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Chapter 5

Bill's morning came quickly after a very restful sleep. He went about his morning preparations with an extra spring in his step. This was to be his first expedition as a Journeyman. The required items listed were all fairly standard: Dragon Bone for carving runes into, Mage-sight glasses, personal provisions, potions kit, all things he had. He would need a tent, as well as research books for Mayan, Inca, and Toltec cultures, as well as their runic languages. The list said food was to be communal, and listed the items and amount in detail.

Knocking softly on the door to Ron's room where Harry was staying, Bill waited for a reply. When none was forthcoming Bill peaked inside, surprised to find Harry wasn't there. Well, they had more work to do today, so it was good he was already up, at least it should be more enjoyable than yesterday. It took a while before Bill located Harry out on the back porch.

"There you are," Bill stated, becoming concerned at Harry's condition, "what's wrong mate?"

Harry looked up, slightly embarrassed at being caught in a moment of weakness. He was sitting on the back porch, his eyes slightly wet.

"It's just… everything caught up to me today. I was so tired yesterday that I wasn't thinking straight. I might have been really stupid, and drank a potion that is already changing me. The Flamels were family, at least Lady Flamel, but I still got sent to the Muggles. I came out here this morning to think, looking up for Hedwig, but she wasn't there. She never will be again." The words were softly spoken.

Bill was stunned at the outpouring of troubles, but truth be told, he did think Harry had been handling things a little too well.

"Here, read this, it will help you understand." Harry pulled the letter from his pocket that he received yesterday in the vault. After reading the letter, Bill was floored.

"This is big; I mean it's totally awesome for you. Many people would give away their life savings for this. Imagine Harry, you will be the best looking you can be, as strong as your body is capable of, able to think more clearly than before, rarely sick. I for one would have done the same thing in an instant." Bill's obvious approval, cheered Harry up slightly.

"Right, it just feels dishonest."

"Not at all, you didn't steal it, anyway, it's Karma.

"I guess."

"Think of the Hogwarts witches, man! They will be all over you."

"Yeah, it'll be different for sure," Harry blushed.

The silence stretched out, Bill lost in a daydream, probably about Hogwarts witches. Harry trying to accept that his life would start to change from now on. After twelve years of hell, it could be that it would all turn around. At that moment Harry just decided to accept the good things that happened to him, he would never be normal anyway, no point in pretending. The Wizarding World would not accept it, extraordinary things would most likely always occur around him. After vocalizing this to Bill, he felt relieved.

"You're absolutely right; enjoy the good, fight the bad, and face the world with your shoulders square, your back straight, and a positive attitude. My former mentor taught me that. He gave me a lot of good advice. Like the only thing in this world that is truly yours, is knowledge. It can't be taken away like wealth and possessions. Harry, you can make your life whatever you want." Bill shrugged a little sheepishly, not used to having this kind of conversation.

"I don't really know what to say about your owl, I had one that was killed by wards in Greece… The only thing I can say is it takes time to get over it, that and keeping busy helps."

"Thanks Bill, lets get some breakfast, huh?"

"Good idea, we still have a lot to do. You have some shopping to do, I need to buy the tent and food," said Bill.

"I'll split the food and tent costs if you want," Harry cut in.

"Umm… just the food. The tent will be mine for future expeditions." Bill was calculating in his mind, he would be able to go in for a better tent now. They made it to the kitchen, before the smell of food caught their senses.

"Here are your breakfast sirs," Dobby said.

"Wow, thanks Dobby," they said together.

"Master Harry sir, Dobby was wondering, what work Dobby would get to do sir?"

"Well, I don't have a house Dobby, but we are going on a trip and you can come with to cook and clean, if you want to. You can do what you wish Dobby, if you want to stay with me you can, if you want to go you can. If you stay, you can go to Hogwarts with me and help there," Harry responded, unsure what Dobby wanted.

"Dobby is Master Harry's elf and will stay to help when he can." With a pop he was back at the sink cleaning the dishes. Breakfast was completed in short order, and soon Harry and Bill were back to Diagon Alley for their shopping.

It was just as busy as yesterday, maybe even more so. Harry was in the same clothes and was going to make it a priority to get acceptable and fitting clothes.

"I have some business to finish at Gringotts, it may take a while," Harry said, hoping to be alone for the visiting of his vaults.

"OK, we can split up again. I'll go look for a tent while you deal with that. Meet up at Hyde's, say at eleven o'clock?" asked Bill.

