YOSH!!!! My first story about Pokemon!!! This story is mainly about fluff and how hate turns to love. Well, try to get the idea if you don't understand what I'm trying to

Anyways, I do NOT own anything about Pokemon Special (I'm referring to the manga). Only Yamamoto (the awesome mangaka) and Hidenori (one of the the best manga creators) own it!

Red's POV

"Red! Please accept my chocolates,"

"Thanks, Tina. I really appreciate it," a teenage boy with a pair of striking red colored eyes and black hair replied with a forced smile. Another one. And how much more? Being one of the popular boys in the academy is really tiring. He sighed heavily.

"Having serious problem, Red?" his best friend asked from behind. Red turned his head around and saw his best friend, Green, with two huge bags of presents. Apart from him, Green's also popular. Much more than him though. Obviously. With a pair of green eyes that can immediately melt a girl's heart, it is not impossible. Even though he's extremely known for his aloof and cocky character.

"Heh. Talk about yours," Red replied while smirking. Green shrugged and walked by his best friend's side to his room.

"Wonder how are Ruby and Gold taking it?" Red voiced his thoughts out loud.

"If it's Gold I don't have any doubts. But, if it is Ruby, I'll bet on a million he's hiding somewhere. Despite his gentle and caring side, he's really an anti-girl guy," Green replied.

Red chuckled softly. It's true what Green said. Ruby can be very girly. With his hobbies that are sewing and creating new designs of clothes, he was the most 'feminine' in the group.

"But, but, we didn't even do anything!"

"What was that?" Green arched an eyebrow. Red gave him a strange look. It's pretty unusual for Green to notice anything other than his friends and himself. Both of them hurried to rather hidden corridor. A group of 'pinkies' girls were surrounding something in the middle.

"Oh yes you did. You touched my book without my permission!" a girl in a bright pink sleeveless shirt and short black skirt shouted in a shrilly voice.

"So? What's the big idea yer tryin' to do?!" another voice shrieked. The girl was tugged by the front of her shirt roughly.

"Get. Your. Filthy. Hand. Of me!!" the girl slapped the 'voice' hard.

"Do stop! You are doing something against the rule!" another voice interrupted.

"I don't care! Ya want to have a problem with me?! Be it then! Toro!"

Green and Red stared at each other in disbelief. Using your own Pokemons without the High Principal's permission IS against the rule. Moreover, the students's Pokeballs are all kept in the Pokemon Center. How come one is with the trainer right now?



"Green, we have to do something," Red said while gritting his teeth half whispering to his friend who was crouching by his side.

"What CAN we do?" Green whispered back angrily. His Pokemons are all in the Pokemon Center. So are Red's.

"We CAN do something, my friend," Red replied mysteriously. He took out a Pokeball and smirked.

"How did…?" Green gaped at his friend.

"I was allowed to keep one companion. Under the Elite's law that is," Red answered while grinning.

"Oh really? You should've said it earlier," Green said sarcastically.

"Oh well. Better late than never, right?" Red replied cheerfully. "C'mon Pika! Let's go!"

Red sprinted with his Pikachu by his side. The group was shocked with his sudden appearance.

"Flash!" Red commanded. Pika released a very bright light causing the others to be temporarily blinded.

"What's goin' on?"

"I can't see!"

As soon as the blinding stopped, the girls were already forced together to a corner. Green was observing from far. Red studied the seven faces carefully. The "pinkies" girls seem to be triplets with the same pink eyes and bubbly pink hair. The other four girls seem to be new. Judging by the 'against the rule' occasion.

"All of you are in deep trouble. As one of the Elite, I have no choice but to punish you three," Red said sternly. The triplets stared at him. Only then, Green realized, they were staring at him in awe. He slapped his forehead. Girls, he muttered.

"Oh. Oh…. We are awfully sorry," one of the triplets said charmingly.

"We didn't know we were doing something against the rule," the other one added with a smile.

"We are so sorry. We promise in the name of Lugia, we won't do it again, if…," the last one trailed off with a meaningful and smug smile.

"I don't need an apology. You three are sentenced straight to the Tower for trying to bribe," Red replied with a glare. Out of all things, he thought grimly.

"What?!" the triplets exclaimed in unison.

"You heard me. Now, get moving," Red said flatly while gesturing his hand to the other end of the corridor. "Oh, and don't try to cheat. We WILL know,"

The triplets stared at each other. The Tower…? Its worst than being electrocuted with Pikachu's thunderbolt. But, if it's one of Elite's orders, they really don't have choice. They nodded their heads solemnly and walked reluctantly away.

"That does it," Red said cheerfully. "Now, you four shouldn't be here right now. Come with me," he glanced at the remaining girls.

"Thank you, err… one of the Elite…?" one of the girls with a pair of perfect blue eyes said slowly. She was wearing a sleeveless light blue shirt with a short red skirt and a white hat with red lines that matched her long dark brown hair.

"I could've kicked their butts alone," the other girl who was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt, a pair of black shorts and a blue bandanna said grumpily.

