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Chapter 22

The trio covered their ears quickly. They knew this was Screech. Gold and Silver quickly returned their Pokemon to their Pokeballs. They couldn't afford a sudden attack where their Pokemon would be quite defenseless.

Platina was having it hard. With Screech following right after Flash, her mentality couldn't take it anymore. She passed out and fell into Gold's arms; startling the male trainer. He had to uncover his ears to be able to catch Platina. He was fortunate by then that the Screech had subdued.

"Feraligatr!" Silver had immediately released his Pokemon; fearing an ambush might suddenly occurred. And there was also the fact both Gold and Platina would not be quite capable of defending them since Platina had passed out and Gold was now responsible of her life.

He had predicted it right. From his right, a Pokemon used Hyper Beam. His Feraligatr received the hit at full force. He was sent flying for several hundred meters destroying a few tress in the process.

Silver cursed. He released his Honchkrow that was able to sense the location of the attacker almost immediately. He used Pursuit after he was a 100% sure he'd be dealing with a Normal-type.

The attack took effect and was followed by a deafening roar. From the forest, an Tyrinatar emerged.

Gold scowled. It was obvious they were ambushed. He was sure this forest had no record of any breeding place of Tyrinatars. And one wasn't born with the ability of Hyper Beam.

The Tyrinatar charged at Honchkrow and attempted to slash it with its claws. Honchkrow avoided every single blow. While the Tyrinatar was occupied with him, Feraligatr had regained his composure. Silver noticed this. He nodded once at his Pokemon.

Feraligatr saw this and immediately charged at the Tyrinatar that realized it a bit too late. When it turned to face Feraligatr, it was struck with a powerful Aqua Tail.

"Honchkrow, Night Slash!" Silver ordered once the Tyrinatar was starting to lose its balance thanks to Feraligatr surprised attack.

The critical attack was the final blow for the Tyrinatar which soon collapsed to the ground.

Silver let out a relieved sigh. He then turned to Gold who was grinning at him.

"I knew I can count on you, Sil!"

"...I was merely saving my ass."

Gold chuckled softly. He then stood up carefully as he carried Platina the bridal style. "Let's really save our asses by getting out of here," he said.

"How exactly are you going to fly and carry that girl at the same time?" Silver was asking a rhetorical question and Gold was aware of that.

"That..." Gold started slowly, "is a very good question, my friend," he finished as he frowned slightly.

"The nearest town is might have only taken about an hour of flying and if on foot, it might take more than just two hours judging by the structure of the nature here," Silver said.

"And you hate travelling by foot..." Gold said mockingly. "I get it, I get it."

"Your Togebo can carry Platina back to Orange Island and I'll be flying together to watch over her," Silver uttered suddenly. That was the best plan he could see in this kind of situation.

"And what about me?"

"You can ride on your Typhlosion to Vermillion Harbor and then board one of the ships back to Tangelo Island," Silver suggested.

Gold weighed the option. It was far from summer so the harbor wouldn't be packed now.

"Alright," he said finally. He released his Togebo and gently laid Platina on top of her. "Take good care of her, okay, buddy?" he said to his Pokemon as he scratched her belly. Togebo purred contently.

"Let's move it," Silver said and then took off to the air with his Honchkrow at once. Togebo quickly followed him; careful not to let Platina fall. Gold had tied her onto his Pokemon back firmly with ropes after his Pokemon seemed to agree to let him do it.

Gold watched the two figures as they flew further away. He then glanced at the Tyrinatar that was still unconscious. Gold knew that Pokemon had a trainer. He really wondered why that person still hadn't shown his or her face yet.

He did some stretching before releasing his Typhlosion and jumped onto his back. "Vermillion Harbor, here we come," he murmured and signaled for his Pokemon to begin the long journey. He glanced back at one spot as he was leaving and a smirk was seen forming on his face.

"You really think we don't know?"

After he had left the scene, the Tyrinatar was seen returned to its Pokeball. Two females appeared out of thin air. They had made a Starmie to use Camouflage to hide their trace but it seemed their opponents weren't just mere trainers.

"This would be fun," one of them said, smiling. "Should we immediately give chase? It seems like that's what he wants."

The other one shrugged. "We were told by Sean to just have some fun with these kids," she said. "But which would provide more excitement? Both of them seem strong." She looked thoughtful.

"How does Sean even knows about them?" her friend wondered aloud.

"Well, Amarie, he told us to cause some distractions for a trio called Red, Green and Blue."

"Meena, I'm going after that red-headed boy. I've always loved an air-borne battle," Amarie said with a wink before releasing a Salamance. She then went towards the direction Silver used.

