Chapter 7: The Devil Princess

Those gathered in the Masaki kitchen who were in the know of both the Senshi's identity and Seto's identity all had a look that was one of fear and shock as the devil princess of Jurai. The only one unaware of the situation was the recently arrived Ayeka who had entered the house after Seto and not witnessed the transformation of the nine Senshi. As Yosho said hello to his grandmother, the others could do nothing more than choke down their worries. Seto had just witnessed the Senshi's transformation back to their civilian identities, and she knew what the Senshi were.

Time seemed to stand still as they all looked at each other worried at what exactly the biggest political player in the Juraian family would do with that knowledge.

"Don't worry," The smile on Seto's face grew wider, "At the moment the knowledge of your identities is rather useless to me. But in time…" she laughed a bit as she spoke, "Anyways, I'm here mostly to see Washu… she asked me to bring her something from Jurai." The devil princess left the entirety of the room dumbfounded, she was going to be there a while, and deep down Tenchi knew that with her around, things would only get worse… much worse.

"What was grandmother Seto talking about…" Ayeka asked breaking the awkward silence Seto had left the room in.

Something within the darkness swelled as it felt wrong. Light had entered into the darkness when it tried to call Reiko back. As the darkness began to lurch violently against the light that had fallen into it, the entity felt her, something that shouldn't be there… Mihoshi. Violently the darkness lashed out, the entity needed to rid itself of the Kuramitsu girl before she could see its face. At all costs the entity needed to maintain its anonymity. Despite knowing how much it would hurt the Juraian prince, the entity knew that killing the girl would be counterproductive towards achieving its freedom. Only one option remained, the girl had to be returned to Earth.

"Well now," Seto looked at the girl strapped to the table in Washu's lab, "Who do we have here?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Washu replied without turning around, "She calls herself Reiko, but from these readings she's either Ryoko, Sailor Mars, a Youma, or one of two people that shouldn't even be alive anymore."

"Sailor Mars…" Seto was amused at the fact that Washu had been so candid, "Now who might that be?"

"Coyness doesn't work on me Seto," Washu turned around to give the Juraian a smug look, "I saw you entering the house as I entered the lab, you either saw the Senshi, or you saw them change back."

"As to be expected from the most brilliant scientific mind in the universe," the devil princess mused as she sat down in a nearby chair, "I never expected the Senshi to be real. I always assumed them to be a myth of some sort."

"All myths and legends have a basis in reality," the red-haired scientist went back to work on the readings that she had received from the youma girl, "You of all people should know that Seto."

"And what of the rumors and legends that surround you Washu," her wicked smile spreading across her face once again, "There are even stories that you were responsible for everything Kagato did."

"We are not here to discuss you or me Seto," Washu aptly dodged the accusation that Seto had just laid out, "Did you bring the item that I requested."

"Of course," Seto pulled a wand of wood and crystal out of her pocket, handing it to the diminutive scientist "Although I fail to see how a memento of the first queen of Jurai will be of any use."

"There are more to legends than what you take from them," Washu looked at the wand, "To us this may be no more than a memento, but in the hands of the first queen it was a powerful tool."

"Whatever power it had back then," Seto said as she got up and prepared to leave, "It has since lost. I do hope you answer my questions one day Washu."

"I'm not that easily manipulated," Washu began to run some scans on the wand as machines continued to poke and prod the amalgam strapped to the table Ranma had been strapped to only days earlier, "Have a safe trip back to Jurai…"

"Oh I'm not going back to Jurai for a while," a Cheshire cat like smile spread across the devil princess of Jurai's face, "I'm going to be staying here until after Seina leaves. I mean he is going to be using the robot he bonded to with the first generation tree seed. The Royal Family felt there should be some oversight."

"Oversight…" Washu hung her head, "I hadn't calculated that… but it might be for the best. I assume the Mikagami will be staying within earth's limits then."

"Unfortunately yes," the Juraian royal sighed a bit, "And at the same time no. It is within Earth's range, but due to some recent order from the MIB, all alien vessels are forbidden from using weapons in Earth's vicinity. And due to recent tension between the MiB and the GXP…"

"So you're obeying the rules?" Washu gave an odd glance at Seto, she knew the devil princess better than that, "That seems highly unlike you Seto."

