Arabian Nights

Summary: He is the youngest male in line for the throne, his oldest brother is King, with no purpose in his homeland, a young prince journeys to the East in search of adventure and lands himself in the arms of a fearsome Arabian Prince, as a concubine. Now trapped in a life far removed from his expectations, this young western noble must learn to master the intricate life in a Harem as the lover of the most powerful man in the East while trying to escape from the control of the most powerful man in the West; his brother. Caught between two super powers the young prince must decide to follow his heart or succumb to destiny.


Chapter 1:

The sea, a marvelous gem of the Eastern hemisphere whispered eternally. Its vast form reaching the very ends of the earth.

The sun tingled my skin, and the salty sea my nose as I leaned over the edge of the Royal vessel for a better look at the water. I laughed imagining the wonderment I will bare witness to in these strange lands. I did not know yet where I will be landing, the wind was taking me where I need be.

The captain had explained that we would be landing at the largest trading post in the Eastern capital city. The river apparently runs into the capital city, so the fleet will be docking in the center of the bustling Metropolis. I couldn't wait, I have seen paintings of Eastern peoples and cities, ready countless novels and fictions and heard tales of them. I have never seen an Easterner, not even the diplomates who often grace the palace walls.

Days later, I could see land from in the distance. The green, cold and blue of it in the distance was beautiful, no painting however masterly will ever do it justice; the life and stillness of it all was so surreal. I couldn't wait to get here. To explore the Asian jungles, learn from the people, to live a life outside of the enclosed and protected palace walls.

I had claimed this journey in the name of exploration; of home and country. But the truth is... I wanted to see the outside world for myself. To be witness to all that it had to offer. It did not matter where I ended up on my first stop, I now have the remainder of my life to travel.

"your highness. The ship is about to set port. It is safer to be inside when we first land. The natives...are restless these years." the ship's second Henry stated as he approached from behind. He stopped the appropriate distance from me–about five paces away and got on one knee with his head bowed; as is expected in my presence.

I smiled gently at him. Thanking him for the second time for his consideration all the while thinking just a few more hours and I will be free of these treatments, free to have people near me, to have people other than my family to hug, to play with to look at. A few more hours and I will not be lonely.

"It is no trouble at all. If it were not for you, we would have never been able to accomplish this expedition." I shook my head at his comment.

Sure, I petitioned the Council to sponsor the expidition and pleaded with the King to allow it. But I would not have been able to make any of those requests without this troupe. Brother approved of everything including my coming (a great feat) because he trusted the Captain and his second, Henry. They were good people.

For what use is a magnificant vessel without a captain and a crew to man it?

"it is I who must thank you for making it possible for me to attend this expedition. My dear brother would not have allowed my journey if he did not trust in you." Henry laughed. Shrugging his shoulders as if it was no great feat to protect one such as me.

"I can understand his concern. I have a younger brother myself. I worry about him often though he is a scholar." It was not the same, I pardoned him from his bow so he could come forward. Henry joined me on the edge; he stood the customary distance from me; an arm and a half length away, leaning with his back to the sea facing me.

"Yes. But I do wish he had not forced upon me this party of guards." I turned around slightly to gaze upon the six men standing watchful of the very wind that caressed my cheeks.

"well your hightness it is understandable. His only brother is traveling to the other end of the world. I expected half the royal guard aboard the vessel." Henry smiled and I shrugged in agreement. He did have a point.

"I guess. I just wish I had more freedom out here. I cannot see how I may ever enjoy my stay with them around." Henry chuckled staring at the guards.

Though they were clad in regular woolen sea cloything, most everyone abroad knew they were Royalty. The men had an air of arrogance about them that distinguished them from the other sailors and passengers.

" Well whatever the circumstances . You have to return to your quarter now we are docking." I looked away from him, to see the ship was infact docking. I could see the city and people hurrying about.

The city was alive tiny form moving together as one.

I couldn't wait for for the ship to board and to get going. I rushed to my quarter, not heeding the two young men who followed me. I am use to it now. Whenever and where-ever I go, I am accompanied by a number of guards.

These two, I know will be stationed in front of my chamber door. And there they will remains until I leave the room at which point they will rejoin the others and follow me around as a unit of six.

The small ship cabin was the largest the ship had, but it was not that comfortable. I can barely move around, and despite being rather short for a man... I still sometimes manage to hit my head on the boards sticking down.

The cot to the right was small, but enough to comfortably accomodate me. There was a bedside table piled high with my books. There were maps spread out on the rug and some navigational tools.

I needed to pack if we were going to dock soon. I went to the little chest and opened it. I had not brought alot of cloths with me... I intend to buy some clothing from here. Having exotic clothes would make the experience far more...memorable.

The ship docked, and the sailors went to work anchoring. I walked out of my chambers momments before he knocked on the door.

The surprised look on his face quickly transformed into a full fledged smile.

A smile that I quickly responded to with one of my own.

"I have been assigned as your escort for the time being. At least until you settle down and find someone to help you get around." Henry made a move to pick up my bag but I moved it away shaking my head. They were not that heavy and the guards would carry the rest. That should take them off my trail for some time.

As I descended the the ship yard with many other passengers. Henry did his best to help me get down without much difficulty.

However descending the ship, I tripped several times. Henry, trying without any success to prevent anymore tripping. I descended the ship by landing on the concrete bellow only to fall on my face after the first three steps.

"Be careful Your lordship. We can get a carriage soon as we get out of this mess." Henry took hold of my hand and shoved his way through the crowd.

We managed to make it out of the crowd only to get within inches of being crushed by a man drawn carriage. I was beginning to see why my brother was so concerned about my wellbeing.

Henry advised me to wait and he headed to the street to get a carriage for us. I was aware that there had been some living arrangements already procured for me. I was to stay with a small group of missionaries living at the embassador's palace. I was to be his royal guest for the time being. My brother was paramount in his reach.

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