Played around with this for a bit, and came up with this. Hope you like.

1st part - Bobby and Dean

2nd part - JO and Dean

3rd part - Sam and Dean

Same as before, all dialogue!

No really to canon as it mention John and Jo but I hope you'll forgive me! X

"Well, well, well. Ain't you boys a pretty picture in the torchlight. Winchester sardines, all that's missing is the brine. Wait and I'll get this can opened for ya, after I get a few snapshots o'course."

"Dude told you there'd be pictures. Hey Bobby. Can you stop snapping us and get us out?"

"Dean. Hey Sam. Don't worry boys, just sending this out to a few folks and then I'll be right with you."

"Define a few?"

"Ellen, Ash."

"That all? Why not go for the hat trick and do Jo as well?"

"No need, she's getting the live preview."

"What? Sonuvabitch, hey Jo!"

"Hey boys."


"Didn't know you guys were into this kind of kinky shit, still, explains you not hitting on me, eh Dean?"

"Bite me bitch."

"You know Dean, I'm the only one that's gonna fit in that pipe and free you boys but I don't think I can help you here after all.

"You wouldn't?"

"Oh I would! You want my help, you ask me nicely!"

"Jo, please can you help get us the hell outta here?"

"Only if your tell me why Sam's hand is in your pocket?"

"I could, but it'd make you blush. Ow, Sam, I mean it, quit it with the hitting."

"Nothing makes me blush Mr Winchester and just remember if Sam's hand is stuck in there, I'm gonna be the one going after it to free it…and I got scissors….sharp ones!"

"I'll be good."

"I know you will honey."

"I'm not a dog Jo, don't pat me on the head."

"Squidge over then and let me down in front of you."

"I'm squidging, is that even a word?"

"Oh God."


"Nothing. It's just your face and my chest really shouldn't be this well acquainted."

"Didn't think that through did ya?"

"Did you just lick me?"


"I swear if you do that again I'm gonna leave you here and phone the fire department to come get you and let them know that you're brothers!"

"I'll behave."

"DEAN! What did I just say?"

"It's my nose Jo, it's on my face where would you like me to put it?"

"Anywhere you like Dean but between my boobs! Face the side or something."

"Fine. Jo? Can you stop pushing me back into Sam?"

"Why, he liking too much or are you?"

"Funny, can you even see what you're doing with those scissors?"


"Oh God. A little to the left there Jo…please."

"Sam's hand is too far in, I'm gonna have to open your jeans to get room to free him."

"Always knew you wanted into my pants, oh…."

"So help me god if you groan when I move my hand they'll be calling you Deanna!"

"Stop leaning on it then! Jo! JO! That's not funny! Can you play nice and move your hand?"

"Bet you say that to all the girls….almost there…."

"You know…that was my thought exactly….."

"If that's you pleased to see me, I'll think I'll pass on the one night stand, thanks all the same."

"You know you want me! Am I the first guy you've groped in the dark Jo?"

"Dream on! Wait…no…why?"

"Because that hurts! Please for the love of God, can you move your hand back, cause now there's blood not getting to places that really need to be getting it!"

"So that's your excuse now then eh?...Dean? What would you say if I told you my hand was stuck?"

"Are you shitting me!"

"Actually…yeah I am."

"Sonuva….Jo, really, move your damn hand!"

"Relax Dean, just a little snip here and we're done."

"Oh God….that word….snip….don't use that…not when you're down there…and please….be careful!"

"There! I did it. Hold still while I reach round and free your hand now, can you turn a little….no Dean, not that way…oh this is awkward…I think I preferred your face in my chest…"

"Sweetheart, ain't nothing I haven't been this close to before."

"Not when it's part of me you haven't! You so much as sneeze in my direction and I'm gonna gut you with these scissors."

"Soooo bossy, bet the guys all love you…..hey! Sonuvabitch! You cut me! Anymore kinks I should know about here Jo?"

"Gagging'll be next! Look can you turn a little so that I can reach over you, there isn't enough room to move."

"Okay, that better?"

"A little….I just need to be a little further…."


"I swear to God Dean you even think about doing anything…."

"If you think I can think with where your head is at the moment, you really don't know much about guys…really should have done up my zip first eh?..."

"I know where my head is, that's why I'm warning you, my hands might be behind you but my teeth are just in the right place to inflict serious pain if you so much as breath wrong."

"Holding my breath, Jo can you turn your head just a little so that I don't get dismember for something that really isn't gonna be my fault…."

"That better?"

"Much, thank you."

"Sam baby can you stop wriggling in case I cut you?"

"Didn't care when you cut me…"

"I'm gonna circumcise you if you don't shut the hell up…."

"Oh baby, don't be like that…..seriously people….stop hitting me!"

"Well shut up then!"


"Fine! And you're free by the way, so if you'll just let me get out of the way first…"

"Jo, can you let Sam get out first?"


"I'd rather have your face closer to my crotch than what he's got digging into my backside closer to it, that's why…"

"Well that was interesting…"

"We are never speaking of this again, do you hear…."

"Do you think we can take Bobby?"

"Why? Sonuvabitch… he still sending out those photos?"


"Dead man walking…on three….."

"Dean don't hit that button!"

"What'd I do?"

"Sent them to all the contacts in Bobby's phone….."

"Shit, even Dad?"

"Even Dad…."

"So, I hear Canada is nice this time of year…."