"We apologize for making a ruckus," a rather demure girl with a sleeveless yellow dress, a long sleeved black shirt and black pants said with a sincere smile. Red found himself warmed with the smile. Green coughed suddenly beside him. Red flinched.

"Well, you all ARE new. So, it doesn't really matter, but I will have to punish you if you go against the rule again," Red said seriously while giving a meaningful look at the brunette with the blue bandanna.

"Senior Red! Sorry for interrupting. But I think THIS is urgent ENOUGH to ask for your assistance," a teenage boy with a white hair-like hat pleaded suddenly.

"Ruby," Red said in a surprised tone. He looks kind of desperate. Must be because of the hard times the girls are giving him. "What's up?"

"ALL of the girls are hunting for me…!" Ruby exclaimed with a horrified expression.

"I see. I'll lend a hand since the champ is currently busy right now," Green said with a small smile.

"Thanks a bunch, senior Green! Now, at least I don't have to face them alone," Ruby sighed in relief. "Eh? Who're they? New students?" he glanced at the four girls briefly and raised an eyebrow.

"Yup. They're new all right," Red replied with a grin.

"Oh. Anyways, c'mon Green. You better back me up if they have any guts to ask me out," Ruby said while gritting his teeth. Green shrugged slightly and followed the steaming Ruby.

"Oh well. You four better leave to your own rooms pronto. The tea's bell will be ringing only 45 minutes from now," Red told the four girls cheerfully. His Pikachu bobbed its head while smiling and suddenly jumped from its trainer's shoulder to someone else's arm.

"Ah…!" the demure girl yelped in surprise when the Pikachu landed in her arms.

"Pika!" the Pikachu squealed with a wide smile. Another Pikachu popped its head from her brown sling bag.

"Chu?" it said sleepily and suddenly brightened when it saw Red's Pikachu and skipped to it. Pika and the other Pikachu rubbed their cheeks together as in greeting each other.

"Chuchu, do you know him?" the demure girl asked with a frown.

"Chu," her Pikachu replied almost immediately with a nod and tilted its head forward. The demure girl touched its forehead slightly and light glow appeared. Red stared at them with wide eyes.

"Ah, I see. So you two DO know each other," the demure girl chuckled after a while.

"What happened just a while ago?" Red asked slowly. The demure girl smiled sheepishly.

"Well, you see, I can read or maybe you can use the word sense Pokemon's thoughts and feelings. But only slightly," she explained with a small smile.

"You can do such a thing?" Red mouth turned into a thin line. The demure girl nodded her head nervously.

"Very unique, I dare say," he continued with a smile.

"Thank you. I'm Amarillo del Bosque Verde. But, you can call me Yellow. An 8th Year student," the demure girl introduced herself politely.

"Thank God you two are finished. We were really wondering when on earth you two are going to stop the romantic conversation," the brunette with the white hat said cheekily.

"Blue!" Yellow said while blushing madly.

"I'm Crystal Ivan. Please call me Chris. A 7th Year student," the last girl with slightly dark blue hair and light blue eyes introduced herself in a friendly way.

"Sapphire Birch. 6th Year," the bandana gal introduced herself shortly while shaking her hands with Red. Red nodded his head slightly.

"Blue Opal is my name. Nice to meet you, erm… may I KNOW who are you exactly?" the white hat girl said slowly.

"Oh? I'm Red Fawks. A pleasure to know you," Red answered. They are all different in age and heights. Despite that, they're really close. Like me and my gang.

"Okay. What about the other two?" Sapphire asked curiously.

"You'll meet them sooner or later. Now, it will do you good if you haste to your room now," Red replied with a smile.

"Oh my God!" Blue exclaimed and rushed to her room after thanking Red. The others followed suit behind her.

Sapphire's POV

I slouched into an armchair in my room with a huge sigh. What a day it has been. It's the first time I'm in a school. I staggered to a window nearby and opened it widely. The moist air rushed inside. The rain has just stopped. I inhaled some air. I wonder how Papa is doing. Is he all right? Can he really manage alone? A sudden noise interrupted my thoughts. I glance to an opposite window which was about 300 meter away from mine. A certain movement caught my attention. I focused my sight to it. A boy about the same age as me is climbing down the window using the pipes. Eh?! I straightened myself to make sure I was not seeing things. I'm not! What the hell…?! I gripped the window sill fearing he might fall down suddenly. But he didn't. He climbed down the pipe easily and landed quite gracefully. I jumped from my room and landed without noise on one of the trees. I concentrated to listen to his voice.

"Wow, what a day. It was really unlucky I came a day late though. Or else I might've noticed its still the 5th of January. The New Year celebration is still hot in the air," the boy said while stretching his limbs. He glanced around.

"Hmm… guess there's no one around to notice me here. Well, that settles it. Okay guys! Training time! Come out now, Zuzu, Coco, Nana, Ruru, Mimi!" he threw his Pokeballs high and a Swampert, Delcatty, Mightyena, Gardevoir and Milotic emerged. I almost lost my grip on the branches I was holding. He's a trainer. But, I thought all of the students are not allowed to keep their Pokemon with them. How come he has his?

