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"The Power of Love"

Chapter 18: The Final Battle

Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang had been through everything in the past few days and now, they had found all three wands. They're now in the North Pole looking face to face against the Darkness, an being capable of untold destruction. Now they have to destroy it, or do they?

"We call upon the power of the wands to destroy the Darkness!" Timmy and Trixie said.

From the Ice Wand, a blast of light went to the White Wand in Fairy World, then to the Wand on the Blue Moon of Vegon, and then back to the Ice Wand. When it hit the Ice Wand it fired a huge blast of light into the Darkness. It kept it at bay, but it didn't destroy it!

"Even with all three wands, it's still there! What's wrong?" Trixie asked.

"Maybe...we're not supposed to actually destroy it!" Timmy said.

"What do you mean?" Trixie asked.

"Think about it! Everyone who saw this thing wanted to destroy it, but it never did anything!" Timmy said.

"You mean...?" Trixie asked.

"The Darkness is lonely. It only wants things like kindness, friendship, and love." Timmy said.

"Well then, we'll give it those things. Take my hands!" Trixie said.

Timmy and Trixie then grabbed each other's hands.

"Huh?" the Darkness said.

The instant they touched their hands, they went through another change. Timmy became as tall as Trixie. His hair changed from brown to water blue. His armour went back to his normal clothes. His hat got a large crown. A pair of angel wings were on his back. Trixie's crown became a tiara. Her hair went from black to blue. Her dress went back to her popular clothes. A pair of angel wings were also on her back.

"WOAH!" Timmy and Trixie gasped.

The Darkness began closing in on Timmy and Trixie.

"Ready, Trixie?" Timmy yelled.

"Ready!" Trixie yelled.

"This is for all of our friends!" Timmy said.

"Cosmo, Wanda, Poof!" Trixie said.

"Chester, A. J., Tootie, Mark!" Timmy said.

"My Parents: Nigel and Rebecca!" Trixie said.

"My Parents: Edgar and Clarence!" Timmy said.

"And most of all..." Trixie said beginning to cry.

"And most of all..." Timmy said also starting too.

"Timmy..." Trixie said.

"Trixie..." Timmy said.

With every name that was said by Timmy and Trixie, a ball of white light was fired. When all of the balls were fired the Darkness began to cringe.

"AAAAAAAaaaaahhh!" The Darkness said as light exploded from it, changing its forme into something...something kind.

The Darkness had been transformed into the Kindness.

Timmy and Trixie returned to their regular formes and gave each other a big hug.

Back in Dimmsdale, Timmy and Trixie were finally glad it was over.

"Thank you..." the Kindess said as it began to summon robots.

"I MUST HUG TURNER AND TANG!" the robot said.

"I guess this is a 'Huginator!'" Trixie said.

Just then, the Huginators returned everyone that the Destructinator swallowed up back home.

"You saved us!" Timmy's dad said.

Just then, the Fairy Council and KISS appeared.

"LET'S PARTY!" they said.

The party was a great...that is until...

"You do realize that after this party, I'm erasing everyone's memories and everything will be just as it was!" Jorgen said.

"WE KNOW, JORGEN!" Timmy and Trixie said.

Back in the Cave of Destiny, there was a new painting. It was a picture of Timmy and Trixie holding hands being surrounded by three wands. Above them was the Kindness. Just then, Cosmo came in and with a red marker, drew a wand on the painting.

"OOPS, sorry!" Cosmo said.

Later that night, Timmy, Trixie, and their fairies were walking in the street.

"That was one heck of an adventure!" Trixie said.

"Yeah, it sure was!" Timmy said. "Listen, I've got something for you." He then took a star-shaped fruit out of Cosmo's empty head.

"What's that?" Trixie asked.

"It's a papou fruit. They say if this fruit is shared with someone, their destinies will become one." Timmy said.

"That's cool!" Trixie said.

Timmy took the fruit and broke it in half. Timmy and Trixie each took half and ate it. And with that, they became part of each other's lives for all eternity.

"Hey, Timmy?" Trixie said.

"Yeah, Trixie?" Timmy said

"How's my hair?" Trixie asked.

"PERFECT!" Timmy said.

Then Timmy and Trixie leaned into each other and gave each other the biggest and longest kiss they ever had.

Meanwhile, two ghostly figures were watching Timmy and Trixie kiss each other on the lips. One was Nega Timmy and the other was a girl who looked just like Trixie before she became a tomboy, only she had dark skin and white hair.

"Would you look at that! They make such a cute couple...don't you agree, Nega Trixie?" Nega Timmy said.

"Oh yes..." Nega Trixie said.

The two of them stood there silently until...

"Come on...say it!" Nega Trixie said.

"What are you talking about?" Nega Timmy asked.

"TELL ME I'M PRETTY!" Nega Trixie yelled.

"Alright!" Nega Timmy cleared his throat. "Gosh, you're pretty!" he said.

"And don't you forget it!" Nega Trixie said before kissing Nega Timmy on the lips.

-To Be Concluded-

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