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We kissed and rolled, our clothes were ripped to shreds in the process and we didn't even care.

I was so hungry for him, for the comfort and love he offered and he needed the same from me. The reassurance, that we were still there, still together, still alive.

So that's what we did, over and over again until we eventually feel asleep wrapped in each others arms.


I woke up about an hour before sun set wrapped in Dimitri's arms. I yawned and sat up stretching, looking around. The room was a mess, there were chairs on their side and the couch cousins were all over the floor everything on the table had been shoved on the floor. The stuff on top of the fire place had been knocked over and there were bits of shredded clothing surrounding the door.

"We did make a bit of a mess." Said Dimitri, kissing the back of my neck.

"Hmm." I sighed, "just a tad." I leaned backwards and Dimitri's arms encircled my waist. "We have to get dressed I asked all the guardians to meet in the ball room a half hour before sunset." This was just... I don't know but why couldn't something just go smoothly. Without threat of death.

"I wish this hadn't happened Roza, but you did so well, guardians twice your age wouldn't be able to handle that situation as well as you did. You saved a lot of lives last night both Moroi and Dhampir." He said softly.

"Thank you." I whispered back and turned around to kiss him. I wished we could stay in bed all day, just like this naked and in each others arms, but we couldn't so I reluctantly got out of bed and went to get ready. I was slightly shocked to see that bathroom was a mess too.

After we were showered and dressed we left our room too meet the other guardian who were gathered in a group in the middle of the now clean hall.

The floor had been moped the decorations were gone as was the shattered glass and the windows were now covered.

I was extremely glad to see a table set up in the middle covered in food.

The few guardians that were already there were eating.

I grabbed and plate and went and sat down watching people enter the room. Alberta entered and came to sit next to Dimitri and I.

"All better, then?" I asked.

She smiled, "yes Lissa fixed me up real good even if I told her not too."

Everyone was here now. "Rose, they're waiting for you." Said Alberta nudging my arm.

I sighed and stood up with Alberta and Dimitri following me. I was trained to listen to the oldest most experienced guardian, it was like an un-written rule, and here I was, one of the youngest people in the room with dozens of people look at me for instruction.

I took a deep breath before I began speaking. "We have just over thirty minutes until sunset. First of all I know we can't control anything but I would recommend that all of you with charges ask them not too organize night time flights, it would be safer for everyone to remain here until sunrise, that way we have more protection for everyone if an attack was to occur." I looked around. "Next I want two guardian stationed at every set of wards. If we do it this way and in three hours shifts we should be fine, as long as the wards are guarded they can't get in. If you see anyone or anything approach the wards. Shoot it in the leg." I told them seriously. "Okay so this is how we're going to organize this. First of all would anyone with a charge please stand over their and everyone else stand on the other side." I watched as they moved, there were around sixty guardians. More than I thought, but then again there were a lot of royals here. Most of them went to stand on the charge side but about twenty didn't have charges. I turned to them. "Okay so I know it's not entirely fair, but would twelve of you be able to do the first guard shift so that we can talk to our Moroi. Everything will work more smoothly if they stay calm." They all nodded understanding, this is what we were trained for we didn't say no. "Organize it among yourselves who's going, but be fast, I want you out there before the sun sets. Once your down the rest come over here." I walked over to were everyone else was standing. "Before we do anything else I want to know for sure who is leaving today and who isn't, so everybody go talk to your Moroi and report back here in an hour and a half." I knew a lot of today was mostly going to be just waiting around and so did everyone else, luckily this place was huge and would be able to accommodate everyone. They had feeders and food.

There was a lot of noise as everyone left.

"That was well done rose, I couldn't have said it better myself." Said Alberta.

"Thank you Alberta." I said, concentrating on my breathing. There was one guardian left in the room, behind us. I turned around, to see my mother standing there. Dimitri and Alberta turned to and scowls immediately covered their faces, they both took a step forward positioning themselves in front of me.

"Why are you here?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

"I came as soon as I heard about the attack. I had to make sure my charge was properly protected." She said her face it's usually emotionless mask.

Alberta spoke up next. "Well obviously he is protected, because he's still alive after the attack, if you were really worried about his protection you would have been here the whole time."