Meena rolled her eyes. She knew she could trust Amarie who seemed to be an expert in Dragon-type. She, in the other hand, preferred Water-type. She was perfect for the other boy who seemed that his strongest Pokemon was a Fire-type.

"Though I see no point in creating this... distractions..." she muttered to herself as she released her Pelipper. Catching up would be much easier if she used this method. Even if the forest might be a bit too dense, at least she won't be too tired for a battle. She mounted on her Pokemon and they began flying towards the way Gold used.

Meena and Amarie never met before till they started working for Sean and were partnered by him for various missions. They knew about his wish to capture and own Celebi. They knew he was quite... not in the right state of mind. They knew about Huge being beheaded by him. They knew about Dennis being in prison right this very minute.

And she was very well-aware how not everything was going as Sean AKA Jones planned. The Book was still yet to be his. The method to capture Celebi was still yet to be his.

Why did Sean even choose to kill Hugh? He would have been much more useful alive. At least, she and Amarie wouldn't have to do so much work alone.

Meena let out a frustrated sigh. She had assumed, when she decided to join Sean in his mission to be able to time-travel, she wouldn't have to do so much. She had only agreed to pledge herself with Sean because there was a past she wanted to change; quite desperately too.

If it wasn't because of what happened that time... I wouldn't be living like this...

Meena hugged herself. She was convinced with that thought.

It was morning. Red, Green and Blue were eating a very light breakfast. Power bars and mineral water. Blue disliked it. She was used to eating a sumptuous breakfast.

"Hey, Blue," Red called out suddenly. "You only have a year, right? Till you get your graduation scroll?" he then went on he looked straight at Blue.

Green perked up when he heard this. He was able to recall the time Blue told him this herself.

"Yea... Now that you mention it..." Blue muttered after a while. Truthfully, that had completely slipped from her mind.

"You'd be returning to your modelling career after that, right?" Red asked again.

Blue sighed. "I don't have much of a choice," she said.

"You started off late for your 11th Year. This Spring, you'd be entering your 12th Year," Red said.

"...I was told to start this Spring Term and not during this Winter Term, actually," Blue said and shrugged. "But I was too eager for school, maybe."

"The Final Year End Exam is not something to be trifled with. You won't just be exhausted mentally, but also physically and psychologically," Green said.

"I can ace it. I'm smart, you know?" Blue said coolly.

"You won't just be answering papers, Blue," Red said with a tad bit of amusement. He knew Blue had a strong memory and was the type that didn't mind studying for hours for an exam. Though he was sure she wasn't the type that would start revising till at least a week before an exam.

"I know. There will also be tests on various skills as a trainer," Blue responded. "I know that. I've read about it."

"Why don't you just abandon your modelling career and focused on getting into a college?" Green asked her unexpectandly. This was followed by a complete silence by both red and Blue.

"She said she doesn't have a choice, Green," Red said slowly. He was wary that they might be threading on a sensitive subject.

"I made an agreement with my mom, that's all," Blue uttered after a while. Of course she had considered of just leaving her modelling career. She had done so much already till the stage even if she retired at such an early age, she'd still be mentioned within the industry in years to come.

"You haven't tried to talk her out of it?" Green asked.

"I don't want to upset her."

Green studied Blue. It seemed she really meant what she said.

"What if something would occupy her thoughts too much during the time you discuss this with her?" he asked her quietly.

Blue frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

Red, in the other hand, caught the drift. His eyes met with Green's.

You're really going to do it?

Green smirked slightly.

Why not? I've procrastinated long enough.

While with Blue, she was still wondering what Green meant.

It was around dawn now. Red, Green and Blue were positioned near the Shrine of Time. They were ready for Jones.

"But midnight is still hours away," Blue grumbled as she leaned against a tree trunk.

"Anything can happen even before midnight," Green said, shrugging.

"Green, have you finished reading the Book?" Red asked suddenly.

Green took out the Book from a bag they all shared. "Yea, I have," he replied. "And I found out one single flaw from it."

Blue and Red couldn't hide their surprise.

"A flaw? What is it?" Blue asked, feeling very curious.

"The Book never mentioned how to capture Celebi. It tells us about how to time-travel, how to find Celebi and when's the time Celebi would be most vulnearable. But never even once it mentioned how to capture Celebi with a Pokeball," Green explained.

"But of course that's only logical since this Book is made a century ago; when the technology isn't as high-tech as now. So I went asking around the professors I know and found out about the possibility of a Time Ball," he went on.

"I was right," Blue said unexpectedly causing the other two to turn to her. "To capture Celebi you need a special method to do so."

