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Asaka: Papa Ge, it's in the contract.

Agwe: -trying to hold back from laughing-


Erzulie: -points to giant bold letters on contract- It's kind of impossible miss what they say.

Papa Ge: -reads it and grumbles-

Agwe: -laughing- Time to start the fanfic and enjoy! Erzulie, you forgot that Papa Ge can't read! –Gets death glare from Papa Ge- I'm going to run for my sanity now. Bye! –Runs away with Papa Ge chasing him-

At Erzulie's shrine where we left off

Asaka threw her hands up in the air, "This is leafing great!"

Frost raised an eyebrow, "What is?"

"We will never know why Erzulie treats herself like this," Papa Ge moving his hands down to emphasize the point.

Snowflake lay on his belly, "Did you try asking her?"

"Yes!" Asaka replied.

Frost eyes swiftly showed emotion, "Agwe is in Asaka's body?"

"Couldn't you have told that by our actions?" Agwe asked as he examined the panther more thoroughly. "This is excellent craftsman ship! Who made it?"

"The statue's maker is unknown and Papa Ge is in Erzulie's body?"

"Yes, that right." Papa Ge said eyeing him suspiciously.

Frost rolled his eyes, "Why must you two always interfere. When did you realize you weren't in your respective bodies?"

"Today?" Asaka replied uncertain.

"Is that a question or a statement?"

"It's a statement," Agwe replied stiffening.

"What did the four of you do yesterday?"

"All four of us got into an argument with the person who is in our body," Papa Ge replied. "You're starting to act suspicious."

"I see. If you want to find a cure for this dilemma of yours, visit Hawk and Leopard. They are the ones who did this and perhaps they might also fill you in on Erzulie's condition. Come on Snowflake, we have some errors to run." Frost walked out with Snowflake not far behind.

"Hawk and Leopard?" Asaka asked. "They are animal's not human names."

"But while you was giving Agwe a shower, Erzulie and I met with an old lady who she called Leopard," Papa Ge replied.

"Do you know what this means?" Agwe asked. Asaka shook her head no. "We ask Erzulie about all of this."

"Will she answer through?" She asked. "Don't get me wrong, I want to know what this is all about along with why she damages her own health as much as you two do, but I don't want to invade her privacy or make it seem like we won't like her because of her past. It's a very dangerous tightrope to walk on for me anyway."

"Since you pointed that out, it does make for some dangerous risks," Agwe said looking down thinking.

Papa Ge smirked, "I walk these tightropes every day. I'll get us the information from her and dig us out."

"Even if you say the wrong thing?"Agwe asked. "If she left us, you would the most heartbroken one." Agwe said pointing his finger at Papa Ge.

"She can't leave us Agwe," Asaka said.

Agwe crossed his arms, "That's true; she won't talk to us and isolate herself. She will still live with us but I have a hunch that is won't be the same."

"I'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Papa Ge said.

"Is there any way we can do this tomorrow?" Asaka asked looking outside. "It's starting to get late and ever since this whole entire thing started I haven't eaten anything."

"I agree," Agwe said.

Papa Ge rubbed his hands, "I won't be able to feel fatigue now since I'm going to get food in her body."

With that the three of them went back to the Palace of Gods.

"Where's Erzulie?" Agwe asked as he cooked some cheeseburgers.

"She had better eat since she's in my body!" Papa Ge growled.

Asaka sighed, "Once this whole entire deal is over with, why you don't ask her out?"

"WH-what?" Papa Ge asked.

Agwe put the food in front of those two and grabbed his, "I saved your ears last night. Erzulie would've scolded you for looking at her like that!"

"What do you mean?" Papa Ge asked growling as he took a bite of the food.

"~You have the hots for Erzulie~" Asaka sang.

"DO NOT!" Papa Ge hissed.

Agwe smiled a smile that was worth the Cheshire cat title, "Then why are you being so defensive about it?"

"And how you protected Erzulie when you was attacked by thugs," Asaka stated.

"What about the 'fatigue'?"

"You came with her to search for the cure for a reason."

"ENOUGH!" Papa Ge shouted. "I get the point. I do have a thing for her but you two don't need to rub it in."

