Author's note: This is a series of scenes for jaigan, who asked for Lizzie/Lestrade. I hope you enjoy it, and that the rest of you like it too.

"You're late." I whispered. I received a weary smile in return.


I stifled a sigh. "Finishing up that case?" Giles had been called out the night before on a case, and had sent a message to that effect so I would not worry if I didn't see much of him this morning.

He nodded. "We got him." He grimaced. "Lost a good man, but we got the-" He caught himself, and smiled again. "I really am sorry."

"Well, you're here now." I pointed out. "Even if you are a mess."

He considered his state. "I'm not a mess." He replied. "I'm not spotless, but considering the morning I've had-"

"You're a mess." I insisted. "Especially today."

He sighed and gave in. "I'm sorry." He said again. "I had to take cover when the man started shooting at us." The look in his eyes said it had been close. I shuddered.

"You're here." I insisted. "That's what counts."

Another shudder. "Your mother isn't going to let me hear the end of this."

I laughed. "Serves you right, being late for your own wedding." I scolded. Giles flushed, and tried to laugh with me, but it was forced. "It's all right." I assured him. "You didn't plan for some lunatic to go around poisoning people's dogs, and you certainly didn't plan for him to have a gun and turn violent on you."

He smiled, and I watched as he determinedly set everything else aside and I became the only thing in his world.

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