Green shook his head. "There's no special method. You only need the Time Ball," he said.

"Has there been any successful attempt in creating the Time Ball?" Red questioned.

Green was silent for a moment before asking, "Do you know of Kurt?"

"He's the greatest Pokeball Maker, isn't he? Yes, we know of him," Red responded as he looked at Blue who nodded in agreement with his words.

"Well..." Green began but he could never finish his sentence since out of a sudden, his ears caught the sounds of a fierce battle nearby and it was coming towards here. His eyes met with the other two who had a serious expression on their faces. They, too had heard it.

Before they could even start considering the options to deal with whatever was creating such chaos, the sudden explosion of fire right in front of them shocked the life out of all of them.

Instinctively, they all leaped backwards. Following the burst of fire was a Typhlosion. They gaped at it. This Pokemon could never be found here at Ilex Forest.

"Don't tell me..." Red said under his breath.

"Geez! Just give it up already! You know you'll just lose!"

"My mission is to kill you and that I will!"

"It's Gold," Blue uttered in disbelief.

Well, for the boys, there was no other person who'd be shouting out such words so easily. Red let out a sigh. He had told Gold not to intefere. This was not his mission.

"Ought we give him a hand?" Green asked him.

"No. He can handle this himself," Red replied.

Gold could certainly handle the battle himself. Meera had certainly underestimated him and she really regretted it now. She hadn't expect her Pelipper to be beaten by a one hit kill thanks to a Pichu. If it wasn't because of her strong sense of duty, she would have just abandoned going after this one particular trainer.

She only had one single Pokemon in hand; the one fighting head on with the Typhlosian. It would have been more fortunate if her Pokemon a Water-type. Hitmonchamp wasn't really hers. Sean gave it to her just in case she needed a diversion of some kind. She wasn't that keen in using types of Pokemon that were other than Water-type but knowing this time it was her only hope, she didn't have a choice.

"Mega Punch!"

It would have worked if it wasn't easily blocked by Typhlosian. This had caused Meera to pale. She stood no chance.

"Fire Blast!"

A deafening shriek filled the late evening air.

Hitmonchamp was roasted because of the attack and Meera suffered horrible burns all over her body. She toppled forward and fell hard onto the ground. No one could tell if she was even alive.

Blue covered her nose. The smell of burnt flesh; she couldn't withstand it. She admitted that she was in awe of Gold's prowess and he wasn't even recognized as the strongest among the Elites.

"The Hitmonchamp? Can it make it?" Blue asked.

"I don't care if it can't," Gold muttered as he wiped his hands on his pants. They were sweating after the quite endless battles with Meera.

"It's a Fighting-type so it's pretty tough," Green said. He was now kneeling beside the Pokemon. He poked it hard but it didn't even stir.

"So, it's alive, right?" Red asked as he crouched next to Green.

"Gold, send them to the nearest—" Red cut his sentence short and quickly turned towards a clump of bushes. He was shocked to see Yellow, Chris and Sapphire revealing themselves from it. What were they doing here? How long had they been there?

Blue was the first to regain her composure and cried out, "Yellow! You're not supposed to be here! All of you aren't!"

This was an important mission. A mission that she, Red and Green were the only ones supposed to be in charge of. Would the mission be in a jeopardy with this many people here now?

"Let us explain ourselves first," Yellow quickly uttered when she noticed the dismay and annoyed looks they were getting. "I was very worried about Blue so I decided to come and..." She glanced at Chris.

"She asked me tag along," Chris continued simply.

"I wanted to come by myself," Sapphire declared.

"Well, look at the bright side," Red said suddenly. He forced a smile when everyone looked at him in surprise. "We have someone to take Hitmonchamp to the PC and take the body to the town mayor so he can give a proper burial," he went on. He then gave the girls who had just arrived a meaningful look.

Sapphire scowled. She knew what the look meant. "I'm strong. Let me stay and I will fight," she said.

"You have no idea what you're dealing with," Red told her.

"I do know," Sapphire scoffed. "You guys told us about it yourselves."

"Let her stay. She'd be helpful. Sapphire is really strong," Blue said quickly. Red frowned at her. He disapproved of her willingness to involve someone else into this mission.

The night was darkening. The moon was hidden behind the clouds. The shadows of the forest were making it worst.

"So, now, Jones will just show up and we beat the crap out of him and this will be all over?" Sapphire asked after a while.

Green shrugged. "That's the gist of it, yes," he said.


Shadows crept behind Green and Red. They quickly turned around. The others were looking pale. They didn't expect to confront the enemy this soon. Or rather, they didn't expect the enemy to confront them first.