"Okay guys. Hmm… Zuzu, earthquake. But maximize it in this area only. Approximately, 300 meters from every direction. Got it?" he ordered. The Swampert nodded its head and centered its energy to its hands and released it by crashing its hand onto the ground. The ground shook hard. This time, I fell to the ground but managed to fall on a pile of leaves so again, there weren't any noises. I sighed in relief.

"All right! Now, the Brelooms are showing themselves. Over there, Nana! Use hyperbeam!" he commanded.

"Coco, double edge!"

"Mimi, use blizzard!"

"Ruru, knock it down with confusion!

I gasped as his orders were all obediently followed by his Pokemons. Their attacks are all powerful. They managed to knock down every single Breloom with only one hit.

"Okay guys. Good work. Now, its rest time and grooming time will be next," the male trainer said cheerfully.

"What?!" my eyes were wide with surprise and disbelief. GROOM his Pokemons???

"What was that?" the boy spun around and turned his attention towards the clump of bushes I was hiding. Great…

"Zuzu, can you detect anything other than us in this area?" the boy asked his Swampert without turning his attention away from my hiding place. I didn't know what happened. But, the next thing I knew, the boy was standing and was looking straight at me.

"Who're you?" he asked. That's it? Wait… he seems familiar…

"You! I've met you before!" I pointed straight at his face.

"Hm? Have we?" the boy arched an eyebrow at me. I've seen him before… but where?

"Yeah… I know I've met you before…," I racked my brain to rewind the previous events that happened that day. It was kind of hard to retrieve mere memories like that.

"Maybe you've met the wrong person. I never met you before. Especially a barbarian like you," the boy suddenly interrupted my thoughts. I glared at him. Wait. What did he say...?

"What was that?! Whaddya mean a barbarian?!" I shrieked at him while forcing him of the ground.

"Eh??!" he looked shocked.

"Open yer mouth or else I'll force you to!!" I screamed.

"Put me down! Put me down!!"

"No way!!! Tell me, you….you…argh…!!! Doesn't matter who you are!!" I shook him hard.

"Let go!" he tugged my hand away from his shirt. Unfortunately, it was only a useless effort.

"Sapphire!!" someone called my name suddenly from my room. So disturbing.

"You're lucky today. But, that luck won't last long," I released my grasp and stomped to my room window. I turned to look at him one last time. He seems to be struggling to regain his breaths. I bit my lip.


"All right!! I'm coming!" I shouted back and climbed back to my room.

Chris's POV

I carefully placed my books on the table and wiped my forehead with a light blue and decorated with a dark blue Kingdra handkerchief. Pro in Capturing Pokemons, check. Facts about Grass types Pokemons, check. Berries around the Johto and Kanto Regions, check. History of the Ruins of Alphs, check. I wrote on my test pad. Everything's here. I arranged other things neatly in my new room. The space is wide enough to fit a bed, a dressing table, a wardrobe, two book shelves, a computer table and other stuffs as well.

A sudden beeping interrupted my thoughts.I sighed as I reached for my cell phone on the study table.

"Hello? May I know who is this?" I asked ever so politely to the caller.

"Chris, are you done yet?" a voice echoed. I raised an eyebrow. I should've known....,I muttered to myself.

"Almost, Blue. What about you?" I replied while unwrapping a huge box of books.

"Same here. The school is quite neat, huh?" she replied.

"Yeah. And I heard you can even choose you own interests," I said . "There are the Evolving Section, Nursing House, Training Arena, Battling Dome, Exchanging Section, Breeding Nest and Capturing Section,"

"I see. Which are you going to join? Yikes!" Blue asked and there was loud crash. She must have stumble into her bags of clothes. That is so like her.

"Obviously the Capturing Section," I answered confidently while trying hard to neglect another deafening sound of something falling.

"Sorry, Chris. This room is a little bit too crowded. Anyways, I'm going to join the Evolving Section," Blue said proudly.

"Really? You hate reading don't you? I wonder how on earth you are going to survive it," I snickered.

"Ha! I'm born to know everything about the evolution of Pokemon," she said smugly. So like Blue.

"Whatever, Blue. Look, we'll chat after I'm done, okay? I'm getting distracted," I said and ended the phone call before she opened her mouth again or else the conversation will never end.

Suddenly, a sudden knock on the door caught my attention. I muttered a few curses and opened it roughly only then to come face to face with a grinning boy about my age.

"What?" I said patiently.

"You must be Crystal, right? I'm Gold Aubry," the boy introduced himself without bothering to apologize. I gritted my teeth.

"So what?" I said still trying to contain my anger.

"Nothing. Here you go," he suddenly grabbed my hand and put a bar of chocolate on it. I gasped as he planted a quick kiss on my left cheek.

"See ya. Don't forget to keep in touch, super serious gal!" he bade me farewell and left almost immediately.

