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This is written in Allen's point of view.

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Chapter 1: Invitation

I looked up at the evening sky. Snow, one by one, fell down from the sky. The scene reminded me of the day when someone important to me had died... It had been snowing too. I leaned against a tree near a tombstone, keeping my gaze on it despite the fact that my hair was slightly obstructing my view.

... Mana Walker.

A crazy clown.


.. My foster father. The only person who was willing to take care of me. Even with knowing the fact that I have a deformed arm.

But now.. He's gone.

Footsteps. Barely audible but I knew it was heading at my direction. Maybe it was one of Mana's friends.

A few of them had dropped by a few days earlier. I had ignored all of them.

I knew they were only nice to me because they didn't knew about my arm.

"It's rather too cold tonight, hm?," it was a male voice. I was a bit surprised when the man sat down beside me."You sure are quiet,boy", the man spoke again, "Do you want to come with me?... You could stay with me if you want to.."

I looked up at the man, surprised that he was offering me a place to stay at."Who are you..?", I finally spoke yet my voice was barely audible.

The man smiled at me,"I'm Ty-"

"- TYKI!~ So this is where you were!," the man was interrupted as a spiky blue-haired girl hugged him tightly. Tyki, as the girl had called him, let out a sigh. He probably didn't appreciate that he was interrupted just as when he was about to introduce himself. The girl released Tyki then approached the boy, her hands clasped behind her. "Oh~ He's cuute!~ Who's this, Tyki?",she asked, looking back at the Portuguese.

I looked at the strange pair. First, the older one was offering me a place to stay at. And now, the blue-haired girl had called me cute. As far as I could remember only Mana had done that before.

Tyki stood up, brushing some of the snow that fell on his hair then smiled at Road,"The Duke asked me to pick him up," he answered.

Road's eyes gleamed with excitement,"So that means...,"she looked up to Tyki, squealing as he nodded,"Yay!~ A new brother",she said gleefully, suddenly hugging me. Now, I was really confused... And uncomfortable.

"Road..we need to get going. We don't want Cross catching up with us,"Tyki reminded Road as she released me"Cross, huh..."Road made a pout but then it slowly turned into a wide grin,"Ne, Tyki, can I play with him?"

Tyki shook his head.

"'s unfair!",Road whined then turned to me, slightly tilting her head to the side,"I almost forgot to ask,"she gave me that smiled again,"what's your name?"

"...A-Allen", I murmured.

"Ne,Allen..Let's go~"

I blinked, confused. Go? But where?, I wondered. She giggled as she recognized the expression, "To your new family,of course!", she extended an arm to me.

'My new family...?,' I slowly stood up, deciding not to take Road's extended arm. She didn't seem to mind though.

"Oi,"a man shouted."Hand over that brat"

I stopped and looked at who had yelled. It was a man with long, red hair. That was all I could see clearly from the distance but it seemed like he was wearing a mask of some sorts.

"Like we will give him to you, exorcist"Road stuck out her tongue then turn her back to him,"Alright, Let's go Allen~"

"O-Okay," I blinked twice as a door suddenly emerged in front of them. The odd, checkered heart-shaped door slowly opened, revealing several white buildings at the other side. Road stepped in then looked at me, "It's okay, Allen."

I took a step forward.

"Brat!", the man shouted again."Come here! If you don't,I'll make sure you'll regret-". I started to quicken my pace. The man scared me. He reminds me of Cosmos. I frowned, shaking off the bad memories away.

Road must have noticed because she hugged me. "Don't worry Allen, we won't let that man get close to you". We both stepped in the door.I looked over my shoulder."Isn't he coming too?",I asked, referring to Tyki.

She followed my gaze and smiled, "He'll follow us soon, he'll just make sure that the scary man wouldn't follow us". I nodded. I guess it makes sense. The door slowly closed behind us.

"Now,I'll introduced you to your new family"