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"The Power of Love"

Chapter 2: The Cave Prophecy

"ELIMINATE TURNER AND TANG!!!" the robot said.

"Woah! Is that another new student?" Chester said.

The robot started to attack the classroom. Timmy and Trixie managed to escape outside and stole A. J.'s hoverbike. Then the robot started to chase the two while flying in the air. Just then, Jorgen von Strangle appeared on a motorcycle.

"Take my hands if you want to live!!!" he said. Timmy and Trixie hopped on the bike and zoomed up to the mall, where Jorgen created a portal to Fairy World. The robot that was chasing them crashed into the mall. Inside, it put on a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. Then it opened its mouth and two more robots appeared.

"Spread out and find them." the head robot said.

In Fairy World; Jorgen, Timmy, and Trixie; were riding through the empty streets.

"Jorgen, what's going on? How come the people don't remember us? And what's with those robots?" Timmy said.

"I'll tell you in the Cave of Destiny." he said.

"Now, you're wondering why the people don't remember's because I wanted to keep you two safe."

"Safe from what?" Timmy said.

"The Darkness..." Jorgen said.

"What's that?" Trixie said.

"The Darkness is an evil being capable of untold destruction. A long time ago, it nearly destroyed Fairy World. We sent the Darkness away with light, but now it has returned. We discovered this when our agents at Ursa Major disappeared." Jorgen said.

"And what of those robots?" Timmy said.

"They are the agents of the Darkness: The Eliminators. They want you because you are the Chosen One, and because she is your Princess of Heart!" Jorgen continued.

"What are we supposed to do?" Trixie said.

"You two have to find the White Wand. The clue to finding it is 'that it is sealed with a KISS.'"

"This sounds like trouble! Looks like it's time to call on a fairy!" Timmy said. He pushed the button, but no fairy came.

"I've sent the fairies away so they could be safe. They cannot be reached now." Jorgen said. "I almost forgot; never call out your names, it's attracts them Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang!!" Jorgen said as a dark vortex appeared.

"Like what you did NOW?!?" Timmy said

"Go you two, there's never been a bigger pain in my butt than the both of you!" Jorgen said just before he was trapped inside the vortex. Just before the whole of Fairy World had escaped, Timmy and Trixie escaped to Earth through the Tooth Fairy's facility.

-To Be Continued-

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