"You…!!" I clenched both of my fists tight and glared at the corner he disappeared. I slammed the door shut after I entered back my room and rushed to the bathroom to wash my face. I cleaned my cheeks with a bar of strawberry soap that Yellow gave me as a new year gift. She's so going to explode when she knows I'm using it to wash only my cheeks. Still, that's the only thing that is fragrant enough to wash away the 'spot'.

"Idiot, idiot, idiot…!" I muttered in agony as I gripped the sink tightly. I shook my head. This so not like you Chris! You're the calm, cool, proper and serious girl. Not the emotional type! I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

"Okay, I'm calm," I told myself and walked to my bed and sat down. I glanced at the clock.

"No way! It's almost 4 in the evening already?!" I leaped from my bed and rushed to the closet for my coat only to discover it's not there! Oh no…, I groaned. Okay, it takes 3 minutes from my room to the Great Hall and 4 minutes to reach the Dining Hall. Wait a second. The principal told me that tea is going to be held in a garden! But, which one? There're four gardens. And it takes at least 6 minutes to reach one! Plus, I only have less then 5 minutes… if only the prof would let me keep Xatee… oh…bulk up, Chris! You never know until you try it! But….what will I do to reach the garden in time..?

"Oh….!! Who cares?!" I rushed outside without my coat and without a destination for the first time.

Blue's POV

"Wow! Doesn't she look gorgeous?"

"Is she a model?"

"I'm so going to make her my girlfriend!"

I chuckled softly. This is just like I imagined even before I entered the academy. I walked while winking at the boys and giving sweet smiles to the girls. I changed my attire to a long sleeved frilly white blouse with a pair of black jeans and a pair of high heels sandals. I just know I look totally hot. A few boys whistled at me as I walked past them. I flicked my hair and waved at them. So suddenly….


"Watch where you're going for once," the person I bumped into muttered. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a boy with a pair of green eyes glaring straight at me. For some reasons… I think I already hate him.

"Why do you care?" I countered while helping myself up.

"Who said I cared?" he replied without any expression which made me despised him even more.

"Whatever," I muttered and twirled around. Unexpectedly, I was grabbed by a girl in front of me.

"You…," her grasp were becoming firmer. I winced.

"What?" I asked her while struggling to release myself.

"Apologize!" she turned my body so I have to face the same guy and forced me down.

"Let me go!" I told her while gritting my teeth.

"Say sorry to my prince now!" she shrieked right beside my ear. Imagine how deaf you can possibly get.

"Hey! What's the big idea?! And who're you anyway?" I shouted back. Ha! She seems to be dumbstruck with my sudden response.

"I'm the President of the GR2! That's why!" the girl replied quite haughtily. Okay… maybe not too dumbstruck.

"What GR2? I never heard such things! Now, let me go!" I said loudly but maybe not as harshly as the girl. What an idiotic name! GR2? Heh.

"Never...?" the girl seems to be shocked. Weird…

"Yeah. Never in my whole entire life," I continued in a flat tone. Who wants to?

"You…" her talks were suddenly interrupted.

"Miss Blue, what on earth are you doing?" a surprised teacher asked.

"I'm not doing anything! This crazy girl is!" I blurted out. How could the teacher blamed me? Isn't it obvious I'm the one being struggled to death?

"Mm-hm? Miss Anne?" the teacher turned her attention towards the girl.

"No-nothing, Miss Erika!" the girl stammered. I didn't see her expression because she was pushing my head down.

"Well then. What about you, Green?" Miss Erika, as the girl called the teacher asked someone.

"I was on my way to my class when this girl crashed into me," Green replied. I forced my head up. So… that jerk's name is Green.

"You better hurry then. Professor Oak is not that patient," Miss Erika said with a smile. Green nodded once and walked away.

"And you better let her go. Tea time is only 2 minutes away," Miss Erika told the girl who followed her order almost immediately. I sighed in relief as I lifted my head. Thank you, teacher. I walked to the Pavilion (as I was told by Alice, a new friend of mine) together with the other students.

As soon as I reached the Pavilion, the scene was…wow! There were roses, tulips, lilies, lavenders, cherry blossoms everywhere! The middle (maybe the place for the tea) was made from marble. It was surrounded by white and huge arches decorated with plant carvings and climbing plants. There were also two rectangle shaped pool (for fishes only though) at each side of the Pavilion. The most interesting of all, it was built facing the vast sea. The smell of tuna and chicken sandwiches, blueberry pies and ice-cream cakes filled the air. I smiled happily as I took a seat with Alice and the others. I'm too happy for words and too excited to remember him! I filled my plate and my cup while waiting for Chris, Yellow and Sapphire to arrive.

Yellow's POV

I am SO late!!! I literally screamed to myself. I was too excited about decorating my room I didn't realize the time. Argh!!! I was completely absorbed with the thoughts to arrive at the Pavilion in time I crashed right into someone.

"Ouch… my head, my head…,"

"Chris! What are you doing here?" I asked my best friend in a surprise tone. Odd… isn't it Tea Time? How come she's here?

