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Info about my OC:

name:Tadeo Reins

noah's name:Illuze, the 13th disciple..he would be replacing the real 13th disciple, Mightra.


He is a requested character by my brother, who has the same name as him. They also have the same personality..almost. ,

I turned to ponytail guy and smiled at him. I leaped towards him, the white cape extended adding power to my leap. I hit him again with my claw sending him flying towards the gloomy woman. Ponytail guy slammed against the gloomy woman and they both hit the wall hard.

"Hey! It's like...uhhh.. hitting two birds with one stone!", Tadeo commented.

"Where did you learn these things?", Road asked him.

He laughed."To tell you the truth...I have no idea", he answered.

The woman now scurried away from the ponytail, who was now unconscious and bleeding. I could see the fear in the woman's eyes. She was trembling as she look at the unconscious exorcist."Please...don't..die..Kanda", she sobbed."d-don't die...."

I just watched her, amused at the scene. The woman slowly approached the exorcist and held him in her arms. She mumbled something about her being useless.

"Don't die...Kanda", she continued to sobbed,"don't die...". Hmmm, so ponytail's name is Kanda.

"Ne, what's that crazy woman doing?", Road asked.

"Road, it's not nice to call people crazy," Tadeo said then murmured to himself."Oh god, If Sheryl ever heard you say that..Ugghh..who knows what he'll do to me."

Road just merely giggled at the thought.

I turned my attention back to the woman and the exorcist. A circular light appeared on the floor beneath them and there was now a seemingly large clock floating in the middle.

"So, she's compatible, huh.", I heard Tadeo muttered.

Then the light slowly formed a sort of barrier. There were miniature clocks on the barrier's surface. Then something or someone came out of the barrier heading towards where Road and the exorcist is.

"First Illusion:Insect of the Underworld!", the exorcist yelled, his attack aimed at Road.

Road snickered then quickly jumped off the seat, hopping onto Lero. The exorcist grabbed the other then jumped back to the barrier.

I blinked twice."Hey, that was Pony! How come all of his injuries are now gone?!"

"Must have been that woman's innocence..."

"Her innocence, eh", Road grinned."Exorcists are really interesting..."

"Enbu Kirikaze!", someone yelled then a tornado shot from the barrier hitting one of the akumas near the barrier. Then there was another tell, insect-like things shot through another akuma. They both exploded at the same time. As the smoke cleared, I could see the two exorcist, there were no traces of the previous damages that we did to them.

" doll's broken the string!", Road pouted.

"Don't worry, you'll get another one for sure", I reassured her.

Road whined."But an exorcist doll is rare!"

The girl exorcist turned to Kanda."They're the one who bought those tickets before....are they Akuma?"

He shook his head."No Lenalee..they're human."

"I see", she said then gazed at me. I haven't still deactivated my innocence."Wait, why's there an accomodator with them?"

Kanda didn't answer him, he just shrugged.

Tadeo stood up from his seat then faced the girl exorcist."Ah, so the fine lady is Lenalee...", he bowed slightly to her."I guess it would be rude if we weren't to introduce ourselves."

"Lero! Don't just give out your names to the enemy, lero!"

He laughed at him."Nah,'s okay besides it won't affect the earl's scenario."

He turned back to Lenalee."I'm Tadeo..nice to meet you."

I sighed then raised up my arm lazily."Allen Walker."

"And I'm Road Camelot..", Road said.

Tadeo snapped his fingers."Now that introductions are over, let's do something interesting.."

Road giggled then hopped off Lero. She used him to point to the remaining Akuma."Self-destruct." Ten...nine

"Say, did you know that when an Akuma self-destructs", Tadeo said."..the dark matter along with the soul disapears meaning..."


Lenalee's eyes widen, she know now what is about to happen to the soul.'But Mistress Noah! It took a long time for me to get to this level!'

...three.."No!", she yelled. She tried to reach The Akuma exploded. They both stopped in their tracks. The girl, Lenalee, was crying and Kanda just looked away.

I was amused by their reaction, I've never seen someone worked so hard to save something or someone. I realized the I was laughing, Road was grinning and Tadeo was simple amused too. The exorcists both looked at me like I was crazy. I turned to Road and said."Now I know why you think exorcists are interesting..."

She giggled."Ne, it was fun playing with you," she said, summoning her door.

"The next time we'll see each other..", I said deactivating my innocence." will be in the earl's scenario.."

Road was first to enter the door then Tadeo. I was about to enter when I felt a sword's tip at the back of my neck. I laughed."You know you couldn't kill me.."

I felt the sword's tip leave then I entered Road's door. The door closed behind me.


Kanda opened his eyes then saw himself inside a hospital room. It had been hours after there encounter with the Noahs. He stood up then removed the bandages on his body.

"Ah Kanda, you shouldn't move around too much," A chinese man exclaimed. He ignored him and continued removing him."Komui, what are the Noahs?"

Komui just shrugged his shoulders.

"That's what he wanted to ask us..", a new voice said. They turned around to see where the voice came from. It was a red-head wearing an eye-patch. He grinned at them.

"..Usagi.", Kanda muttered.

"The Noah Family appeared in certain events in the past which were never written", Lavi said." to cut the story short, the noahs are known to aide the earl."

Bookman 'barged' into the room, kicking Lavi across the room."How many times do I have to tell you not to talk too much", he berated.

"The earl's aide..", Kanda said." then why is an accomodator with them?"

"An accomodator?", he repeated in disbelief.

Kanda nodded."He's strong too..if what I heard is correct he is a critical point breaker..."

Komui's eye widen while Bookman remained silent."An accomodator with the Noahs..."


"I don't get it!", Tadeo complained. We were in the Noah's Ark right now."Why am I the one who had less fun?!"

"It's okay, you'll have another chance", I said. He stopped walking then stared at me for a long time. I saw his face darkened.

"I just remembered something, didn't Allen got hit before he became critical..", he said loudly in a bored tone.

"Ne, that's right Allen!", Road said, grinning. Oh no....

"Hey! Just because you had less fun..don't take it out on me!", I squeaked.

"Oh, yes", he continued, ignoring my protest." know what to do, Road."

Road smirked, hugged me tightly from behind. She showed me a red cat costume, with cat ears...and a wig?!.

"Where the hell do you get this things?!"

"Good Luck, kid," he said happily. Arrghh, he's so evil."You'll wear it till after dinner."

Just as I thought he was about to leave he turned back. His grin was somehow sinister."Oh Tyki and the other noahs will be here for dinner tonight." he added, emphasizing the name Tyki.

"Hello there, sweetheart", Tyki said in a seductive voice. Doesn't he recognize me?!

"T-tyki!", I exclaimed.

"Tyki, stop hitting on Allen", Tadeo said grinning. I saw Tyki's mouth hanged open then he looked at me for a while. He ended up nose bleeding then fainted. Tadeo bursted out laughing.