"We're not rubbing it in," Agwe said.

"We're just pointing out facts," Asaka said as she took a bite.

Papa Ge quickly finished his food and left, "One of you two can do the dishes. It's not my job and we don't know where Erzulie is."

With Erzulie

"Is this situation a good thing or a bad thing?" Star asked as he walked along with Erzulie.

"Depends on how you look it." Erzulie replied as she walked through a forest.

Star shook his head, "Are you sure Frost and Snowflake were in your shrine?"


"It's impossible."

"Highly improbable yes, impossible I'm afraid not."

"You have an idea, don't you?" Star asked wagging her tail impatiently.

Erzulie nodded her head, "If everything is what it should be, then I'm afraid that he is getting desperate."

"How desperate are we talking about?"

"Desperate enough to transform into Frost and create a replica of Snowflake somehow," she replied as they arrived at a cemetery.

Erzulie and Star went in front of two grave marks.

"They're still here Star," Erzulie said.

"Which means that we have to find out what he told the other three quickly," Star said tensing.

"Be on your guard Star, and tell grandma and grandpa to get the ritual materials faster. Agwe and Asaka don't have a high risk like what Papa Ge and I do."

Star bowed before running into darkness while Erzulie looked in at the stars, "Why can't you just let me live one day without fear?"

She made her way towards the Palace of Gods, thankful that a certain holiday was tomorrow that required Papa Ge and herself to stay at there for a week.

The Next Morning

Erzulie looked up from the dishes that no one did last night when she heard running footsteps and a door slam. She closed her eyes and focused a little bit more of her energy onto hearing and heard someone throwing up. She opened her eyes and sighed, "I warned him not to eat in my body."

She dried her hands and walked towards the sound. Agwe and Asaka are gone for the week. Every year during the All Saints' Day, the two elemental gods work with each other while the other two stay at the Palace since their powers don't involve nature.

She opened the door and leaned against the doorframe, "You can't say I didn't warn you."

"You could've told me the consequences," Papa Ge snapped weakly.

She shook her head, "I thought you were smart enough to head a warning." She gently pulled the hair out of his face.

"You need to get a haircut, Erzulie," Papa Ge stated as he tried to get up.

"You need to listen to warnings, Papa Ge," she replied back smiling.

Papa Ge looked at her, "You're a sadist, you know that."

She put her hands on her hips, "How am I a sadist?"

Papa Ge bit his tongue, simple moves like that send thoughts that would spoil her reputation as being pure if she was in her body and not his. "You smile at my pain!"

"Maybe I have a temporary cure which would put us in the correct body for this week," she replied walking away. She looked over her shoulder, "I'll let you decide when you want to be in your own body and if you do decide to take a shower let me know that way you won't hurt my body more than what you already did."

He winced at the acidly tone she took with the last part. "Wait!" Papa Ge ordered as he slowly walked towards her, "Where's this cure?"

With her back still to him, she smirked; "Here" She tossed a bottle of water at him. "Drink it all if you wish, the four of us got two bottle each so hopefully this should be enough to last us until they get the ritual ingredients and a single sip can last up to a day."

"You have some explaining to do. You know that right?" Papa Ge said as he took a drink. He almost spit it back out but swallowed it, "That's bitter!"

Erzulie stretched, "I knew the explaining would come some day."

Papa Ge turned around and looked down at her. Their height level, Erzulie is up to his neck making her eye level with his chest. "Then tell me how long did you really go without sleep or don't you trust me enough."

Erzulie's eyes flashed with anger, "If I don't trust you enough then explain to me why I didn't stop you from coming with me to find the people who did this!"

"That old woman called you Luna which means that if I wasn't there with you she wouldn't have known," he replied as he watched her walk around him.

"You're forgetting about Star," she replied. "Star only comes to me unless I ask her to do something for me. You might also want to get cleaned up that way is it a clean fight if we do start fighting. I accidently got twigs and leaves in your hair last night."

She went in her room as Papa Ge ran a hand through his black hair to find a couple of twigs. "How and why did you get these in my hair?" He asked out loud.

Once Papa Ge got done cleaning himself up which included; taking a shower, brushing his teeth, and changes his clothes. He walked into the living room to see Erzulie putting a book back on the shelf. "Are you going to answer my question then," he stated.