"Sounds fine, Hyde's is right next to Quality Quidditch right?"

"Yep, see you there."

The cart ride to his family vault was thrilling and long. It seemed they were very deep and far away from the Alley.

"Vault 4, step up to the door, place your hand on the pad there, and it will accept you or not." The goblin had a smirk, which was a little disconcerting.

Doing as instructed, Harry placed his hand on the access pad. The door soundlessly slid open to reveal a large, mostly empty room. There were a few portraits on the walls, old furniture, and several boxes that had been shrunken. The small pile of gold in the middle was easily less than a quarter of what his trust vault had in it. That caused some surprise, he thought there would be more. A glass case in the back caught his attention, looking inside he saw jewelry and lots of it: rings, necklaces, bracelets of gold and silver, adorned by all manner of gemstones.

"Well, that's something," he said aloud.

"Indeed young man, those have been in the Potter family for a very long time." The voice came from a portrait above the case. The speaker was an older man, sitting on a log in front of a large manor house.

"Sir Byron Potter at your service," he announced.

"Harry James Potter, pleased to meet you," Harry responded.

"So young to be the Heir of our family," Sir Byron mused.

"I'm all that's left."

"Ahh…I expect that will change soon enough lad. It is almost a tradition for the Potters to be wiped out and then bounce back. We Potters have never had large numbers."

"I don't know much about the Potter family," replied Harry slightly ashamed.

"I could tell many a tale to you if you have time."

"Not now, but I'll come back when I can. I'm going on an expedition soon and have to prepare."

"Beatus Exsisto Audacia!" shouted the portrait.


"Our family motto, Blessed be the Daring."

"Oh… thanks."

On his way out, Harry noticed a pedestal. On the top of it sat a ledger, and beside that a large men's ring. Picking up the ring, Harry read the family motto below a large ruby. Inside the ruby was a stag, and crossed wand shield.

"The Potter Head of House ring." Sir Byron informed him, "Yours by right of birth."

Harry nodded and placed the ring in his pocket then opened the ledger. The last transactions were to set up his trust vault and a huge restitution payment to the House of Greengrass, for what was called a "generational postponement" of a contract of some sort. Harry shrugged and placed the ledger back, waved at Byron who was grumbling about being alone, and left.

His next stop went quickly, grabbing another few galleons and reading the ledger to see he had 622 galleons remaining. This would be able to carry him thru his Hogwarts years with ease, unless he had to pay for housing himself.

It was now nearing eleven o'clock, so Harry headed out to Hyde's. After arriving he didn't see Bill, but was busy looking around. Some of this stuff was amazing, Dragon hide boots, vests, leather products, snakeskin, and lots of different furs.

"Hey man, can I help you?" asked a young sales clerk.

"Well, I could use a pair of boots," Harry said to the sales clerk.

"Right on dude, check it out; we have Leathers, Drac Hide or Snakeskin. I recommend the leathers for you, 'cause we can charm them to grow easier. By the way, names Beep Bones."

"I'm Harry, can the dragon hide be charmed?"

"Sure it can dude, just not to get bigger. We can make the Leathers grow with you, and put all the comfort and like, climate charms on them we want."

Harry really liked the Dragon hide, but with the elixir plus natural growth, the Leathers sounded like a better deal.

"Can we fit some of the Leather ones with all the charms?" Harry asked.

"What color, we can do any?"

"Dark grey, please."

"Be right back."

Harry browsed, looking at vests and coats, when a hand fell on his shoulder. A grinning Bill greeted him.

"I got lucky on the tent, we should be comfortable," he said. "Have you picked anything out here?"

"I'm getting Leather boots, with all the charms."

"Good choice, they don't last a long as Dragon Hide, but are more practical for you. Do you have a wand holster yet?"

"No, should I?" Harry asked.

"Definitely mate, not just for this trip, but also for school. You wouldn't want to lose your wand, or accidently shoot a spell in your pockets-could cause all sorts of problems," Bill smirked.

Harry nodded, thinking of Seamus and his mistakes with blasting hexes. He picked out a grey leather one for his left forearm, to match his boots. They were now ready, so after shelling out 6 galleons and 3 sickles they walked back out into the alley.

"I've got all my things except books, weren't you going to get some robes and clothes?"

"Oh yeah, Madam Malkins?"

"She's the best," Bill replied.

