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'I wish I could have laughed at their faces; their hopeless, disgusted, painfilled faces. Yet there is only so little that I could do, and even less to give.'

'Poor boy, he shouldn't have to live through this, yet here he is. Smiling, laughing, trying to be normal, as if he didn't have me sealed within him, and what do I do? I add to the insults he has already gotten, I just rub it in his face, and I do enjoy it, but when he's locked me away from his thoughts I feel the repercussions from earlier.'

'This stupid disgusting twit of a boy is making me go soft. What happened to being king? What happened to being almighty? -HA!-'

"Oi! You kitsune-baka! Its time to pay rent!"

'Disgusting vermin, daring to speak to me that way! It is because of me he has lived so many lives, it is because of me that he has this power, this back up! And what do I get? Insults, jokes at my being locked up in here, and disrespect, I'll show you vermin.'

"Kashishi, what ever you say."

'I fed him my chakra, my yokai, a very poisonous thing to mortals, but to him its not much he can stand it, but will he be able to pull away? Will he be able to keep his mind and sanity?'

'I keep feeding him my entity until I have filled his mind and soul with darkness, my darkness. My dark, twisted and malicious thoughts, -Kashishishi!- today I win!'

Naruto's eyes snapped open, but they weren't his regular kind azure depths, they were a bloody red orange, with black markings around his eyes. A dark sinister look was within those beautiful deadly orbs, and there was hell to pay.

"Kashishishi!" I finally have his body.

Too soon I have spoken, I twitch in pain slightly as I feel a type of 'kick' around my abdomen, damn brat can still fight can he? Not for long.


I swipe my hand at the idiotic pink haired girls direction, a claw of red bubbling disasterous chakra wrapped around her and threw her away like the stupid rag doll she was.

"He's not here, would you like to leave a message?" I snickered out, howling in joy as I heard from afar innocents screaming

'How could he? He promised he wouldn't never do this, and yet he's doing this. That idiotic lying bastard fox, hes worse than Sasuke!'

'But....why don't I feel guilty? Why do I feel....happy? Hurting my one of my only team mates, and causing trouble to this poor unwanted village, why does it feel....so good?'


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