"Oh, Yellow. It's you," she said using the tone that made me twitch. "I was in a hurry for the Tea Time,"

"But, why were you running this way? Isn't the Pavilion that way?" I pointed to the opposite direction we're at. Crystal looked kind of sheepish.

"Ahaha… yeah, you're right," she stood up.

"Wait a minute… don't tell me you DON'T know it's that way?" I smirked while holding her right shoulder.

"Wha…? Of course not! I DO know the way!" she replied without looking at my face.

"Oh really…?"

"Ye, yes. Why should I lie?"

"Yellow! Crystal!" someone called our names loudly. A certain human was running straight at us. I can guess who.

"Sapphire?" Crystal guessed while glancing at me. I nodded my head.

"You two GOT to help me!" Sapphire said almost hysterically to us between gasps. I found myself nodding in a very spontaneous way.

"What's up with YOU?" Crystal asked with a rather particular expression. I can't possibly blame her. Even I'll react like that for such a sudden outburst.

"My… my badges..," our sapphire colored eyes friend struggled. Eh? Badges? I glanced at Chris who was also looking confused.

"All of them are missing…," Sapphire stumbled to her knees with a horrified look. I was totally shocked. All of them? Impossible… how can such thing happen?

"How…? I mean, it's impossible…right?" Crystal said in a shaky tone.

This is absurd…!!! Unthinkable!! Who would possibly be stupid enough to steal someone who has worked extremely to her limit to win all those eight badges? Whoever did such a sin must be punished equally to their crime, I thought in agony while biting my bottom lip.

"Yellow…Chris…what can I do now...?" Sapphire stammered while clenching her fists. What CAN we do…? Oh God, I'm a senior yet I can't even try to comfort a junior who is also a friend? I feel terrible…

"Look, Sapphire, I'll go and see the prof himself, okay?" Crystal said while holding Sapphire's shoulder.

"Will that even do any help?" Sapphire said half whispering. I gritted my teeth. I'm the older here. Do something, Yellow!!!

"Sapphire, bulk up! Don't be such a sissy. Are you really the 'stay strong and optimistic' type, or… are you the 'weak hearted' type?" I said rather sarcastically. Gosh, Yellow! How can you say that! Stupid me! That's not what I intended to say!!!

"Yellow! That's too much! Don't be so hard!" Crystal said with a shocked expression. Can't blame her. I NEVER say such things to anyone before.

"I WILL if she doesn't try to stand up again. Don't just go running for comfort and help. Do something yourself! Sometimes, you just have to make up your own mind for your own good!" I continued while holding my hips. Sigh…this is why I always keep my shell tight so they won't discover this part of my real self.

Sapphire and Crystal stared at me.

"Don't just stare! Stand up for Lugia's sake!" I told them half embarrassed with their eyes totally focused on me. I spun my body so my back was the one facing them.

"So, I'll make it brief. We'll just have to try to find the badges," I told them without looking at either of my friends behind me.

"Oh, Yellow…that was…," one of them started but broke off in the middle of the sentence. I turned around to discover that they were laughing. How funny….

"Now's not the time, guys…! Stop that!" I told them half shouting. Who wouldn't? I mean your being laughed by your own friends like you just did something idiotic.

"Oh," Crystal suddenly stopped and looked kind of blank for a few seconds "oh my God!!!" she suddenly exclaimed as she slapped her forehead.

"What?" Sapphire turned her head towards her.

"The tea!!! We totally have forgotten about it!!" Crystal continued while giving us the stupid-of-me-to-forget-such-things look.

"Oh….oh…yeah!!! We did forget!"


And so, you get the idea. The very obvious thing we did was of course rush to the Pavilion.

Green's POV

"Why do you care?"

The same words still echoed in my head. That's the first time a girl dared to open her mouth in front of me. I stared at my spoon which was full of my favorite honey cake while putting my right hand under my chin. She's…..quite…interesting to be able to counter my words in front of everyone. Especially with that tone.

"Why do I have to wear this attire?" a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts. Hm? I turned my head towards one of my closest friend. Ruby. Figures. He's the only one who'll grumble about such mere things.

"Come on, Ruby. Isn't that the clothes you last worn when you participated in the last contest?" Gold said while slicing a huge slice from a blueberry pie. Contests? Hmm… Ruby is rather fond with that thing. None of us knows why though. And why ever not? We never fancy such feminine thing.

"That is true. But I never did plan to wear it again," Ruby replied while twirling his drink straw inside a crystal glass of strawberry juice.

"Whatever," Gold said in a bored tone "ah…! This is no fun at all! The girl still hasn't arrived," he said while stiffening a yawn.

"No surprises there. If it's you, I reckon that you've already chose you're next target," Ruby said sarcastically. Gold merely shrugged.

I wonder who the unlucky girl is as I poked my cake with a golden fork. But, Gold is right. It is boring….considering that it's still the start of a new year. Nothing really exciting happens. Other than that meeting though…

"Green, you've been rather quiet since the first minute we set our foot here. Why, if I may ask?" I almost lost my grip on my tea cup when Red asked me the question.

"Nothing. Why do you ask such question?" I said while putting down the tea cup carefully on the saucer.

