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It had been years since they had spoken to each other. Japan had surrendered; Russia went through the Cold War and had to give up communism…

Things had changed.

And it had been hard.

To see Russia at the meetings, hanging over the cursed Baltics, always flitting around asking one country or another to join him...

But never him.

It was like he was more invisible to Russia than… that that one country whose name he could never remember.

And when Japan did manage to find Ivan alone, the Russian's eyes were dark and violent, and Kiku knew it would be best to leave him alone.

But he couldn't stand it anymore.

The meeting room emptied slowly and Kiku bid farewell to his friends. Looking around, he barely caught the sight of Ivan leaving, dragging Lithuania with him.

Japan moved fast, not wanting to lose sight of them. He moved quickly through the crowds of bickering nations, using the skills his ninjas taught him to catch up to the man. It was hard to keep track of him, though, and he lost him several times. When he found the large man for the last time, the large nation was insisting that the small brunette become one with him again while the brunette struggled to ignore him and continue on his way.

Tired, Japan had to stop, and he struggled to catch his breath.

"Ivan!" He didn't want to call out, as he didn't want to catch a lot of attention, but he had to. He called out again, trying not to cry from losing the love of his life again. "Ivan!"

They had almost turned the end of the hall, but the two seemed to have heard him. Russia had stopped, and though Lithuania tried to take advantage of the fact to slip away, Ivan had gripped tightly to his wrist, having grown pale.

Having seen them stop, Japan pushed himself to run the last distance to meet the two, or most importantly, the tall Russian.

"Ivan…" If he had been out of breath before, having pushed through the last of the crowd to get to the man took the last of his energy. Standing in front of the other, he leaned on his knees, having lost the last of his grace and air in his lungs.

"K-Kiku." Japan looked up to Ivan, his eyes aflame with passion. He was done with waiting, he was done with being proper.

"You… you said you would try to come back. You could have come to me anytime now." Japan slowly stood up, his eyes locked with the Russian's.

Standing and watching the two (rather by force since Russia still kept an unbreakable hold on his wrist), Lithuania was amazed to see how Russia changed. Eyes that were so evil moments ago softened and glowed with a sad love. Gone was the scary man, the fake smile, the aggressive nature. The man before him was timid like a scared kitten, the smile offered to the Japanese man true, sad, and gentle. Was this the real man? If it was, he was so different from the crazy monster he knew.

"I'm sorry Kiku, but…"

"But nothing!" Japan was quiet but forceful, and he took a bold step closer to Ivan. "Had you meant anything of what you said to me?" Two large brown eyes stared up at the larger man with desperation, a passionate need that was consuming him.

And that was when Ivan let go of his hostage and lifted up his love. As he kissed Kiku, Lithuania understood how Kiku, out of the whole world, could stop hating him. Understanding this, he left the two to reconnect.

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