"I am also here to make sure he arrives home safely seeing as Guardian O'connel, my partner was killed in the attack." I bowed my head.

"I'm sorry." I said softly.

"Don't be he died, doing his job, mark was a good man and died an honorable death." I nodded my head. "What I would like to know." She said her tone harsh. "Is why they are letting a 22year old with almost no experience tell them what to do."

"Because Guardian Hathaway," Alberta practically spat. "Rose is the only reason that there were so few casualties. She not only warned us about the attack so we had time to prepare and put the Moroi out of harms way, but she also kept everyone calm afterward." Dimitri nodded in agreement. My mothers face showed a moment of shock before a fierce scowl covered it once more. However at that moment we were interrupted by someone entering the room.

We turned to find Abe walking in the room, his hands clasped in front of him, a strange grin on his face. I turned back to see my mothers eyes wide, her gaze darting between my and Abe. Maybe I could have some fun with this.

I smiled widely and practically skipped over to Abe, throwing my arms around him, he hugged me back.

"Good morning Daddy." I said in a sickly sweet voice and I could hear my mothers gasp. I looked at Abe with a mischievous grin on my face. He glanced at My mother then back at me, grinned.

"Good morning, baby girl." Normally that would have earned him a black eye,but this time it severed a purpose. "I was just coming down here to ask if there was anything you needed me too do, but looks like you've got everything sorted. Good job." He did well, there was nothing more that annoyed my mother then me getting praised. "Janie." He said softly, his arms still around me. "Aren't you just so proud of our daughter."

Her face grew red and she huffed storming past us out of the room. As soon as she was out of sight I was laughing.

"Aww, old man, that was brilliant." He was laughing too, even Dimitri and Alberta were chuckling to themselves.

"My pleasure Rose." He said slightly out of breath. "But I did actually come to ask you if there was anything I could do." He said after we had had out laugh.

"Well some of your guardian are stationed at the wards, well everyone else is meeting with their charges. We are trying to get everyone to stay here until sunrise. I hope that's okay." He nodded. "And well yeah and all the other guardians are meeting back here in about an hour, so I really have to go talk to Adrian and Lissa." I said and he nodded.

"Okay well sounds like you really do have everything under control. I'm going to go talk to the staff and organize some more food. For when everyone is up. I was thinking I might close this room off, people are coming to replace the windows soon anyway and there is a large hall near the kitchen with table so everyone can eat comfortably."

"Sounds great." I said nodding. "One problem how do we tell everyone where to go?" I didn't even know where to go. I mean this place is huge. Like the size of a fucking hospital not a house, it had wings to it.

"I'll take care of that you go see Lissa." He said smiling at me.

"Thanks," I said nodded, leaving the room with the others following me.

The rest of the passed how I had expected it was long and hard. Most Moroi trusted our advice and stayed here with only a dozen or so leaving. (Which wasn't bad considering there were about a hundred.) We met back after talking to the Moroi and organized who would do duties. I volunteered of course but it was suggested by several people that I stay here in case anything else happened so I did. Luckily there were enough people willing to do the duties that Dimitri didn't have to either. Most of the day we just lounged around, watched movies in Lissa's room on the gang. I went to check up on things every hour or so, probably being paranoid but I felt like it was necessary.

During the day flights were also organized anyone going to the same place were on the same plane, just to reduce the amount of traffic. Due to Lissa's... status the queen wanted us back immediately, but Lissa insisted we be the last to leave so that we could make sure everyone else got anyway smoothly.

That was one of the things that made her perfect to be the next queen, she always looked after the people around her before herself, that and her amazing people skills, plus her heritage and many other wonderful things.

Lissa, Christian, Adrian and Mia had fallen asleep during the last movie. So we turned the television of and left them, Lissa and Christian were cuddled up on the bed, while Adrian and Mia were asleep in each others arms on the fold out sofa bed. They had all packed and their quit cases were by the door. I would just need to come and get them when it was our turn to leave.

"I suppose we should go pack." I said to Dimitri, unable to contain my yawn.

"Probably." He said putting his arm around me as I leaned into him.

