Author – D M Evans

Disclaimer – not mine, no profit made

Rating – FRT

Characters – Hohenheim, Edward

Series – Manga

Time line/Spoilers – no spoilers, set the day of Ed's birth

Warnings –cranky babies?

Summary – Hohenheim isn't sure he's cut out for fatherhood

Word count - 248

Author's Note - written for fma_fic_contest on livejournal. This was yet another that wanted to be at least 100 words longer. Sigh. thanks to SJ SMith for the beta

* * *

Trisha dozed, utterly worn out. Hohenheim swore childbirth still remained one of the most frightening things he had ever seen. So many thoughts had tumbled through his mind during her labor. Would Trisha die? Would the baby? What would he do if the worst happened? What would he do if everyone was fine?

Hohenheim tried to hide his fear over impending fatherhood from Trisha. She knew what he was, why he was afraid, and she had done her best to ease those fears. He wasn't human, not any more. What would his son be?

Edward began to fuss in his cradle. Pinako had gone home, leaving only him to deal with it. Hohenheim carried his son into the other room. He ran a finger over Edward's cheek. The baby's skin felt soft and tender under his finger. Edward's face scrunched up, turning red before his toothless maw opened, a huge wail echoing out.

Hohenheim cradled his son to his chest, trying to soothe him. Something warm and wet ran between his fingers, sticking his shirt to his skin. Horrified, he shifted Edward away from him. Urine leaked out of the boy's diaper. He took Ed into the nursery. Surely he could clean and rediaper the boy without having to wake Trisha or summon Pinako.

Taking the cotton diaper off, Hohenheim cleaned Edward up then leaned down, kissing the boy's brow. "Welcome to the world, son. This is going to be an adventure."