"Which question, you asked two of them I believe," she replied turning around to face him.

"Both would be nice," he sneered.

"A month and I went to a graveyard last night," she replied as she picked up another book and put it on the shelf.

"You went a month without sleep?" Papa Ge asked stunned.

She shrugged, "It's nothing really. Is that all I have to explain?"

"Far from it," he growled.

"Good," she replied turning around again to stare in him in the eyes, "This would be a boring week if there wasn't."

"It's that holiday already?"

"Why else do you think Agwe and Asaka aren't here? Agwe usually wakes you up," she replied flatly.

"Well we kind of got home late last night since we was talking to Hau Kea about-," Papa Ge stated then had a confused looked on his face in midsentence. "Hau Kea is dead."

Erzulie walked towards him and waved her hand in front of his face, "You there?"

"Your High Priest is dead but yet we saw him last night at your shrine with a white tiger," Papa Ge said as he glared at her with his black eyes. "Why don't you explain that first?"

Erzulie laughed nervously, "I'm afraid I really can't explain that one."

"You're lying," he said darkly as he took a step towards her.

She just tilted her head, "I'm not lying. It's quite confusing to me too."

"You're not really explaining anything."

"You really haven't asked me a question that deserves explaining."

A little smirk came crossed her lips which resulted in Papa Ge stepping towards her slowly. With every step he took towards her, she stepped back. He got in front of the black couch and sat smiling as he noticed the fear in her eyes when he did that, "How about explaining the creepy guy who was going to kill you."

"I thought you would know him yourself, Papa Ge," she replied somewhat shock. "He has escaped you a couple of times."

He tensed, "You don't mean Ralph Weather?"

"The one," she replied. "He's desperate to learn your weakness or at least gain entrance to your part of the island."

"And this has to do with you how?"

"He thinks that since I'm one of your fellow gods I would know and that I would answer him truthfully because I'm his daughter."

"I don't buy that," Papa Ge said as Erzulie sat on the pink couch, somewhat disappointed but he didn't show it.

"Oh, why is that?" She asked smiling.

"You're not insane."

She laughed, "True, but Hau Kea and I never lived with our parents. Our grandparents took us in but they didn't stop us from seeing our parents."

"Wait, you're the girl who prayed to me!"

"Would you like to go through everything Ralph did to me when he decided to kidnap me for no reason?" she replied.

"That's what that old lady met by you have been through a lot of pain," Papa Ge said. "Leopard, I believe you called her."

"I'm surprised you remember. I thought you would still be shocked that you whined," she joked. "Speaking of Leopard, she said the cure will be ready after this week."

"Isn't that bitter water the cure?"

"Temporary not permanent," Papa Ge shook his head, "It's confusing, I know."

"What's the cure?" He asked.

Erzulie leaned her head back against the couch, "It's simple really. I don't have a clue as to why it works the way it does but it does." It was quite for a few minutes before she spoke again, "How does neon orange and purple sound for your room?"

"My black is good enough, it doesn't need anything else."

"Well, your room is neon orange and purple now. It's quite pretty."

His eyes got big, "You didn't!"

"Ah, but I did. The orange is the background and the purple is just lines that curve non-stop. The designs they made are cool."

Papa Ge got up off the couch, "I will get even as soon as I think of a way Erzulie. You'll see." He ran straight to his bedroom.

Erzulie smiled as she got up and headed towards the kitchen, "C'mon Papa Ge, if I'm going to repaint your room it's going to be a blood red color."

Papa Ge opened the door to his room to see that it was still black. "Grrr, you tricked me Erzulie. Hm, what's this?" On his bed was a sword which its blade shined even though he didn't have his light on, the hilt was dark with a shape of a miniature scythe. He grabbed the hilt only to let go with a deep cut on his palm.

He walked out of his room and slammed the door behind him. He was going to payback Erzulie for tricking him like that, and a perfect idea came to him.

Erzulie was back in the living room curled up on the pink couch reading a book with a mug of hot chocolate next to her. "ERZULIE!" she heard Papa Ge yell.

She looked up innocently at Papa Ge, "You don't like the design?"

