Okay, so i've never really fully attempted to share a story, nor do I write them very often,..or at all... Lol. I tried an attempt at a Willow/Tara one about 2 or 3 years ago then scrapped it and forgot it. So.. have patience and faith in me, I just hope I have the courage, stamina and imagination to continue, Lol. I've just read so many amazing stories on here and I kept feeling greedy for not giving my own ideas.. Note also: I have had no beta...but anyway, to the story (Crosses fingers).

Title(Still working on it):

Law & Order, Special Victims Unit

Pairing: Olivia Benson/Alexandra Cabot

Summary: Olivia Benson can look a perp in the eye and squeeze a confession out of the most tight lipped individuals. But can she honestly question herself and confess to her feelings, or will she loose the chance and regret it. Rated M just in-case, for future chapters.

Chapter 1

There are only so many chapters of one's life that cannot, and will not be forgotten. They remain embossed and etched into ones subconscious and dictate each and every thought, movement and course of action. They range from the first time your knobbly legged little neighbour spewed filth, lies – that there was no Santa Clause, and that parents lied to tease their children and subject them to a year's worth of innocence. Or the tale of love and lost, when the Grade 12 Senior confessed his dying love – all before pleading the fifth after a night of lov... no, a one-night mistake.

Those chapters only aid in setting up the plot, encompassing ones character into tough, unyielding and sceptical – always one to search for the truth, for one's self and others. If experiences weren't had – consequences and learning would not follow. The only question was: what do you do when you've yet to research or experience anything like any of those events? What if every unfolding event left you blindsided; braille out of reach and no one to dictate them. What if ... everything you thought you knew was wrong and everything you thought was wrong, felt so good?

Well, that's exactly what Alexandra Cabot; Assistant District Attorney of The Special Victims Unit was left pondering in her enclosed office. None of the legal jargon she knew of, none of the countless hours scrutinizing over information could give her an answer into why, why she couldn't focus on the requested search warrant for Garret Yale's friend's condo.

Well, that in itself wasn't true, she knew why, and who, and that was what left her riddled and disgruntled. The Blonde ADA sighed heavily with frustration. Her hand rose to her temples, feminine delicate digits found their way to the source of the pain and tense inflammation. She worked her manicured nails for a minute longer, before deciding this just wasn't working. Alex's fingers strayed to the bridge of her nose where a pair of black designer frames sat, perfectly perched on a sculpted nose and removed them, settling then cautiously on top of her now closed portfolio.

Well, this isn't the kind of headache Advil is going to kill. Alex's surmised; cerulean eyes fought to focus on the words littering the file front, only to haze over as an earlier conversation with her source of the headache.

"Look, Garret not only had the motive –" A tall, lean, symmetrical leather Claude brunette exclaimed, her finger pointed squarely on a picture of a Dark haired man, early 40's who confessed to witnessing an obscure relationship to the Coach and Player.

"He had access to the murder weapons. He was seen leaving with Jeremy the day of the murder in his Ford 1F50. The same 1F50 Pickup Truck which held the entire teams' equipment: netting, bat tape and not to mention the resemblance to the bloody bat found in the dumpster behind the Hudson Hotel. There's a corroborating witness who will testify to seeing him leave the room, 2 hours before we found the body – what the hell else do we need?" Chocolate brown eyes dilated and melted with fury and frustration, her body rigid and chest heaving.

The echoing of approaching heeled footsteps fell deaf on ears as the heat rose in the precincts tense atmosphere. The atmosphere was thick – and anybody witnessing it on the outskirts of the invisible barrier would be stupid to not feel it, the suffocation of frustration and anger.

"What we need, Olivia, "Captain of SVU District, Don Craigen stressed vocally, "Is a-," but was abruptly caught off by a honeyed voice – cutting into the debate,

"-is an indictment that can be relative to New York. Currently Garret has no stead- home here in NYC, he's currently resigned in Louisiana and left out of our jurisdiction. The "offence" was linked to that State and the Witness' allegation is Hearsay-"Attorney Alexandra began to lace in the proper etiquette on how to proceed.

"-Hearsay? Alex, "Olivia, the detective stressing the blonde's name, almost manically, "yes, sure this was seen previously in his home state, but so was the same stunt at the hotel! And I'll be damned if the legal system pisses along the border line of our precious states and dilute our justice. A crime is a crime and I'm going to prove that Garret not only WAS in that hotel room, but that he did murder and rape Jeremy Kinney". Her words resounded in her actions, by taking Garret Yale's photo and shoving it facedown with her palm.

The onlookers in the room kept at bay, even Captain Cragin didn't step in on this one. The two women remained silent, squared off at one another, gazes intent on locking, searching – and for Alex, her mind wandering.

