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Dedicated to Dana. I hope this cheers you up a little, Danes. Love ya.

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We were laughing,
We were so in love,
So in love

And the band played,
Songs that we had never heard,
But we danced anyway,
Never understood the words,
Just sang 'oh, lalalalala'
And we danced anyway.
-Deana Carter's 'We Danced Anyway';

A knock came on Mac Taylor's hotel room door and he was almost too exhausted to get up and answer it. He hadn't slept a wink on the eleven hour flight from New York City to Thessaloniki and he had hardly caught two winks since his feet hit the foreign soil. Dredging across the carpeted floor in a pair of jeans and a ratty old tee-shirt, he expected to see a distraught Stella Bonasera on the other side. He was right about Stella, but rather than being distraught she stood before him in a sundress and barefeet, "What's going on?"

"Come on, Mac," She pulled at his hands, "we're going dancing."

"Dancing?" He eyed her like she had two heads as she pulled him from his room, "Stella? Are you sure you want to go dancing?"

"It's a Greek thing, Mac." She laced her fingers with his and pulled him down the hallway, "Trust me, this is what the Professor would want. To honor his life by dancing. It's the Grecian way."

"You've lost your mind." He sighed but followed her down to the street as he entered the world of what looked to be a Greek block party. The brick street was rough beneath their bare feet as Stella lead him to the makeshift dance floor that was lit with tea lights. He couldn't understand the words to the song and the beat was beyond him, but the smile on Stella's face made it all worth it.

Mac Taylor had never been much of a dancer but he tried to keep up with his partner as they swayed to the beat. Stella swayed her hips to the ethnic rhythm and he spun her around like a ballerina. She twisted her hips as she sashayed back to him and his hand found the small of her back as they danced around. Even Stella couldn't comprehend the local language but that didn't stop her from singing 'lala's with the tune.

"You've done lost your mind, Stella." He laughed as she dipped back and he felt her back shake with laughter.

"If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me, Mac." Her hands locked around his neck as they spun in circles and he grew dizzy from the never ending music. The things that had been changing between them caught fire in the summer air of the foreign city. A half a world away from New York City and they were as free as a pair of birds. They danced like they were teenagers and mumbled along with the music til the moon was high in the sky and they were about to fall over from exhaustion.

Her arms stayed locked around his waist and her body tucked into his side as his arm draped over her shoulders as they walked back to the hotel. A light mist fell from the night sky and dampened their overheated skin as Stella hummed the nameless tune that had been playing all night long.

"Thank you." She whispered as they stood at her door.

He nodded and pressed a kiss to her forehead, "Good night, Stella."

It had been the worst fight of their career, followed with a chase half-way across the globe, running from the cops, almost getting killed in a vineyard, and the death of a loved one. It had been a crazy, hectic, insane few days that had almost broke them. Still, they danced anyway.