"NO!" he replied walking-almost stomping- towards her.

"No? Is that a reason why we should repaint your room?" she asked as she tilted her head.

"I got cut in my own room," he said as he arrived in front of her.

"How do you manage to do that? I didn't touch anything expect the wall I ran into when we realized the mess."

Papa Ge showed Erzulie his hand, "Then how do you explain the sword that attacked me?"

"You got cut by a sword that was in your room," she repeated.

"You don't believe me, do you?" Papa Ge replied.

"What makes you think that?" Erzulie replied skeptical.

"I find it hard to believe it myself," he replied.

She got off the couch and carried her empty mug into the kitchen, "I believe you nevertheless. You're not someone who uses self-inflictive damage as a prank."

Papa Ge followed her, "The sword is in my room, not the kitchen."

"No, but the first-aid kit is in the kitchen," she replied as she sit her mug in the sink, "unless you know where it is."

Papa Ge sighed, "You and Asaka move it all the time."

Erzulie stood on her tip-toes to open a cupboard. "I don't move it all the time, Asaka does since we know how you two boys are and she moves it higher and higher."

Papa Ge smirked, "Blame it on Asaka!"

Erzulie turned around and put her hands on her hips, "You're taller than me, see if you can get the kit which is on the third shelf."

"Are you complaining about your height?"

She sighed, "Why must you make it so complicated?"

He walked towards her, "How am I making it complicated? All I wanted to know if you were complaining about your height." He brought the first-aid kit down and handed towards her.

She took the kit and opened, "You could've just done the action which is simple to you." She poured hydrogen peroxide causing Papa Ge to hiss, "Sorry, I'm trying to be gentle."

"You're more gentle then me for sure with this," he hissed. She quickly bandaged it before closing the kit and leaving it on the countertop. "You didn't have to do that."

"Yea, well, I did. It's not even the least of what I can do to repay you for saving me from being stabbed in the head," she replied.

Papa Ge mentally shook that imagine out of his mind, "Where do you think you're going?"

"Going to check out the sword," she replied as she walked out. "If it is the sword I think it is, then Ralph is desperate enough to venture into you're territory to get this sword."

"That sword was on my part of the island," he asked walking beside her.

"Wouldn't surprise me," she said. "The people who, uh, founded the ritual which is the cure by the way, created a powerful sword to protect themselves without actually causing harm to them." Papa Ge looked at her with a confused look, "There are four weapons. One for each of us, it might've chose you to be its master."

"If I was 'its' master," Papa Ge asked, "Why did it attack me?"

Erzulie stopped and looked at Papa Ge in front of his door, "What do you have planning?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't allow anyone into your room unless it Agwe. Something is up," she stated.

"A sword attacked my hand and you think I'm getting back at you."

"If that's how you decide to take my words, then yes."

"Now look whose complicating things," he said earning a glare. "It's on my bed and since you seem to know so much about is you might be able to take it off that way Agwe and Asaka wouldn't ask questions."

"You have a point there," she said as she followed Papa Ge into his room. She saw the blade as soon as he did, "Where do you want me to put?" She gently lifted the blade, pain shot through her hands but she bit her lip to stop from crying out.

"The desk would work," he replied as he stood in front of the doorway.

The desk happened to be across from his bed which wasn't too far for her to carry. She gently sits it down on the desk, "How can you find anything?"


"Your desk is unorganized, worse than Asaka's and that's just terrible."

"I'm going to take that as a compliment," Papa Ge said sounding closer then what he was a few seconds ago.

"If you truly think about it, it was more of an insult Papa Ge," Erzulie said turning around only to be looking into Papa Ge's eyes.

"I'm not an idiot," he said coming closer to her until her back was against a wall.

"I gave you a warning to heed and you didn't listen to that so I question that sometimes," she gulped.

Papa Ge holds unto Erzulie's wrists without her knowing it. "You never did tell me why and I do believe I told you I didn't like how you were treating yourself." Erzulie just now realizes that Papa Ge has her wrists above her head while Papa Ge whispers into her ear, "Out of curiosity, did you perhaps think that I was trying to help you?"

"PAPA GE! ERZULIE!" a voice yells from the living room.

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