And to top that, Jones didn't come alone. There were two other trainers with him. They weren't Hugh and Dennis though. But if this was the only force Jones had brought with him, there wouldn't be much of a problem. And then,out of a sudden, from above, loud screeches were heard. The young trainers cringed. That could only mean one thing.

The Legendary Birds of Kanto were here.

Silver stared down at a lake below him. He had saw Amarie falling into it and never resurfacing. He wondered if she had drowned. The fight wasn't exactly as challenging as he had hoped. When he saw a Salamnce, he got excited; thinking that he'd finally experience a real battle.

However, he was disappointed to know that despite the size, Salamance's level was still way below his Honchkrow. After the two Pokemon exhcnage some hits, the Salamance was down and crashed into the lake together with its trainer. Silver had also injured the trainer quite critically.

Now, he knew for certain there won't be any threat.


Silver frowned when he noticed the S.O.S. signal from Gold. And then, he had the sudden urge to contact Blue. He couldn't actually pinpoint the exact reasons but there were times that you felt you just had to follow your guts.

When he failed to get an answer, he became really concerned. He instructed Togebo to fly to Tangelo Island alone with Missy. The Pokemon obliged and went flying off quickly.

Silver then made his way towards Ilex Forest. Travelling by air was the quickest way. As time passed by, his concern for Blue grew. He hoped Green was doing a good job in watching out for her. Despite Silver's annoyance toward him, Green was certainly someone he could entrust Blue to.

Zapdos was having it hard in avoiding the huge boulders being thrown by Yellow's Golem and the Razor Leaf shot by Chris' Mega . While Moltres was being dealt with Blue's Blasty. Articuno, in the other hand was being pushed back by Green's Charizard's flame. The two trainers that came with Jones were going up against Gold and Sapphire. And slowly yet surely, the two young trainers were gaining against their opponents.

Red was battling against Jones alone.

Jones honestly thought that based on these trainers' young age, their battling skills would only be so-so but it was proven; right in front of him that he was dead wrong.

His Scyther was almost at its limit while Red's Pika obviously could still go on. Jones gritted his teeth. His plan was obviously not going as he wanted.

His eyes darted towards the moon that was starting to reappear from behind the clouds. It was a full moon. Slowly, an ugly grin formed on his lips. As long as this part of his plan worked, all would be well. And above all, he had the Legendary Birds of Kanto at his side.

Red noticed the grin. He also knew it was almost midnight now. Pika was waiting for his order to give the finishing blow. Red casted a quick glance at the others. None of them were badly injured. Exhausted, yes but not wounded.

There was a loud screech suddenly. Whatever did it, it was in absolute pain; that anyone could tell.

Articuno was finally down.

Red smirked at Jones' expression when that news reached him. His face was deathly pale. He could easily be struck down now.

"Over my dead body!" someone shouted all of a sudden to him when he was about to make Pika attack.

He stared at a young man who was panting heavily and was covered in blood. There was a huge gash of wound right across his chest. He wouldn't last long. He was going to die because loss of blood.

"I won't show any mercy," Red said quietly to the young man.

The last thing Red saw was the shocked face of that trainer when Pika electrocuted him with quite high volts of electricity. Now that there was nothing in the way, Red could finally focus back on Jones.

And with a jolt, he realized he had just been tricked. That guy was nothing more but a distraction for him! He cursed hard and quickly turned towards the Shrine. He was right. Jones was almost reaching it.

But it was unfortunate for Jones since he wasn't that fast. The others noticed him immediately.

"Celebi will be mine!" Jones screamed all of a sudden. He had reached the Shrine but it was yet to be opened. Jones frowned.

"No... This isn't right... It's supposed to be now...," he said as he frantically looked at the clear view of the full moon above him.

Some trees exploded into fire when Moltres crashed onto them. The second Legendary Bird was now down.

Jones started pounding the door of the Shrine; screaming and shouting for it to open.

When Zapdos was forced to the ground after its wings got broken by the huge boulders, Jones looked hysterical.

Then, all of a sudden, light was seen streaming through the cracks on the door. Jones looked confused at first but when he realized what was happening, his eyes lit up.

Red who was running toward him stopped at his track. In all his life, he had never seen anyone that looked as crazier as the man in front of him.

Jones eyes were bloodshot and he was trembling in both ecstacy and nervousness.

"At last... At last..." he whispered as he watched the door of the Shrine opening in front of him.

The other trainers scattered all around the forest had started to notice the faint glow coming from where the Shrine was. They despaired. After coming all this way, they were still too late...

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