A/N: This is a super late gift for my bffl Kristin. It was a request for Russia x Japan while Japan was in the hospital. I took some historical liberties though. xD
Word count: 256

It had been horrible. He had been there in the city when it was happened, and he burned. He burned and burned and as all his people screamed. As all of his people died, he screamed too.

When he woke up, it was white.

Everything was white. The ceiling, the sheets… well that was really as far as his sleepy eyes could see for now…

And there was a beeping. An annoying, insistent beeping.

And as his senses slowly widened slowly, more and more came to him. The murmuring from t he people in the room, the wires in his arms, the numbness all over his body, he became aware of all of it. And soon he could catch words.

"-S….a'ake?" the voice he heard was familiar, and somewhere in him it stirred a deep feeling of anger. His mind couldn't register the accent though.

"Y's. he s'ms to be com'ng around." Another voice, this time with an accent similar to his own.

Slowly, his vision improved and the whiteness faded to blurred colors of people, and as he could catch more of the conversation, he could begin to see who the guest that sent him into worry was.

" Could I talk to him alone when he wakes?" brown, this man wore lots of brown that had a bright dash of cream through it.

" Of course. After we check on him." with that, the finer details of his vision finally came around and he let out an inaudible gasp.

In front of him was his enemy. An Allied Power.

The Russian.