"Good evening passengers, this is your captain frank strong speaking, wishing to inform you all that today's movie: Back door sluts 9, shall not be shown due to someone using the dvd as a damn coaster for his drink. Instead we shall be showing you the new epic from Reaper INI called 'Project Black Edge', which is the first challenge by his fellow author: Chrisdz so give him a big round of applause."

"Yeah." Says the passengers weakly

"Ah screw all of you, I like the guy at least. Anyway if you want to get a little insight on what his challenge is you may look on his profile, but don't get the idea that is what Reaper INI did, since he had some problems executing some of the things he wanted. So he tweeked it to the point that it will stay the way Chrisdz wanted with some of Reaper's flow going into it." He paused to see if he still had the attention of the passengers but knowing how people get on airlines he continued anyway.

"Anyway the pairing shall be a harem and while Reaper INI tried to plan it with four, one more girl kept coming into his head so it shall be five and only five. Now the first chapter shall be different then most people would normally expect, since Reaper stated he wanted to do something like a story he read called 'No Mercy' and the way the author wrote that one so he shall follow in that dudes footsteps." The pilot said before he told the stewardess to play the flick

"So without further delay enjoy bitches"

Chapter 1 – Black Edge is born

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto was a boy that just went through a painful experience that he never wished to go through again.

He laid in the chamber of water as the needles and tubes that just went into his body was slowly being removed from the multiple points in his body. The pain was so unbearable that it knocked him out during the procedure and could have very well killed him if it wasn't for his quick healing rate and unwillingness to die before he got his chance to kill him.

As he laid in the chamber of water, another person appeared on the staircase above the pod with his entire body encased in bandages and a cane in his left hand while his right was missing. The old man looked at the blonde haired boy with excitement, as his dream to develop the ultimate weapon was slowly being granted since that foolish old man died a few weeks ago. To think that that man was so foolish to allow this boy with so much rare power and potential to just live a normal life, when he himself held plans that would make this boy the most powerful shinobi to grace the elemental countries.

'Sarutobi, you were such a fool to not see it my way and make this boy a weapon. Well now that you are dead, there is nothing stopping me from attaining my goal.' He thought to himself as two men appeared beside, each dressed in black and wearing their Konoha headbands around their forehead.

"Danzo-sama, the process of injecting the metal into his skeleton has been completed and he is beginning to recover from the ordeal." The man with blonde hair and blue eyes said with Danzo smirking

"Good, now I want you to erase his memories and also search for all records of my ordering of Uzumaki Kushina's murder to be destroyed. If Tsunade were to catch wind of that, then it would be the end of root." He said, knowing full well that if the woman's death was revealed to be done by his hands, then he better kiss his dream of obtaining the perfect weapon goodbye.

"Danzo-sama look, something is going on with Weapon Black Edge." A man with a black facemask said with the one armed man looking at the tank and saw the boy beginning to shake in the chamber.

"Quickly, seal the chamber before he escapes or else we're all dead." Danzo yelled, with his operatives nodding and closed all the chambers open areas. The boy continued to shake with silver blades coming out of his arms, which sliced the restraints on his arms and freed him from the grasp of Danzo. The boy let out a mighty roar, as his fully nude body left the water chamber with red chakra escaping his form. Danzo's eyes widened as the boys red eyes turned to him with a look of rage that said he would be killed.

"Hurry you fools, take him out before he has the chance to attack us." Danzo yelled with his root shinobi appearing in front of the boy, with a sword in the air and slashed the blonde haired boy across his face, causing him to recoil in pain before the boy let loose a mighty roar and stabbed the man through his skull and split his brain in half. Danzo then looked on in amazement, as the mark on the boys face revealed a metal coating over his bones just as he designed the weapon to be. The boy was soon surrounded with shinobi's and each one holding a weapon, while the boy simply growled at them before he raised his bladed arms and jumped towards his enemies and began to slaughter them.

Danzo watched the whole thing before him and was marveled at the power of the blonde haired boy and his use of the weapon he designed. This was project black edge, a revolutionary shinobi project he has desired to accomplish for many years with each experiment resulting in failure after failure. But he was seeing his project before his very eyes, an unstoppable weapon that would never deteriorate or diminish in strength or skill to injury or old age with a power that was damn near endless.

The perfect weapon and he was its creator, but sadly this wasn't the completed version he grasped for.

"Inform the others that we will abandon this base and regroup in rice country, since I'm sure Orochimaru's facility will be of great use for us. This failure today will lead to a great accomplishment in the future." Danzo said with his shinobi nodding before they left. He then spared one final glance at the blonde boy, who just killed another root shinobi.

'It appears that we will have to take our separate paths boy, but soon we will meet again and I will have my dreams realized. So be prepared soon my prototype.' Danzo thought before he left in a puff of smoke, leaving the boy to kill the rest of his men.

