Prom was a bust. Barry got stood up again; a horrible real-life flashback to homecoming- at which coach Flint made an inevitable white balloon joke. He swears it was just like the movies. A horrible excuse of a light show, streamers which had fallen down on one side, and all his friends find themselves paired up when it comes time for the highly anticipated slowdance as the end of the "greatest night of their lives" begins to crown upon them.

He sees Hikari walk out of the gymnasium doors, hung upon her date's arm. She waves at him- and give shim a soft, tired smile. She looks ready to sleep right then and there, and he wants nothing more than to be the one who tucks her into bed, and tell her that she'll be safe from any monsters that may be hiding in her closet. Just like when they were kids.

He gives her a salute goodbye, a pitiful smile stretched out on his face. The plastic punch cup in his hand crunches and creaks as the song switches. There's a whisper of his reflection in the bit of red liquid at the bottom of the cup, and Barry gulps it all down.

The mass of teens are swaying lethargically to this song- it's filled with oohs and the lead singer's voice echoes in a milky sort of way. Barry peers up to the speakers up by the stage, but his line of sight is stopped mid way.

Lucas is walking towards him. The girl who he'd come with could be seen on the other side of the gym. Her arms are folded almost smugly- she looked satisfied with herself. The song switches again. Ambient guitar strums, and then a picking drum beat.

"Uh, hey," the grey eyed boy offers, one hand behind his back as he stops a foot or so in front of the blond. Barry tilts his head.

"Whatever she dared you to do, you don't have to." The muscles in his shoulder feel tight. So tight, stressed, pulled together- he rolls his shoulder and huffs. Lucas looks put off- his eyes are bounding about the room. Finally, his eyes land on Barry's face; his gaze is determined and hesitant at the same time.

"Do you know this song?" He asks, inching his foot closer.

A slow blink, and then a glance to the back of the room- Lucas' date is nowhere to be seen. The orange eyed boy's ears perk up for a second as he rifled through his mind for any recognition. "No, I don't," he answers at last, eyelashes twitching. "It's nice though."

"Isn't it?" His voice shakes and he swallows.

Barry rolls his eyes. "Yeah. That's what I just said." His eyes take on a look of reprieve. "Would you just cut to the chase?" Tired was what the blond felt at this moment in time- tired, impatient, and he felt he'd be doing them both a favor if he could just get Lucas to spit out whatever hairball of a question he had to ask.

"...You have to ask what the name of the song is," Lucas says quietly after a moment, grinding the tip of his shoe into the floor. The cuff of his blazer shifts back and forth as he twiddles his fingers together- Barry straightens up his posture and sighs a little, probably in defeat.

"Alright. What's this song called, Lucas?"

The blond watches as Lucas' shoulders finally begin to sag down from his ears, relaxing at long last. The chorus starts just then, and the answer becomes quickly apparent as the grey eyed boy runs a nervous hand through his hair before holding it out to Barry. "May I have this dance," he says, answering and asking a question at the same time.

The other's tangerine eyes stare at the hand as if it's going to fall off of Lucas' wrist and scamper off. Barry's embarrassment finds its first victim in the cup clenched within his fist, now crumpled and feeble. The expression on Barry's face must be a little bit too much for Lucas.

"Please," he says, eyes to now to the floor and arm still outstreched. Please is a word that Barry has always found himself quite enamored with. It was the best way to get his way.

However, coming from Lucas in this sort of situation- he felt mixed. Leaning forward, as if to gain some privacy from the remaining couples, he asks- "Why?"

The song plays out without accompaniment for a couple of measures.

"I want to."

Barry repeats it in a question from, and Lucas nods in confirmation, suddenly looking him straight in the eye and it abruptly dawns on Barry that their faces are in extreme proximity to each other at the moment. He pulls back, a mood light flickering across his face for a second and distracting Lucas from the rosy hue on his face.


Another nod.

"...You're sure you're not being forced to do this?"

Lucas' brow furrows, and then yet another nod, this time more vigorous than the last.

Barry hums- perhaps intending to keep the other boy in a playful anticipation as he puts a thoughtful look onto his face. "Yeah." They both smile at each other. "But if you step on my feet any, I'll have to fine you."

That night, Barry's feet are the ones causing casualties for the most part- but it turns out neither are particularly efficient at waltzing, or any sort of slow dance for that matter. Lucas seems satisfied- and Barry guesses prom wasn't so much of a disaster.