"It's quite obvious what you were doing," he replied while smiling a very meaningful smile.


"You were staring at a certain girl with a rather….unique expression," he answered while smiling the same smile.

"Ridiculous," I utter the word in the usual tone I use when I'm starting to piss out. Red seems to realize that since he has shut his mouth after hearing my reply. Was I REALLY staring at a certain girl? I didn't realize that. I let my eyes wonder at the huge crowd in front of me. Some girls tried to make eye contact but I merely ignored such usual things. Quite suddenly, I made an eye contact with her.

"Green, I hope your enjoying your time here?" a familiar voice made us break the contact. I glanced at the source by the corner of my eyes. A professor with a pair of glasses was smiling brightly at me. I nodded my head slightly and took a sip from my cup of tea, which was untouched since the start of the evening tea.

"We are having a gorgeous time, aren't we? Guys?" Gold looked at us with a desperate look. Beside me, I heard Ruby gave a small chuckle. Professor Elm is Gold's mentor, meaning that he must always treat him full respect which must be a hard thing for someone like Gold. Red gave a small smile to the Johto Region professor.

"Ah… I'm glad you all are. I need each one of you to be well prepared to complete the Opening Ceremony to celebrate the new students and year," the professor said cheerfully. The Opening Ceremony…how could we have forgotten it….by everyone's expression, I'm quite sure that's what all of them are thinking. Its custom for the Jade academy to hold a special event for every student every time a new year starts and it is actually an event that was always highly expected by every student.

"So…what are suppose to do this year?" Ruby asked while shuffling his feet under the table but his voice sounded rather eager. I can't help smiling rather faintly. Ruby was born as a very talented actor. Pity that his only interests are designing new fashions and competing in contests.

Professor Elm gave a small chuckle and adjusted his square glasses on his nose. He coughed slightly. Gold was already fidgeting on his seat. Red looked as calm as always. When the first time I met him, he was a totally rash trainer and quite emotional. Now, he seems to be matured and always succeeds to keep his cool. Ruby was holding his breath and was silently muttering to himself forgetting that my senses are much sharper than anyone and obviously I can hear him clearly.

"Please no battles, please no battles,"

"A rather special tournament will be held and you all will be battling against chosen people,"

Ruby was stunned beyond disbelief and his mouth keeps opening and closing like trying to produce something but failed. Wordless. I glanced at Red who was looking very interested with the tournament idea. Gold was breathing in relief. Battling was everyone's favorite so the tournament idea was clearly approved by us.

"I refuse! I absolutely won't do it!" Ruby said half shouting while standing up quickly causing his chair to fall behind him. The Pavilion went dead. The chatters and laughter were not heard anymore. All eyes were fixed on Ruby.

"Ah. Sorry for interrupting everyone. Please continue with what you were doing," he said while giving an apologetic look to everyone. The girls went scarlet and the boys smiled naturally in return. No one seems to mind since it was Ruby.

"Why, Ruby? I thought as the next in line for the-omph!" before the professor could continue, Ruby's hand was already clamped on his mouth while actually glaring at him. We were surprised with his sudden action. Ruby never cuts into anyone's talk before. But, we all (I mean, only me and my gang) already know what the professor was trying to say. Why did Ruby reacted like no one knows it?

"Don't remind me that! I never did agree to be one, okay?" Ruby said furiously.

"Never mind, Ruby. It'll take a few years for you to be one. You won't take that place unless the previous one retired or cannot continue the career," I told him while giving a reassuring look. He seems to be relaxed after hearing my explanations about it.

"Well, you only to prepare yourself for the coming match. Well, good luck!" Professor Elm said while giving a friendly smile even after how Ruby treated him. He must be used to such things to happen to him.

"Oh man. How worse can this possibly be?" Ruby grumbled angrily. Yeah, I wonder how worse it can possibly get.

Yellow's POV

"Why are they sitting separately from all of us?" I asked a new friend of mine who was humming while eating corn pudding beside me. I succeeded to arrive at the Pavilion right on time even though we were warned by a researcher (I think) to arrive earlier. How can I? I mean this school is more than huge. It's enormous. No, more than that.

"Oh, were you referring to the school's Elite?" Alice answered my question with yet another question. I nodded my head. Blue was chatting happily (about the boys, obviously) and Crystal was talking rapidly with the others that are in the same table with us along with Sapphire.

"Yeah, them," I replied simply.

"Ah…that will soon be revealed after the grand Opening Ceremony," Alice said mysteriously.

"Don't be so secretive, Alice! Poor Yellow to have a friend like you," Terra giggled.

"All right, I'll tell her. Do stop giggling like that. It's giving me the creeps. Right, Ponyo?" Alice smiled brightly towards her Plusle. Alice is an extremely normal female trainer with short brown hair which has grown naturally curly and dark green eyes.

"So, who do you want to know first?" she suddenly asked. That startled me a bit. Who do I want to know? Mm….

"What about…the strongest trainer between them?" I suggested with a small smile. The others (that are at the same table as me) grew quiet when I asked the question. They also seemed eager to know.