(One hour later)

Tsunade and Jiraiya were currently racing through the halls of Danzo's chambers with the desire to find the boy that was their last piece of family they had in this world. They were very fortunate that the mans own son Sai betrayed him and told them of his intentions with the blonde. Tsunade was shocked at that idea of creating a shinobi that could never become injured or even have his skills diminished at old age, but that was nothing but a fools dream as the world unstoppable was only an opinion in the shinobi world.

Jiraiya was only concerned for the safety of his apprentice since that boy was the only thing he had in terms of family and he would be damned if he let that get taken from him. He felt disgusted at Danzo for using the boy to grasp a foolish wish of building the ultimate shinobi, as there was no way possible it could happen.

They soon arrived to the area that was marked "Restricted Area-Authorized Personnel Only-Secret Project Root Black Edge" with the door completely blown off its hinges. When they ran inside, they gasped at the sight of bodies laying on the ground with either slash or puncture marks all over their bodies, with the boy they were searching for standing in front of the tank taking in deep breaths with blood all over his body and metal blades sticking from his arms. Tsunade felt her motherly instincts kick in as she began to approach the blonde boy, who was still taking in deep breaths.

"Naruto?" She asked with the boys shoulders suddenly stopping and his deep breathing ceasing. The blonde haired woman looked on in confusion before the boy sudden appeared before her and wrapped his hands around her neck and slowly choked her. He then raised his right arm and prepared to stab her but sudden stopped. Tsunade looked surprised by the sudden move from the boy until she heard the sound of water dropping onto the floor. She then looked at his face and saw tears streaming from his eyes, indicating that he was crying about something but didn't care as she wrapped her arms around him and whispered soft words into his ear.

The boys bone blades soon returned into his arms and his arms fell limp, telling her that he fell asleep.

"Jiraiya, what do you think happened here?" She asked as she picked Naruto off the ground and held him in her arms

"I don't know but I will find out what that man was up to in here." He said with Tsunade nodding before she turned to him

"I want you to survey the entire area and gather as much evidence in here as you can. Make sure that whatever Danzo left here comes back to me." She said with the old man nodding before they took off towards the hospital.

(Naruto's mindscape)

Naruto groaned in pain as he sat up from his downward position and rubbed his head in pain.

"Damn, did anyone catch the number on the back of that bus?" Naruto said with a voice suddenly breaking him out of his demeanor

"That isn't the only thing you should look out for kit." Said the voice making Naruto look up to find a giant fox with nine tails staring at him

"Kyuubi? What's going on?" He asked with the fox growling at the boy

"You almost got yourself killed that's what's going on. What the hell were you thinking in trusting that man when you knew as well as I did that he was lying to you?" He asked with Naruto sighing as he sat down in front of the fox

"I know Kyuubi, I wasn't thinking at the moment alright." He said with the fox snarling at him before he spoke

"Well you better be glad that I'm in here or else your ass would no doubt be pushing up daisies if it wasn't for me being in here." Kyuubi said with Naruto grinning at the fox before him

"But you gotta admit Kyuubi, these new bones of mine are now twice as strong as they were before and with these babies I can't possibly lose now." Naruto said with a giant grin while Kyuubi smacked itself with on of its tails

"That may be, but you can't allow this to go to your head for incase you forgot, that man left and can do the process again. That means that he can find that boy and do the same thing for him that he did for you." He said with Naruto's expression turning

"I understand that, but what do you suppose we do?" He asked with the fox shaking his head

"I don't know but for now there is a certain someone waiting for you in the outside world, so lets resume this later." He said before sending Naruto out of the mindscape and back outside.

(Outside world)

Naruto awoke from his slumber and saw that he was now resting in his the hospital again, but this time he knew that nobody was going to stop by for a visit. He quickly brought up his right arm and clenched tightly, causing three long metal blades that resembled claws to jut out of his hand with the sound of sliding metal being heard in the room. Naruto examined the look of his claws and marveled at the smooth and sleek texture they obtained during the addition of that metal substance into his body.

The boy then got out of bed and walked over to one of the walls and gave a lazy slash across it, seeing the deep gashes appear as if a bear was in the room and got out of control.

"I take it you enjoying yourself huh?" said the voice of Jiraiya, as he appeared through the window, causing Naruto yelped before cutting the table beside his bed in half

"Oh shit, don't do that again ero-sannin." Naruto said before he grabbed his arm and caused his bones to relax, thus allowing his bones to recede into his arms.

"Whatever gaki, just be glad that I found you when I did or else you would be sleeping with the fishes." He said with Naruto waving him off

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah whatever. Anyway what do you want?" He said with the old man looking at him seriously

"I came by to let you know that you know that we will be leaving the village for about three years due to things that will commense sometime in the future." He said with Naruto nodding his head, getting just as serious as the old man was.

"When do we leave? You know I have to let my girls know that I'm leaving or else they'll have a fit." Naruto said with Jiraiya letting out a small laugh

"We're leaving in three hours, so you'll have plenty of time to let your girlfriends know that you'll be gone." He said before hopping out of the window. Naruto then walked over to the window his perverted god father hopped out of and looked towards the sky as he began to ponder on what was to come in the future.

"Things keep changing here…..lets just hope its for the better."

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