Olivia squared her jaw, her brown eyes flickered from Alex's cool blue ones, then her gaze jerked over Alex's shoulder to a tall handsome man, his eyes firm and focused, his sleeves rolled up and his tattoo on the forearm displaying his permanency in will and strength – after all he was an ex Marine, and even a marine knew when to keep back and wait for an order.

"Elliot, "Olivia spoke through tight lips, "let's go and take this Son of a Bitch down." With that, the brunette snatched her form-fitting black jacket of her desk chair, pushing past the onlookers and grazing past the ADA, who stood there pondering the case, and pondering why she felt so angry, so exposed, And so confused as to why she wanted to calm her down the enraged detective in a tight embrace, and run her hands up those toned arms and lock on the square shoulders which just unceremoniously pushed past her narrow ones.

Damnit. Alex shook her head, trying to dismantle the earlier battle by her heads gesture. Why did she let Olivia get to her so much? No one had ever spoken to Alex that way without a fiery rebuttal, followed by a dousing of the "Ice Queen's" (so she was known as) legal acid tongue, who would burn holes through testimonies, objections and heated debates. Such as the one she just so shamelessly lost.

The ride in the car was no better; the claustrophobia of the office remained steady in the car. If anything it was worse. Elliot glanced over at his partner Olivia. He and Olivia had been partners for a number of years, and they both had their share of drama and personal vendettas towards the perpetrators.

Elliot, who favoured taking down the pedophilia ring and take down the sick bastards; having children of his own. Then Olivia, a living, breathing child of rape. Her mother decided to keep her daughter, regardless of the circumstances of how she was conceived. Yes, the detectives had their own reasons for signing up in the Special Victims Unit, but the only reasoning that Elliot didn't understand now was why his partner looked like a rabid, wounded animal, as opposed to the usual strong, driven women he was used to seeing.

Olivia could feel the expressive eyes looking over her features, scrutinizing and analyzing her behaviour. Who was she kidding? She knew all cases got under her skin, but truth be told if anyone else had objected with the same legal information or road block like Alex did, she wouldn't of gone off the handle like that. Maybe it was because she knew Alex was partially right ... or maybe it was because she had some bubbles of anger, frustration and confusion constantly forcing its way up, like bile.

Olivia inhaled then released a heavy sigh, her shoulders slumping slightly as she spoke. "I know Alex was right, this isn't an easy – gung ho, catch 'em and lock 'em up, but,.. I just, "Olivia chewed her lip in thought, unsure of how to continue.

"Liv, "He used their shared nickname, taking his eyes off the road, taking in her appearance through her windows reflection. "We will get this guy, okay, and everyone gets wound up when someone puts a road block into your chase, right, "Elliot paused, gauging her reaction. Seeing no interjection he continued, "Especially when Ice Queen-y is the one to set it up," he gaffed, trying to lighten the mood.

Unknowingly Olivia's smile was false, as she tried to comprehend why at that moment; she wanted to smack the back of her partners head for that comment towards Alex, the blonde ADA. The same moment, Olivia promised herself she would apologize to Alex when all this was said and done, if it killed her.

Having spent the last few minutes considering to keep her glasses on the folder, or possibly pick them up and try this again she heard a shift outside her closed office door, and then a pause and a heavy knock, followed by a second more confident knock.

Forgetting her glasses debate all together she focused on the sound and resounded with an automatic, "Come in".

Shuffling slightly the door opened, revealing a worn out, but smiling Detective Olivia Benson. "Hey," spoke the brunette whilst making sure to close the door behind her.

"Hello Detective," Alex nodded in her presence, using formality, unsure of how else to approach the detective given their previous discussions.

Ah, Detective, well that's one notch down the friend totem pole. "I'm not going to skip around the issue. Elliot and I were on our way to reclaim the evidence when we got a call..." Olivia paused, watching as Alex's eyebrows rose with intent curiosity. "Garret wasn't able to help himself, after he was bailed out the bastard hit again, on one of his new "All Star's", Lee. Apparently he loured Lee to the same setting of a hotel – only he didn't know Lee's dad caught wind, followed him and called us. "She locked eyes with Alex then looked over at a vacant chair sitting adjacent to the Attorney's desk and sat down. "We caught him red handed, and you can be damned sure he's not going to even see another baseball game, kid or blade of grass. With your help, of course..." Olivia trailed off, suddenly unsure and shy of how to somehow in cooperate her rehearsed apology.

Alex for one was relieved – she knew she could find a loophole to the jurisdiction bullshit, but her mind just wasn't there at the moment, and this break in the case was a relief, and having Olivia, in her office, and possibly apologizing and offering her the righteous position of giving him the handle for the needle, was music to Alex's ears; her headache now forgotten.