"Who said anything about following the rules?" Seto laughed, "I'm going to wait until they either request or desperately need my help…"

"Getting leverage on the MiB?" Washu said as wand began to glow and emitted a light that shot off into the distance.

"Washu… I think you were right about the wand," Seto looked at the scientist as the glow began to rescind and the wand vanished.

Sasami was busy preparing food for the now much larger household due to their new friends the Senshi and her grandmother visiting. With Noike, Ukyo, and Makoto's help the food preparation was going well. Thankfully the others had taken care of explaining things to her sister, and with the group separated up, each working on various things from figuring out who their adversary was, to training, the number of distractions were down to a few arguments about what to make between the four cooks. They eventually decided to make as much as possible with the number among them.

As they cooked Konatsu and Ryo-Ohki in her human form, prepped the table alongside Aeka. The inside of the house seemed peaceful, and oddly it troubled Sasami. She felt that something was off, something was missing. As she finished up the last of her dishes she finally was able to put her finger on it… Mihoshi was missing. Rushing to tell the others, a brilliant light rushed around the corner impacting Sasami in the forehead. As she fell to the ground her body vanished, leaving Aeka to stand there screaming as several dishes fell to the ground and broke.

"SASAMI!" Aeka's voice filled the house to the point that it penetrated Washu's lab.

"Steady there girl," Nabiki said as she handed some fish to the smaller than normal creature the Americans called Godzilla.

"Hrrr…" The creature replied as it ate what it was given, the creature was no longer hunted and it realized it. It was safe in the care of this human. It had found a friend it could trust, but the creature was ill at ease, the place it stayed smelled of its own, its dead siblings.

"I wonder why you haven't grown," Nabiki pulled a book from her pocket, "According to what I read from what that Tatapolis or whatever his name was, you should be bigger than a house by now. Maybe you're different."

The creature only looked at the Japanese girl. It was intelligent, it understood a few words, but not many.

Their time in Jamaica had come to an end, the tracking device had told them to go to England. Their plane was more than halfway across the Atlantic Ocean as a streak of light shot across the sky past the plane, it left no wake or sound, but she saw what it was. Setsuna knew what was happening, Washu was right, the future would end if they didn't react correctly, any hasty decision made by those left in Japan would seal all of their fates. The Guardian of Time could only hope that Washu had planned for this contingency as she waited for the plane to reach London.

Sasami awoke atop a building; the light that had hit her a few minutes ago was gone. Looking around she immediately knew she was no longer in Japan, she had seen the one in the distance before, it was Big Ben, and she was in England. In her hand was a strange wand she had seen before inside the Juraian castle. A legendary item that once belonged to the first ruler of Jurai, and now it pointed west. Deep in her heart, both she and Tsunami knew that they should follow the wand. Sasami was headed towards Cardiff.

"Washu!" Tenchi ran into the lab, "Sasami's gone missing, and so is Mihoshi!"

"Sasami's gone!" Washu stared at Tenchi, "When did she go missing?"

"Aeka saw her vanish about ten minutes ago," Tenchi tried calming down, "At first we thought she had seen things, but Sasami is missing!"

"The light…" Washu looked over to where the wand was, "Sasami… It can't be… I…"

"What is going on Washu?" Seto asked angrily.

"The wand must've taken the one it's connected to, to where its twin lies." Washu slumped into her chair.

"Sasami doesn't have a twin," Seto looked at Washu strangely.

"The wand's twin," Washu rubbed her forehead, "I already had people looking for it, the two wands shouldn't be active yet… unless… maybe because the one on Earth has never been activated…"

"What!" Seto yelled angrily, worried about her granddaughter.

"The wand on Earth activated the one from Jurai, taking its inheritor to where its largest concentration of energy was," Washu said as she shook her head, unaware that the others had entered the lab "Since the device Setsuna and Mamoru are using drains the energy in order to track it, Sasami's in England."

"How do you know that?" Aeka said as she ran towards Washu and grabbed her by the shirt, "How do you know where my sister is!"

