'La! Me llamo Guadalupe.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Where is Guadalupe? WHO is Guadalupe? Oh God, it's an authoress' OC nation. One of those OC nations that don't actually exist.

You don't need to make up a whole new land mass to have an original character for the Hetalia fanbase to love and cuddle!

Anyways, Guadalupe is my sister.

Also known as South Mexico. The bold print is my idiotic twin, North Mexico. Everyone just calls him Mexico though, because APPARENTLY I'm chopped liver.

Oh, shut up, Sita. It's just easier to call me Mexico and you Guadalupe. You don't see people calling the Italians North and South?

Eh, es verdad. It's true. So, yeah. Hi everyone! I'm Nieve Ixtab Bonnefoy Beilschmidt Carriedo Fernandez. You can just call me Nieve though. Or Guadalupe if you must.

I'm Fernando Chac blah blah blah. It's the same as N. Yes, my name is Fernando Fernandez and no, it is not cute. It is annoying. . Also, you can call Nieve any of the following: N, Ve, Sita, Sur, or Stupid.

Screw you, Fern. You guys can call him Fern, Norte, or Lazy Idiot. I swear Fern, you get whiter by the day. You need to stop hanging out with America's ex nation of a kid.

Hey, don't call Tejas that! It wasn't his fault he was a nation! America wouldn't let him in!

Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. We should probably tell the readers why we're here!

Lol, sure. So. Uhm, we're here to just kinda give you guys a different telling of stories that you all know and love. And some other unknown stories. Like, did you know that when Al gets drunk he sings?

Really badly?

That's the weird part. Al actually has a really nice singing voice, when he isn't singing about hamburgers.

Indeed. So yeah. In the reviews leave stories you want to hear.

Or else we'll have to pull stories out of our asses until we get a specific story you want to hear.

Like, the time we first met England.

Or Canada.

Awww, I love that story!

You only like it because you got to hold a polar bear.

Hey, his polar bear is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. So, don't hate.

Whatever, let's go. I'm hungry.

Yo tambien. Maybe we can call America and White Boy over so they can have some real food for once...

In the review section, submit a strip or a moment in history and I'll have the MexTwins tell their side or views on it. I'll be updating almost daily so if I don't get a suggestion I'll have them write some more about themselves or a random story from when they were younger or a world meeting occurrence. Also, when they say a moment in history or a strip, I mean something the Twins would be able to talk about. Don't ask about the Bubonic Plague or the Austrian Succession Wars. Ask about North American history or something about the Bad Touch Trio. So, yeah. Bai!