"Olivia that's wonderful," her lips normally taught with concentration broke loose into a victorious smile, faltering only as she stood up and moved about the desk, deciding to sit on the perch of the desk – crossing her pale legs, dangling slightly over the edge. "But I want to apologize," she spoke up, her voice wavering at the least. Blue eyes melded with brown as their gazes locked, Alex unaware to Olivia's gaze once flickering to the taught calves. "I shouldn't have butted in,"

Olivia shook her head, her short locks remaining in place, "Alex, it's what you do best. Telling us the facts without any sugar coating, I was just wanted him, and hearing that it wasn't going to be lickedy split, I got discouraged," Olivia exclaimed, noting how the Blonde's eyebrow and body language relaxed in understanding.

"Let's call it a truce, okay?" she cocked her head to the side, lifting her right arm from its place on the chair up in mid air, her hand open-faced, and inviting.

Alex looked down, and shook her head, laughing heartily – almost huskily in amusement. Blue eyes twinkled at the offering and her own silken hand met Olivia's outstretched and they shook playfully, loose but firm. Both partially loving the lightness in the air, but also inquiring to the warmth spreading through their limbs at the contact.

"Truce," Alex agreed, regretfully releasing the contact and standing up, moving to where her glasses lay lonely – begging for their usual home. Using her now free hand she placed the pair back onto her face, reclaiming her "glasses of justice" facade.

"Well now, Counsellor" Olivia rolled the formal name off her tongue, taking in the now prestige appearance of Alex. "Why don't you – the enemy – I mean, Friend" She jabbed lightly with the term, "and I go out and celebrate our hardy victory, at maybe.." Olivia was about to suggest a nice fine restaurant when a booming voice questioned her, Italian Restaurant where you can wine and dine her? Olivia shook her head, as if her thoughts were aloud and to be heard.

"Maybe..." Alex pushed, her eyebrows curving over the dark frames in question.

"Go out for a drink, with the guys, "Stupid, stupid, stupid, "If you're up for it anyway". She finished lamely.

"Sure," Alex's shoulders defeated slightly rebounded and stiffened. "Just let me file this god for saken folder and you me and the gang can go and wallow in our justice system, "the blonde jabbed at the air with her arm, trying to add conviction to the obvious untrue statement – as she lived, ate, and breathed the law.

Olivia feigned betrayal as she stood up, her body loosening and hands finding their way into her belt, one finger pawing the badge that rested atop. "Alexandra Cabot, did I hear you bad mouth, the Law?" she questioned, her lips curved into a smirk.

Alex paused on what she was doing, turning around to face the detective, her body resting casually across the desk, arms folded across her chest. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, what evidence have you to support otherwise?"

"Other than your word – nothing, but, "Olivia sauntered towards the ADA, their toes almost touching and opposite wardrobes bearing down on one another, the proximity of the two colliding into a uniform of confusion. "Give me two minutes with you in the interview room, and I'll have you" Olivia tilted her chin defiantly, all but forgetting to finish the sentence without it sounding inviting.

Alex could only respond with a bemused expression, and her heart fluttering? From the insinuation. But this was too good to pass up. "Have me? Have me what detective?" the last word drawn out slowly, "your way with me? That would be sexual harassment." The blonde said huskily, unaware her octave drop.

Olivia's eyes closed partially in thought, when realization hit her and what she had said, and how it sounded. Her olive skin was tinged with a redness of embarrassment, the tips of her ears taking most of the rose color.

Maybe she pushed too far, maybe this was highly inappropriate – but the Self assured Alexandra Cabot wanted to make Olivia squirm, but in all truth she was the one squirming as the heat rose in her suit jacket, emitting a heat like no other, and she wasn't ready for this – not yet.

"Well, I take it you want a lawyer, as you are not speaking, "Alex almost laughed out – covering up her own sudden nervousness as she pushed past Olivia, towards the door. Her hand rested loosely on the Brass door knob, looking back at the still detective across from her. "Luckily, I happen to know of one, and she's heading out for a drink... so if you care to accompany me, I can introduce you to her. " Her cocky smile burned yet through Olivia's turning body.

In a silent question Alex's eyebrow remained raised, awaiting the answer. Olivia still trying to retrieve her coherent thoughts nodded, shaking her head with a bemused smile. Sucking up all the courage she had left, she brushed past Alex and took to the door first, opening it in an invitation. "I'm a big girl, Alex, I don't need a lawyers protection, I am capable of all sorts of things, I'm not the type to remain silent. " Olivia rattled on, partially stating the truth, and partially insinuating more, "After you Counsellor," Olivia beamed, watching Alex's eyes question the words spoken before sauntering out in front of her.

I've never wanted alcohol more than today, they both thought in unison as they ventured to the bar, where the summary of both one another thought they knew, is slowly edited through the minutes ticking by.