"The Trixie's True Self saga"

"The Power of Love"

Part I

Chapter 1: Who Are You?

A few months ago, Timmy Turner made a wish to Cosmo and Wanda asking that Trixie could reveal her true self to everyone. The wish worked, and Timmy and Trixie became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, the wish made Timmy so happy that he didn't need godparents anymore. Now, Timmy and Trixie are going to face their greatest threat...together!

Dawn broke in the city of Dimmsdale. In one house, Timmy Turner and his tomboy girlfriend Trixie Tang, were sleeping in the bed when the alarm clock rang. Timmy then woke up with a yawn.

"Good morning, Trixie!" Timmy said happily.

"Morning, Timmy!" Trixie replied.

"Let's get some breakfast, and head off for school." Timmy said.

"Okay!" Trixie said.

The two raced downstairs to the kitchen.

"Hey Mom, what are we having for breakfast?" Timmy said.

"Dear, why are these two street-rats asking what's for breakfast?" Timmy's mom said.

"I don't know, honey; but, we don't want to be late for the music festival in Las Vegas!" his dad replied.

"But what about breakfast?!" Timmy said.

"Just grab a couple of muffins on your way out." his mom said.

"Okay." Timmy grabbed two muffins, but there was a muffin he recognized back when he had Cosmo and Wanda: the Magic Muffin.

"Not a chance!" Timmy said remembering the trouble it caused.

"That was weird: your parents didn't know who you were!" Trixie said.

"Well, they ARE my parents." Timmy said.

"True, true..." Trixie said. "Anyway, let's head on to the school!"

"YOU TWO!!! I've never seen you two before. That means you two get F's for every day since school began!" Mr. Crocker said.

"What!! We been here ever since! Chester and A. J.: you two are my best friends!" Timmy said.

"Hi!" said Chester.

"I'm glad to meet you!" A. J. said.

"Tootie! You've been in love with me since kindergarten!" Timmy said.

"Awk-ward!" Tootie said and then the whole class started laughing.

"Don't these people know us?" Trixie said.

"Yeah! It's Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang!" Timmy said.

Just then, a robot burst through the wall of the classroom!

"ELIMINATE TURNER AND TANG!!!" the robot said.

-To Be Continued-