

Papa Ge's voice boomed so loud that Erzulie wouldn't b surprised if their two fellow gods and the mortals could hear him, "It can't be that hard to do!"

Tears started to reform in her eyes, "You don't know half of what I do," she mumbled.

A little girl's voice rang out, "Elidor come back here!"

Erzulie quickly blinked the tears and ran towards the girl's voice.

A boy's voice called out, "Not until you catch me Ti Mourne!"

"That's not fair Elidor! You're a faster runner!" Ti Mourne yelled.

Erzulie closed her eyes and mentally tapped Elidor's eyelids, making him see Ti Mourne in a different light. She opened her eyes and started to disappear.

Papa Ge growled and turned around once Erzulie was gone only to meet with Star, his tail waving back and forth impatiently. "I do hope you know that she is risking her health everyday to save you," and with that Star turned around and vanished.

On a different part of the island

"Will you please quit uprooting my baby trees!" a woman yelled with a sassy but gentle voice. A green headband is holding her black curly hair out of angry green eyes that shone against dark skin. Her dress was the color of nearly blossomed leafs and it covered her green flip-flops expect when she's walking.

"Did you ever think of not planting the trees near the beach?" a man's voice that sounded like calm day before a storm. His arms were crossed over his chest. His hair was yellow with blue highlights; his water blue eyes seemed to shine with mischief. It was one of those days where he went without a shirt so the beach behind him made him look like a god with blue shorts and blue flip-flops.

"The sand on the beach is part of my territory Agwe," the green woman replied.

The man turned his back on her and instantly missed her with the trees around her, "Well Asaka, you shouldn't forgot that water is my territory."

"Oh and that automatically gives you permission to uproot my trees," she screeched.

He turned around so quickly that Asaka wondered how his head stayed on his shoulders, "You don't have to keep your emotions in check!"

She blinked before biting back her tears, "Yea, people blame Papa Ge all the time when it is you who does most of the killing! All because of your emotions." It didn't process what she said until she said it. Her eyes got wise at the realization, "Agwe that isn't what I mean." She tentatively put a hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry my emo-"

Agwe shook her hand away from his shoulder, "You're not sorry!" Agwe yelled shaking with anger as he disappeared.

Asaka stood there for a minute, staring where he was standing and she broke down. She ran towards the Palace of Gods hoping that Erzulie was there to listen to her like she usually does.

Agwe stood near the beach when Papa Ge showed up. The god of water felt something touch his shoulder while he repeated what happen between him and Asaka to Papa Ge.

Mother of the Earth was sitting on a green couch with Erzulie -who was trying her hardest to calm her down- when she felt something touch her shoulder. "Did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" Erzulie asked as she tilted her head.

"Never mind, it's just my imagination," she replied shaking.

Erzulie grabbed her shoulders, "Tell me Asaka!" she said in a commanding tone.

Death felt something touch his as he told Agwe about the disagreement between Erzulie and him. He looked over his shoulder to see who was there.

"You felt it too?" Agwe asked his eyes dimmed meaning he was scared.

"Yes, did you?" he asked raising one of his eyebrows.

"A short while ago, yes," he replied. "I think we should ask the girls about it. I don't want to see Asaka as much as you don't want to see Erzulie."

"Minus well get it over with," Papa Ge mumbled.

Love had finally calmed Asaka down so while she was listening to her about her day, she felt something on her shoulder. "I just felt it Asaka," Erzulie said to see Asaka sleeping.

The gods arrived at the Palace of Gods with walls that was painted with stripes with their colors. "HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOO!" Papa Ge yelled causing an echo.

"There's food on the kitchen table, still decently hot I believe," Erzulie said as she walked around the wall, wrapping a fluffy pink towel around her hair. "Asaka is asleep in bed…don't bother waking her, I've tried."

Papa Ge couldn't ask if there was a touch on Asaka's or her shoulder. She was wearing a short night gown that was barely past her thighs and the v-neck showed her chest rise up and down as she breathed.

There was an awkward silence, Erzulie was about ready to look at Papa Ge when Agwe asked, "Erzulie do you know if Asaka or you felt a tap on your shoulder?"

Erzulie's eyes shown complete confusion and fear, "Yes we did, it shook Asaka terribly. Did you?"

Papa Ge spat after finding his voice, "Why would we ask a question like that if it didn't happen to us?" He then pushed Agwe into the kitchen where Erzulie said the food was.

Erzulie said to herself once she got to her room, "I don't know," before grabbing her pink bathrobe and biting back tears. It seemed like lately, Papa Ge would get mad at her when she didn't know what she did wrong.

Asaka was sleeping peacefully in her room dreaming about Agwe.

The food was still hot like Erzulie said but Agwe didn't feel like eating. He went to his room thinking about all the words Erzulie would say to Papa Ge if she caught him staring like that towards her. He didn't want anymore tension between those two since he has enough with Asaka. As he laid down before slept took him, he tried to think of ways to make it up to Asaka to prove that it wasn't her fault.

Papa Ge was putting the dishes in the sink. Agwe told him that he can have his food and he took it. As he was getting ready to turn the water on so that the sterling silver sink can have water when a pale hand touch his. He looked up at Erzulie and noticed the fear in her eyes.

"I'll get dishes Papa Ge," she said smiling trying to hide the fear. "It is my job here after all." She started to lose her balance. Papa Ge quickly caught her before she completely lost it. "Thanks."

"You okay?" he asked, worry etched into his voice.

"Yes, it's just me being clumsy," Erzulie said hoping that he would believe it.

He didn't, he could tell that her skin was getting paler, her usually bright eyes kept getting dimmed, but now he could feel her bones through her skin. The look in her eyes told him that she didn't want to talk about it so he left her is, hoping that by the time he finished his shower he could help. He shock his head, this isn't the sly demon of death. He took his shower and went to the kitchen to see Erzulie putting the last dish away. "How long have you gone without sleep?"

Erzulie jumped, causing him to chuckle, "Three days, I haven't been able to find Elidor until today." She signed and turned around to face him, "Papa Ge, I'm sorry for my outburst. I don't like seeing you mad especially if I caused it."

That surprised him, he wasn't expecting her to say that but he hid his surprise quickly and grumbled something about heading to bed. Once he lay down on his bed, he wondered if she trusted him or not. He knew she was lying about the days she went without sleep.

Erzulie was curled up in a ball on her bed shaking. She knew that Papa Ge knew that she was lying about the last time she slept but she didn't want him to worry about her. "He hates me anyway so why does he act like he cares." For the past two weeks, she was scared to go to sleep, nightmares she thought was left behind came back and what's worse is that they start appearing to her now when she's awake. Her eyes slowly closed as much as she tried to keep her eyes open and she fell into a deep sleep.