"Well…," Alice started slowly but immediately was interrupted by a very loud applause from the other students.

"What's goin' on?" Blue asked in surprise. We all turned to Crystal, who is always the info bearer. But, this time, she was also looking slightly confused.

"The professor did say there'll be something big. But, he didn't tell me what," she told us matter-of-factly. I nodded my head slowly.

"It's the arrival of the gym leaders, of course," Delia said cheerfully while holding a silver tray full of deserts. She must have just arrived after filling her tray with more deserts. She sat down beside Alice and fed her Azuril some pudding.

"Really..? What makes you so sure?" Sapphire asked cuttingly. Sheesh. Why does she have to be so annoying on the first evening here? I sighed. Delia merely glanced at her with the same smile.

"Of course I'm sure. You don't believe me?" Delia said and smiled brightly at us. Eh…?

"Don't mind Delia, guys," Alice said suddenly. I raised an eyebrow.

"She's always like that. The 'care-free' and 'happy-go-lucky' gal of this academy," Terra said while smiling.

"To tell you the truth, she's actually trying to be like Ruby, coz- yeowch!" Alice covered her head as a fork was thrown towards her.

"Sorry Alice. My hand is a bit slippery today," Delia said while smiling innocently.

"Forgiven and forgotten, my dear friend," Alice replied with a half-glare and a half-smile look. I shook my head slowly. Both of them are behaving childishly even though one of them is the same age as me and the other is two years younger. I turned my attention towards two groups of people in various clothes and there were a lot of new faces I hardly recognized. So, they are the leaders of the 16 gyms in Kanto and Johto, huh?

"May I have your attention, please?" we all glanced at a man with brown hair. Alice already introduced him to us earlier. What was his name again…? Professor Birch of Hoenn, right? Maybe….

"Good. As you all can see, we have specially invited all the gym leaders of Kanto and Johto for this important day. And... the gym leaders of Hoenn are going to arrive... later... Now, Red, if you may…?" the professor gestured his hand to the microphone. The boy I met earlier smiled at the professor and took his position behind the microphone.

"Thanks, prof. Now, I'm sure almost all of you have heard my name before. As you all should know…," should?Does he mean, it's a must? "I'm a member of the Elite of this academy and I hope you all will cooperate to protect this academy if none of you want a death wish so soon," he said the words so smoothly and extremely seriously. But, what did he mean by 'death wish'? What's lurking in this academy that can possibly harm the students?

"He is acting so differently than before," Blue said softly.

"Yeah, Blue is right. What is this Elite anyway?" Sapphire asked curiously.

"I think… it's an organization built by the academy to protect the school," Crystal said in the usual state when she's trying to remember back something important.

"An organization?" I echoed. Alice poked my sides and put her finger to her lips. I smiled apologetically and glanced back at Red.

"But, that is, of course, the Elite's duty. Me and my pals were chosen to protect this academy. The only thing I'm asking is, please don't try and act like a hero to save your friends if you are attacked. We, the Elite will be alarmed if such attacks take place within the area of this academy. Hence, I will remind you not to venture further from the Line because we might not be able to save you if you disobey," he continued. I gulped.

"And now-," there was a huge 'bang' and thick smoke. We were all blinded. The second time today, I sighed.

"Hiya everybody! Sorry I'm a bit late. Heheh…," a young and…emm…quite short boy appeared with a Sceptile, I think.

"Rald..?" Red uttered the word in disbelief. The boy grinned broadly.

"Yup. That's me. Hey everybody! I'm Emerald from Hoenn," he introduced himself to all of us while still grinning the same grin. Professor Birch coughed slightly.

"Ah… so, Rald, what brings you here?" he asked. Emerald frowned as if trying to remember something. I giggled softly. Chris uses that same look when she has to think about something serious.

"Oh yes. The gym leaders of the Hoenn Region, I'm afraid, are unable to attend this ceremony due to some problems," he said and suddenly turned his attention towards a young teenage boy with a white hair like hat.

"Ruby," he called the boy's name. The teenage boy glanced at Emerald. "Your father and mother sent their regards. And the Pokemon Association said hi,"

Ruby nodded his head once and smiled at Emerald. If I look at him closely, he does have the 'looks' that can make any girl faint. His eyes for example.

"Yellow…?" someone tapped me softly from behind. I glanced back and saw Sapphire frowning slightly at me. Blue was giggling helplessly with Zoë and Delia had a rather dark look in her usual bright cheerful eyes.

I was just about to open my mouth to ask when a sudden rumbling was heard above the Pavilion. We all looked up. (and I mean all)

"Who is that?" I heard Terra echoing one of the questions playing in my mind that time.

"Beats me. But, that sure is one heck of a grand entrance," Sapphire said as she squinted her eyes to take a closer look at the thing that caused the rumbling.

The Pavilion was filled with people talking either to themselves or to their friends. Another new sound also directly above us suddenly filled the air. A flapping sound.

"Are the teachers planning for a surprise show or what?" Blue said aloud as she waved her hands in front of her when dusts started to cover us.