The clothes shopping was simpler than Bill expected. Harry just asked for a complete wardrobe, and explained about the trip, so extras were added for that. All the new clothes were placed in the chest of drawers or wardrobe modes of his trunk. The clothes were fairly expensive, but well worth it because they were charmed to grow with him for at least a reasonable growth spurt. The book store had the required texts for Bill, and Harry added to his yet to be explored collection of books, with a couple basic warding books and "Curses and Counter Curses" by Vindictus Viridain, that he saw before first year. With the days shopping complete, they were able to grab lunch before returning to the Burrow.

The Burrow was as clean as possible, Dobby having spent his time and abundant energy cleaning. All the common areas were spotless, all the laundry caught up, the lawn trimmed, and the odds and ends lying around were being hastily removed, as Harry and Bill Apperated into the yard.

"Uggh! Does it ever get any better?" Harry complained.

"It does when you do the traveling, and not be the baggage," Bill laughing at his expression. "Anyway, let's go regroup, plus I wanna check out that trunk you got."

"Ok, it's really cool, maybe a bit much, but I have a feeling it will serve me well," Harry said, thinking about how he was basically homeless.

As Bill was looking at the trunk and its different features, Harry was dragging his old trunk down the stairs. Dobby popped in behind Harry, looking put out.

"Master Harry needs to let Dobby do the work! Where does you want it?" demanded the little elf.

"Sorry Dobby, can you take it to the living room please?" asked Harry.

Joining Bill, Harry opened his old trunk. Separating out a few items, Harry tasked Dobby with getting rid of the rest.

"Yes sir, Dobby gets rid of nasty cousin's hand-me downs."

"Thanks for cleaning Dobby," Bill said, having noticed Harry's friendly treatment of the elf.

"Most welcome," said a beaming Dobby before disappearing with Harry's old clothes. Dobby reappeared by the pond, and carefully piled up all the clothes, before giggling and dancing around wildly. He was at that moment, burning them all.

"This is a great trunk Harry, I'm going to go pack my own," Bill said as he headed up the stairs. Harry only nodded, and chose a pair of khakis and a blue t-shirt to wear. After changing, he piled up the slightly too small clothes and called Dobby.

"More Dobby," Harry gave the clothes to Dobby, not noticing the soot on his cheek. Dobby popped away, only to quickly return and hand Harry the instructions for his contacts that he forgot in the pocket of his pants. Setting this aside, he finished cleaning out his trunk. All his school books, as well as his new ones went on the bookshelf, his potions kit in the ingredients cupboard, his invisibility cloak and Firebolt in the trunk space and marauders map and other parchments into the desk. Now all he had to do was remember where things were. Asking Dobby to return the now empty trunk to Ron's room, Harry sat down on the porch again. He put on the new boots, watching as they shrunk to fit, they were the most comfortable footwear he ever had.

Bill was as happy as he could remember, everything was on track, all that was left to do was get food. That could wait until tomorrow, he would have to show Harry the tent too. There were only two days left before they had to meet in Gringotts. He wondered how they would travel, hopefully not by portkey. After his own trunk was packed, Bill passed the afternoon reading reference books and making notes. He was going to give his all, not only to make money, but also to build his name as a Cursebreaker.

Harry was having a great time, looking through walls was really neat, and seeing the Burrow with Mage-sight was also cool. Colors were splashed all over the house. He had read the instructions twice, it was actually simple. All he had to do was think about seeing through a wall and he could, it seemed that intent was the key. Look for magic and he could see it. Just look around normal, and he saw nothing extra. The contacts, now activated, would dim the light if too bright, or magnify it if too little. The only thing was, he didn't understand what the colors represented when looking at magic. The instructions recommended a book to help determine what kind of magic was being seen. Harry would have to get one. Dobby announced that dinner was ready. After some roast chicken that had a slight burnt cloth taste, Bill brought up the food supplies.

"I have the list of our required food contribution, it'll be pretty steep."

"Will we get that in Diagon Alley?"

"No, mostly Muggle stores."

Dobby popped in, hands on hips. "Food shopping is an elf's job, sirs."

"Where do you shop?" asked Bill.

"The place food comes from: farm, butcher, bakers; those places. Cost less too." Dobby seemed more confident now, being bonded had changed him.

"Ok, we have 17 galleons, can you get all this?" Bill handed the list to Dobby.

"If this is all sirs want, Dobby can get it easy."