"Because, that's where Setsuna said the next concentration of energy was in her last report," Washu said as the others pulled Aeka off her, "Don't worry, I have friends in England, they will watch over Sasami. Not to mention that a Senshi and the Guardian of Earth are headed there, and according to Setsuna, three of the Senshi are there as well."

"Ryoko I need your ship!" Aeka said as she began to head to the exit.

"Stop right there!" Washu yelled as she closed the exit to her lab.

"Why should I!" Aeka yelled at the diminutive scientist.

"Sasami is safe, the wand will protect her. But we aren't, there are things that none of you know." Washu said as she positioned herself between the door and the others… alongside Seto.

"Grandma…" Aeka stared with surprise that she had stepped in alongside Washu.

"Washu is right," Seto said with a sigh, "If we react hastily we can cause a war."

"What do you mean war?" Tenchi asked confused at what was going on.

"There are two forces on this planet you don't know about for good reason," Washu said with a sigh, "I've been acting as the liaison between Jurai and the Galaxy Police to two Earth-based organizations… the Men in Black and Torchwood."

"Men in Black? Torchwood?" the majority of the group responded one way or another.

"I thought they were just a myth," Ami said as she looked over at the scientist, "You mean they're real… Wait… then how come the MiB or Torchwood never interfered with what happens here in Japan?"

"They can't," Washu glanced up at everyone, "The MiB doesn't have authority in the former British Territories or Japan and Torchwood doesn't have Authority in America or Japan."

"So Japan is autonomous when it comes to aliens?" Ami asked interested in both what Washu was saying and ensuring her knew friends safety.

"For the most part yes," Washu continued, "But I do on occasion help out the MiB and Torchwood, and in return they aid me when I need it. The leader of Torchwood is someone I have a touchy history with, but we can trust him to watch out for Sasami."

"What about Mihoshi," Tenchi said realizing Washu hadn't seemed worried about her, "Why didn't you react to her missing?"

"Because I know where Mihoshi is," Washu replied, "She vanished when our strange new houseguest appeared, so the only conclusion is that however our new 'friend' was planning on leaving, was where Mihoshi vanished to."

"A light has entered the dark!" Reiko yelled out from the table, "You let a light enter the dark!"

"What is she screaming about?" Ranma asked as he looked at the girl that resembled two people he had become friends with.

"My master will return your friend to this world… but your end is now coming faster." The girl laughed.

Mihoshi felt a strange tugging; the darkness she had found herself in was gone as she slowly felt herself being pulled back into reality. As the light the world began to fill her eyes she realized she wasn't at home. Looking around she saw only a girl that looked similar to Akane a bit and a human sized lizard.

"Oh…" Mihoshi said as she clamored to her feet, "Where am I?"

"Who are you?" Nabiki yelled as she looked at the strange woman that had appeared out of thin air, "Why are you here?"

"Oh… um…" Mihoshi said as she looked at Nabiki, "My names Mihoshi Kuramitsu… I'm a member of the Galaxy Police." She said as she held up her badge.

"An alien…" Nabiki shook her head, "Why not… everything else is in Nerima."

"Nerima…" Mihoshi touched her chin, the name sounded familiar to her, "Wait, where exactly am I?"

"Ucchan's Restaurant in Nerima," Nabiki replied as she put her hand in front of the Gojira to keep it from attacking, "Why?"

"This is Ukyo's restaurant," Mihoshi said as she pounded her palm, "That means I'm near where my new friends live."

"New friends?" Nabiki understood what was going on, "Are their names Ranma, Akane, Ukyo, and Konatsu?"

"Yeah," the policewoman said as she smiled at the girl with the lizard, "There's also several others as well."

"Say no more," Nabiki said as she took a deep breath, "So that must mean your from Okayama aren't you?"

"Well yes and no," Mihoshi sat down at one of the booths, "I'm originally from outer space, but I do currently reside in Okayama with my husband Tenchi."

"Well Mihoshi," Nabiki said as she grinned at the girl, "Let's get you home to Okayama, it would probably be better for Zilla here to live away from the city. But I will need your help getting Zilla to Okayama."

"Of course I'll help, I'll call Ryoko and ask her to pick me up… um… do you have a phone?" Mihoshi asked as she realized she didn't have her communicator.