Bella POV...SHINY!!

a school reunion that will be interesting with ness...NO renesmee ! Well all have Jacob take care of her. No one will know it was me with my change and all!it will be really funny when we walk in because it is an all grade's reunion that means the whole family will come!well at lest it has been two years and every body has grown up...I hope.


wow I can tell Bella is exited for this. So is the whole family tho. Even me...except for Jessica and Mike. It is horrible about what he thinks of women!well Alice and Emmett are blocking there minds and that means there up to somthing"ALICE STOPE SING BRITNY SPEARS!!!"*shivers*britny is horrible!


oops I did it again I played with you heart lost in the game oh baby baby...


what to where what to where....!!this is going to be so fun!ever sense Bella and me have become friend it has been fun going any where! OMC I know I will where my black tight dress and my red stelletos!

I can't wait!!

Emmi POV...emmi the pooh emmi the pooh

blocking blocking blocking blocking....that's how you block...write?