"I'm not sure. Maybe there are guests that have just arrived…?" I said and suddenly sneezed.

"Bless you, Yellow. It was a rhetorical question," Blue said while rolling her eyes.

"Pardon us for this sudden arrival," a woman's voice was heard through the cloud of dust. The flying dirt and sand stopped after a few minutes and two figures appeared. A man and a woman.

"Well, this is unexpected. Miss Winona and Mister Wallace, I thought Rald said the gym leaders of Hoenn Region cannot fulfill the invitation?" a guy with a pair of goggles around his neck was the first one to reply.

"True. We did send that message but we have agreed to send representatives just in case there is anything important that needs to be passed to us gym leaders of Hoenn," the woman, which I'm sure, is Winona since that name is only for females replied smoothly.

"Oh," the guy sound a bit baffled with the quick answer.

"Thank you, Winona, Wallace, for coming this far. But, maybe you should take your seats now since we are still in the middle of the Opening Ceremony," someone said politely. My heart skipped a bit when the owner of the voice made eye contact with me.

Oh God Yellow…don't tell me you're already falling for him…? No!! I can't let that happen! I have made a vow to not to think of other things other than my studies! You have to concentrate on your prime goal, Yellow De Verde! Concentrate! I sighed as my inner thoughts fought to keep me balance in the outside world. Love…? That word is just too new for me…

Sapphire's POV

I raised my eyebrows when Yellow suddenly sighed beside me. What is wrong with her? Is she having an upset tummy or what?

"Right. Back to my speech, since a few of you are new here, so maybe you are not familiar with this academy yet. But, trust me, even though how hard you try, it might be possible that you can't memorize every twist and turn within this academy," I snapped myself out of thoughts when Red started back his talks.

"Impossible to memorize every twist and turn…? Ridiculous. You can if you try," I heard Chris muttered defensively to herself. Hmph. Crystal and her brains. She's the champion when it comes to remembering stuffs that have to do with books and facts. Sometimes, I can hardly believe she can even remember a whole book of the Victorian times. I mean, do you even want to read that kind of book? I'll definitely pass. Reading is so out my list of life. My number one in the list is becoming stronger of course. Hey, I'm a trainer, alright? What else should I do other than training my Pokemon? Of coz, you have to change it as soon as my Mama told the 'exciting' news 'bout a famous and elite school has accepted my request (or more like hers') to study in it. Well, try guessing how she delivered the 'news' to me…

Flashback (a few months ago)

It was the last day of Fall. The weather was a bit chilly but it wasn't that disturbing. I was, as usual perched on a tree observing a newborn Tailow when my mother suddenly showed herself. I leaned back slightly and looked at her with my usual merry eyes.

"How're you doing, love?" she asked in her usual motherly voice.

"Fine as usual," I replied and took a last look at the baby Pokemon before leaping down from the tree.

"What's up?"

"Sapphire, there is something I need to tell you," she started. And that sentence already made me uneasy. When Mama uttered those words, it usually means she was planning to tell me something but have already done it if it involved doing anything.

"Yeah?" I scratched my itchy arm and slapped a mosquito on my left cheek. I was wearing the usual clothes I wear: the one that was made from leaves. My Mama, in the other hand, was wearing a long light blue dress and she was wearing a straw hat to cover herself from the falling dead leaves, which I really enjoy watching while helping Papa with his works.

"An academy has just accpeted you and you'll be joining it on the very first week of spring," she said while smiling brightly. It took me a few seconds to absorb her words. I blinked a few times and spat the only word that came to my mind.


I sighed heavily as replayed the scene in my mind for like the millionth time. I still can't belive she signed me in. Moreover, she was referring to an elite school in Kanto. The most famous Jade Academy. Out of all schools. Luckily, Blue, Yellow and Chris were also accepted to the same school. Or else.... I shook my head slightly. Better not think 'bout it. I focused back my attention towards the senior who was still talking. Only a few words caught my attention. The others? Bo~ring.... After about an hour of hearing his nonstop extremely boring lecture, he finally decided to stop. Finally! But his last words caught my attention suddenly. Something that he uttered interested me.

"Most importantly, no one at all is allowed to enter the Wilderness if you do not have a death wish yet. That is all. And...uhm...since the High Principal isn't here yet...you all might as well continue eating,"

"Wilderness? What is that?" Yellow questioned Alice who was sitting beside her.

"It's one of the forbidden parts of the academy," she replied with sudden seriousness on her face.

"And there's a reason why. So don't any of you guys try anything stupid like going into it," Terra added suddenly.

Sheesh. They are making such a huge fuss about that...forest. I mean, it's only a forest. Or maybe a jungle. Well, who cares? I don't. Not even one little bit. Why? Coz that place sounds pretty interesting...maybe this school isn't like hell as I assumed it was. I smirked at the very thought. My life is just getting interesting...if you add up with that...err...sissy guy who grooms his Pokemon after training them that is. Wait. What did I just say? Ugh. I seriously need a brain treatment ASAP.

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