"Least there's not much to pack." I sighed. "A bit of cleaning to do though." I grimaced remembering the mess we had awoken to this morning. Dimitri didn't say anything, but honestly there was nothing to say.

"Oh." I said in surprise when Dimitri opened the door. "Are you sure this is our room?" I knew it was across from Lissa's but this was not the room we had left this morning. It was clean, like perfectly. There was a note on the table.

Dear Rosemarie

I'm going to assume the state of your room is because of some rouge strogoi attack for my own sanity and Belikov's safety. Don't worry about the vase it was a fake. ;)

Yours seriously. Abe.

My eyes wide I was mortified, I can't believe my dad had seen our room I mean the state we had left it in had made it obvious what we were doing. After I got over my shock though I let out a slightly hysterical chuckle, I was sure it was suppose to be yours sincerely but I guess that was just Abe.

"Well that's kinda embarrassing." Said Dimitri who had been reading over my shoulder.

"Just a little." I turned around and hugged him tight, breathing in his scent. "We should pack." I said but didn't move, his arms came around me.


"And get changed." I sighed.

"True." I felt him shrug.

Neither of us moved for a few minutes, until eventually I sighed again and pulled away. We didn't actually have to pack much, it was more like get out the clothes for tonight/today and put the ones we were wearing away. I mean we didn't have much out I just had my hair brush and some make-up on the counter.

I pulled out some comfortable jeans and a shirt.

Then stripped. I turned to find Dimitri watching me, halfway through getting dressed, his shirt in hand.

"Hasn't anyone every told you it's rude to stare Comrade." I said with a smirk.

"Well Roza." He said dragging out my name as he slowly looked me up and down. "I really don't care." He finished quickly pulling his shirt over his head and winking at me. I huffed and got dressed quickly going to collect my things from the bathroom. I brushed my hair ad plaited it, washing my face before returning to the main room. Dimitri was laying on the bed his arms folded behind his head, staring at the bathroom door.

I could feel his eyes follow me as I walked to my bag and bent over, placing my remaining items inside before zipping it up. I stood up and walked over to the bed, laying down beside Dimitri, draping my arm across his chest.

I looked at the clock, five minutes past sunrise, I suppose a little sleep wouldn't hurt. I pulled my phone out and set the alarm for 1 p.m. Just over six hours away, all the while feeling Dimitri's eyes watching me.

"What!" I finally shouted, pushing myself up to face him, he looked startled.

"Nothing Roza, I was just watching you."

"I got that, what I want to know I why. It's creeping me out."

He sighed. "I was just watching you Roza, you amaze me, so perfect and in control, you remind me of me."

I looked at him like he was crazy. "In control, what are you talking about every moment I feel like I'm going to snap. I'm trying to act cool and calm but I'm freaking out Dimitri." I could hear the slight hysteria and begging in my voice. "What if they had got through, how did so many of them end up working together, their groups and getting bigger and their attacks more precise and informed. I mean the schools are obvious they never move and are full apart from the holidays, but this ball it was a small window of opportunity and it's held on a different date every year. Plus the stakes are hidden they had to know ahead of time where to get the humans to dig for them and they had to do it in the ten or so minutes it took the guard to walk between them. I'm freaking out. I don't want to be the one in charge, I didn't want to be. I'm glad I saved everyone but I only just starting to get use to guarding Lissa and then this. What if one day I'm not there to keep her safe." I sobbed, my throat closing. These were just some of my fears and trust me I had a lot, not just about Lissa but about Dimitri and Adrian and Christian, I was scarred for all of them, for what could happen and what might not. It wasn't just about them getting attacked it was about everything.

I could feel Dimitri's arms around me, his hand stroking my hair. "Shh, Roza, shh, it's okay." He repeated over and over until eventually my sobs lessened. When I had stopped crying I pulled back and looked at Dimitri.

"I'm sorry." I said softly. "I don't know what brought that on."

He gave me a small smile and wiped the remaining tears off my face. "It's okay." he pulled me back against his chest and laid us down, kissing my head. "Go to sleep Roza."

"Okay." I said softly and he chuckled. "Dimitri?"


"I love you."

"Love you too Roza." he said said, stroking my hair again, I fell asleep like that.

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