A/N: I know it sounds like he hates milk, because in this story, he does. Feel free too make your own assumptions as to why he continues to drink it, but I think I made my opinion clear near the end. This is actually a small passage out of a larger fanfic I'm writing, but I loved it sooooo much that I HAD to put it up. I'll put the rest of it up when it's done, so keep an eye out

Disclaimer: I will marry an Italian hit man named Leon, but until that time I do not own any Leon, or the rest of this movie.


The milk's cream coated his tongue thickly and his taste buds felt smothered. He nearly gagged as the milk slithered down his throat to settle heavily in his stomach, making him slightly nauseous. He used the saliva in his mouth to break up the milk fat on his tongue and swallowed that too. When his mouth was once again clean of the disgusting milk, he felt free. He could breath easy again and taste the world.