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I Am His Faithful Servant

Chapter 0: He Is My Arrogant and Egoistic Master

I frowned. Hotaru ignored the action. I slapped my forehead. Hotaru glanced at me for a split second then continued reading. I groaned. This time, Hotaru threw the book on the table angrily and scolded me, "What is wrong with you? If you want to whine about your lack of intellect, then talk to your boyfriend and stop bugging me like a stupid bee."

"That's harsh, Hotaru," I replied. "It's just that my relationship with Ruka lacks… uhmm.."

Hotaru clasped her hands impatiently, "Sparks?" she finished my sentence.

"Yeah, sparks," I complained. "It feels so dull."

That's right. Ruka is now my boyfriend. Well he's kind and handsome so I thought being together with him would be pleasant. But sad to say, the relationship didn't work out as well as I thought it would.

Hotaru sighed then gently shook her head. "Save me the trouble of being a love doctor."

Hotaru glanced around for a center of amusement. Her gaze fell upon Natsume. "On the second thought," Hotaru told me. "If you beat Natsume in chess, I'll tell you how to make your relationship fun."

Natsume, overhearing our conversation, walked up to us. "Oh? And what do I get if I win?"

Hotaru glared at Natsume, expecting him to play with me for no rewards. Unfortunately, Natsume's willpower won. "Fine. If Mikan loses, she'll be your servant for one week," Hotaru grinned, "..and she'll sleep in your room until she loses her servantship."

"EH!?!?" I exclaimed. "But Hotaru! That's—"

"No buts. Do you want your relationship with Ruka to work out or what?" Hotaru threatened.

Natsume glared at Hotaru and she glared back. There was silence for a few seconds. Finally, Hotaru broke the silence, understanding what Natsume's glare meant. "It is a package. If you take one, you need to take the other one too."

Natsume contemplated then heaved a sigh, "Fine."


"Checkmate," Natsume confidently stated as he grinned at me.

"Oh my Lord!!" I exclaimed. I can't believe it. I lost!? Well, I sort of knew already that I would lose to top one student, Natsume. But the consequences! I have to sleep in his room and be his servant for seven days.

Hotaru clapped her hands in satisfaction. "Good game, good game."

"Hotaru!!" I yelled. "It's.. the school won't allow me sleeping in his room anyway!"

Hotaru grinned. "Oh yes, they would. I have a very excellent and evil plan that would make even Obama bow down to me!"

I glanced at Natsume, expecting him to stop Hotaru, but all he did was grin at me. Holy— I am doomed.

"Welcome to my dangerous abode," Natsume said as we both entered his room. In the end, the school really did permit me to sleep in Natsume's room. What were they thinking!? And this guy here doesn't even deny the fact that I am in a very dangerous situation.

He used the bathroom first then I followed. We went through the ordinary things in silence, although I was very troubled, of course. When I finished using the bathroom, I readied myself and went out. He was there, lying in the bed as he gazed at me. I felt shivers run down my back.

When he stood up, I reflexively covered my chest and screamed, "PERVERT!!!"

Natsume stared at me for some seconds then shook his head, mocking me. "Pervert? Stop daydreaming. I would never stoop down so low." I gazed at him in caution as he placed a futon and a pillow on the floor. "Sleep there for tonight and don't worry, I'm not interested in you."

I scowled at him then slept on the futon. He turned the lights off, and got on the bed. Really, he's so not a gentleman.

I swear I heard him snicker though.

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