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Riiiiing Riiiiing! Bell groaned. She HATED that sound. That sound signaled her impending doom. Also known as private high school. Riii- ZAP! The bed side table were the alarm clock had once been was smoldering. Bell sat up in bed. She and her father had just moved to Japan, yesterday actually. Bell stood and made her way over to the mirror. She crinkled her nose at the reflection. Her hair looked like a white rats nest. You heard me, white. Bell wasn't like normal girls, both her hair and her eyes were a ghostly white. She also had super powers. Bell was a power puff girl, sort of. She had been created by a different person than Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. Her father, Dr.X, had been a mad scientist who was so jealous with Professor Utonium, that he created Bell. It took a long time, but Bell finally managed to tame her long white hair into pigtails. They were held together by two black ribbons, each one with two small bells tied to it. Bell put on her school uniform. It was suppose to be yellow, but Bell had gotten her hands on a white one, the exact color of her eyes and hair. She never wore anything that wasn't white, white helped remind her of what she used to be, helped remind her not to become that way again. Satisfied, Bell went to the dining room, the bells jingling with each step.

Bell climbed out of the limo, and stared in awe at the school in front of her. It. was. Huge. Dr.X took Bell's hand and led her inside. The pair got a lot of stares as they entered, with Bell's whiteness and Dr.X's Trench coat. Bell stared at the ground. She knew that if she looked up, she would have to see their staring eyes, instead of just feeling them.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome!"

Bell looked up to see a short, nervous looking man in a tan suit.

"You must be the new student, and this must be your "Ahem" father, correct?"

"Yes, I am here to collect paperwork. And quickly if possible, I'm a very busy man." He was using his calmest tone of voice, it was also the scariest.

"Y-yes! Right away!" The man stuttered.

Dr.X turned to his daughter.

"Be good Bell, have fun." He turned and followed the guy in the suit into what must have been the main office.

Be good? Was that all he could say? Bell turned and walked in the direction her map told her her classroom was. It was going to be a long day.

Hikaru was sitting at his desk, the one in between Karou and Haruhi's desks. He was staring at the sensei, who hadn't started class yet. He was bored out of his mind, why couldn't something interesting happen?

"Alright students." The sensei started. "Before I start today's lesson, I wanted to introduce you all to a new student. Come in dear!"

A girl walked in, but she was unlike anyone Hikaru had ever seen. Her hair, dress, and even eyes were a ghostly white, it didn't seem natural. She had a pretty, heart shaped face, and one tuft of hair was falling into her eyes. Her eyes had a look that said she'd seen too much, like she watched people die. The girl smiled.

"Hello. My name is Bell X. I'm pleased to meet you." Her voice was light and musical, like she might burst into song.

"Miss.X, you may take the seat behind Mr,Fujioka. Now, today's lesson is-"

Hikaru zoned out. He honestly didn't care what the sensei was talking about. Instead, he watched the bells in Bell's hair jingle.

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