Arabian Nights

Summary: A young prince from the West finds himself in a predicament when he becomes the concubine in the East to a man whose very presence renders him frail.


Chapter 9:

"Jullian...Jullian?" I jolted, spilling the bowl of grapes on myself. I was seated in a raised dais facing the private bond in the Concubines garden having a light repast with them.

"Dear! You are so pale, are you ill?" Balah placed her hands to my forehead to check.

"I've never felt any better." Its true, I've never felt better, Yue was intoxicated inside me, and though my own body ached I myself was reeling with euphoria. Something about that man left me felling drugged.

He was enthralling, the devil in man's form and he was slowly tempting me into the searing flames of passion. Just thinking about him set me to fire.

"You're flustered now too." Nina murmured, she was sprawled on a pillow besides me, her head resting near my folded legs. She smiled at me, then turned to stare at the pond. Nina was much better now, she had taken care of her condition without the Sheik knowing. How she managed, I do not know and they do not say.

"It is a thing you must know as a harem woman. The Sheik is a jealous man and such a thing will be a scandal to ruin his honorable name. It cannot be allowed." Balah had explained in hushed tones in her private quarters. I was helping her into her evening gown. But really she just wanted the companion of someone other than her royal maids. I knew the feeling.

"Go get ready for supper Julian." I nodded rising from my seat. I kissed her gently on the head then made my way to my own quarters. When I arrived a servant was exiting my hall. He bowed until I entered the chamber then I heard his feet scuffling away.

Another gift, encased in gold wrapping paper like usual. I walked over to it, gently ran my hands over the paper sighing. Clothes this time. The pants were the same type that many of the men in the Harem wore, and a sheer cotton top, to complete the set, gold and silver jewelry.

I've returned to such sights everyday of this week; he was quite persistent and I, in no mood to irk him took the gifts with no open objections. Sure enough he will grow tired soon. The clothes were beautiful and traditional, I wanted to feel exotic this night. I put the clothes on for dinner.

Besides, it will please him to see me in his clothes.

I attended dinner. I am to always be seated to his immediate right; always within his reach.

He stared at me; that was not new. The angry look he gave me was. He took in my clothes and when I sat besides him he leaned into me. His arm resting on my shoulder, spanning the flesh there and gently messaging my skin.

"You wear another man's clothes to my table?" My heart skipped a beat. He drew away from me, kept his hand on me and unbuttoned the shirt so that my chest was exposed.

Dinner was unbearable. A constant desire to escape from his overwhelming presence. His hands were gently spanning my shoulder, messaging at times. It was making my body ache, I wanted to pull away, I was too afraid to.

"Your lordship, I hear you are looking to travel. I am setting sail to the Upper Tines in a few days, I will be honored to offer you safe passage." The speaker a visiting noble merchant was seated across from me. I stared up at him smiling reluctantly.

"I will be…" I felt his grip change, it became tighter on me, not painful, but noticable.

"Julian is here to keep me company Adhin, surely you do not wish to take him from me." The man turned to the Sheik and almost instantly vanished into himself. Another potential travel opportunity gone.

"Certainly not my lord." Adhin chuckled nervously.

"Certainly the beautiful harem will keep you company majesty." Daal, his advisor who took every opportunity to voice his disapproval of my presence in the palace echoed, staring, challengingly at me. What had I done to deserve this.

"Julian is my Western dove." He replied turning my face to him. He will not kiss me. I will have to, that was his expectation I could read it in his gaze. I knew if I refused the punishment would be unbearable.

I grabbed his knees to pry myself closer to his face. I was aiming for his cheeks, a gentle friendly peck I can easily excuse as a show of affection between two close companions.

'No. His lips.' Yue's sultry voice in my head was intoxicated, we kissed him on the lips. I had to agree with Yue, his mouth was much more pleasant than his cheeks would have been. I felt the way Yue has been feeling most of these days; drunk.

That kiss awakened in me a need for something more. I kissed him gently without rubbing myself against him-thought I wanted to. I did however delve my tongue deep into his mouth hoping to drink more of him.

He never touched me, his hands remained steady at his side and his body relaxed and unmoving.

Someone cleared their throat.

He reached for me and gently pried me away; smiling his arrogant approval before placing me back in my seat beneath him.

"I say…" Whoever spoke did not finish, he glared in the speaker's direction and a chill fell over the room. I stared at the pale face about me, and at the merciless one above me and I cringed.

"Forgive me, I am only accustomed to showing such affections to brother Clow." I murmured. It was quite true, big brother Clow is the only man I have yet kissed in such a manner, but never with such...heat.

"Clow? Clow Reed. Yes, I have heard of the notoriously affectionate relationship between the Great Lord Clow Reed and his younger ones. Is it true that all of your brothers are more beautiful than any princess in the five kingdoms." The young girl sitting to his left, his sister as I came to learn spoke up. She leaned over him, resting her hand gently against him.

An angel, to save me from these prying eyes.

"Uhh, yes. I suppose. Brother Eri is quite beautiful, and I suppose Brother Clow is as well." She smiled.

"Dear I think the rumors were of you. And I can assure you they are no mere rumors. I have never seen a more beautiful person." I turned red.

"You are beautiful as well Princess." She blushed at that and the whole procession burst out with laughter. The Sheik smiled, I have only ever seen him smile for his sister in public. It was a true smile that she elicited in him. A sort of smile that came from an unguarded part of his heart. I wanted to be the reason for such a smile.

I sat with him and his sister and his concubines when the entertainers came. Thankfully I was not to dance tonight.

There were musicians, acrobats, enchanters and poets. I truly enjoyed the evening.

He watched me enjoy the evening.

"You may retire Sakura." He turned to his sister who was lazily drooped over his shoulder. My own head was dropped against his knee.

She rose and exited. A few moments later he retired with orders for me to follow suit soon as he sends for me.

He barely left the hall before a servant walked in and demanded my presence by order of the Sheik. The concubines were too captivated by fire dancing to notice my departure.

I almost knew what to expect. My body began to ache before I made it to his chambers. Yue was restless inside me. Begging for me to hurry, for him to feed us again.

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