Bella POV

we sat down and found out what game it was...truth or dare!!pay back's a B!(h huh!

So we started Jessica was up first and of course it was " new girl truth or dare"wow they still have not figured it out!! I gave Edward a wink then I started fake crying "Y-You don't r-remember me?"she look at me with utter surprise "i-i-i-it me B-Bella!"every one look at me with shocked faces."fine, Bella truth or dare?" ummm "truth?" I said it like a question "what is you deepest darkest secret!" oh crap "i I have a.."RING RING RING!my phone went off it was Jacob I walked away to talk to him...


the little kid Erik I think came running up and said to Jessica "mommy I heart my arm"Jessica then said go tell the teacher"i sighed and went over to the kid "let me see your are"he gave me his are and I examined it it was merely a bruise from falling! " It's going to be okay I proms just don't go jumping off any cliffs any time soon!!"i said with a chuckle terns and the kid ran off to the class room. Jessica started then."you could never handle a child telling them stuff like that!! I mean mine is two and it's crazy any way without him"she said very rudely . i turned to her and said oh really?"she nodded and turned away. I herd Bella sigh and say okay then I herd a scream like no other "MOMMY DADDY!!"it was my baby girl!