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Chapter 11: Revelations

The two jinchuriki's stood before the other with one looking crazed and bloodthirsty while the other merely stood with his hand in his pocket and the other to help him smoke his cigar with delight. As the their names were called Naruto soon crossed his fingers and created five clones, which Gaara responded by charging towards them and with ease destroyed them before he charged towards the blonde with his arm cocked back. He then let out a loud wail as he sent his arm directly towards the blonde with every intention of killing him in one blow

Naruto simply raised his hand and caught the clawed arm without so much as showing an ounce of pain. Naruto sighed as he looked towards Gaara with a bored expression on his face "You're going to have to do better than that Shukaku, you forget who you're up against." He said with Gaara snarling before he raised his arm and tried to slam it on the blonde but Naruto simply hopped back to dodge it. Gaara snarled in anger as he charged towards Naruto again to deliver a clothesline but Naruto merely ducked under it. Using the momentum he held, Gaara spun around to try to deliver another one but was instead greeted with the feeling of having his face get hit as Naruto hit him with a super kick with Naruto shouting "That's some sweet chin music for your ass" as Gaara hit the ground with the blonde smirking as he stood still with Gaara instantly getting up and went back on the attack. He charged towards the blonde with his claw ready to tear through his body but was instead surprised when Naruto met his charge and wrapped both of his arms around Gaara's midsection. People then watched as Naruto picked up Gaara with ease as the blonde rode the momentum built from Gaara's charge and used it to slam the red head onto the while landing on his knees. The blonde then rolled backwards while on the ground and came back to his feet in a crouched position and waited for the red head to get up. Gaara soon got up and the moment he looked towards Naruto, he was doubled over in pain as the blonde tackled him as if he was a spear. Seeing the red head down again Naruto then placed some distance between them and smoked what remained of his cigar and then flicked it off to the side before he cracked his knuckles with that gave off a loud cracking sound.

"Come on Ichibi, this should be easy for you since you less power to work with then I do." He said with Gaara getting up with huge snarl on his face

"Uzumaki, fight me damn you." Gaara shouted as Naruto spat to the side before a deep smirk came to his face as he raised his hands and made the motion of challenge

"Just bring it, bitch." He said with the red head snarling as his entire body began to be encased in sand until he looked like a human sized demonic raccoon. His entire upper body was now a pair of double long arms that contained claws at the end with his tail seemingly taking on a longer length, he had two dog ears on top of his head while what seemed like blue veins were scattered all along his body. This made the blonde smirk, as he felt the chakra level that Gaara was leaking though the blonde merely yawned into his hand before crossing his arm

"Not bad but I think that you and I won't have an even fight if I match you on transformation." He said as his eyes turned red and soon his body was covered in the cloak of the Kyuubi with three tails swishing behind him, the blonde's power level quickly exceeding that of Gaara's. The audience looked on in pure shock as they felt the raw and terrifying chakra coming from the likes of Gaara while the rest were all reminded of the feeling they had from the Kyuubi no Kitsune all those years ago. The jounin were all shaking slightly in their seats as they remembered the terrible chakra of the Kyuubi sweeping along the village and nearly destroying their homes. However most of them could tell that this was different, as while it was still powerful they could see that it was more of a calm type.

They then looked at the blonde haired jinchuriki and could tell that he was in full control of himself and was even standing strong with the power coursing through his body while Gaara looked to be unstable

Before anything could happen though, an explosion went off in the distance with the kage section covered in smoke as the Kazekage dragged the Sandaime up to the roof. He then saw the building become flooded with Oto and Suna shinobi with the Konoha shinobi acting immediately and took the invaders head on. Before he could do anything, one of his tails extended and caught a fist sent his way by the crazed red head to which he simply followed with his other arm. Naruto then jumped over the claw strike while blazing through several seals and calling out "Fire release: Fire ball jutsu" launching a large fireball towards the mini-tanuki to which he dodged by jumping backwards. Naruto then extended his own clawed hand that grabbed tanuki and lifted him off the ground before slamming him back onto the ground. Gaara snarled as he pushed himself out of the ground and sent several sand shurikens towards the blonde jinchuriki, who dodged each one himself before he charged towards the sand jinchuriki

Gaara smirked as he waited for Naruto to near him and soon he punched his stomach to let loose a blast of wind that Naruto jumped over before being hit with a heavy punch that sent him flying towards the other side of the building. Naruto snarled as he righted himself and landed perfectly on the ground before he once more charged towards the red head with a burst of speed that made him vanish from sight. Gaara could only gasp when he was punched in the face hard enough that made him fly back and crash against the wall behind him

"Let's go mutha fucka, you want to prove your fucking existence right? Well get your ass in gear." Naruto shouted until he felt a heavy blast of chakra over the stadium along with a huge plume of smoke until it cleared to reveal the Shukaku standing in all of his terror which caused some of the fighting shinobi to pause while some of the invaders cheered, knowing that with Gaara bringing out Shukaku would insure them victory. That was until they saw the other jinchuriki standing beneath the bijuu with his arms crossed.

"Shikamaru, Shino, Chouji, Tenten, Hinata, Ino, get ready." Naruto said as he crossed his arms with his friends on the sidelines nodding their heads accept Ino, who looked on in confusion

"What's going on guys? Why isn't Naruto asking us to help him?" She asked

"We are though it's not until after Naruto takes down Shukaku." Shikamaru said, already knowing the plan since he, Naruto, and Shino devised the strategy needed to get the lone benefactor of the invasion out of the way.

The blonde closed his eyes and entered his mind-scape to sit on top of Kurama's head, both in a deep meditative position.

"Remember, you will only be able to use this for a limited time; so make use of every second." Kurama said with Naruto nodding until the entire room was covered in a burst of red. In the outside world, Naruto roared loudly until an explosion of red chakra surrounded his body. This then caused all the fighters to stop as the power output far exceeded what the Shukaku was expelling. The surge of power continued for several seconds until it cleared to reveal Naruto once more but this time he was standing in a new form. His body was now encased in what appeared to be blood with chakra constantly appearing to be circulating in his body. The onlookers then looked closer at the blonde as the number of tails swishing made them freeze in fear.

Six tails

They soon saw a white substance begin to build up all around the jinchuriki's body except his hands before it solidified to reveal what appeared to be bone like armor. (AN: To picture this form think of Janemba from the DBZ movie Fusion Reborn except with the features of six-tailed Naruto included). Naruto stood still for a few moments until he clinched his hands and caused three sharp bone claws to appear from his arms. The jinchuriki then roared as chakra to appear around his body before he vanished until he appeared in the air behind the Shukaku, with Gaara's in the jinchuriki's hand. The onlookers looked on in confusion until they saw pieces of the Shukaku begin to crumble until the whole beast fell to the ground with only the head remaining intact before it. Naruto then began to fall towards the ground, maintaining his hold around Gaara's neck until he landed on the ground while slamming Gaara with force his form leaving him the moment he did so.

Naruto coughed loudly as he got down on one knee to regain his composure, knowing that the aftereffect had to kick in the moment he left the form. He knew that it was risky to use such a large amount of Kurama's chakra at once, especially when it was towards a level that he had yet to even scratch the surface of. However the situation was a desperate one, due to the fact that the level of power he needed to match and/or succeed the Shukaku was at level six. Not many people knew this but one of the main reasons why the Shukaku jinchuriki was considered one of the strongest was because not only would it take him less time to master the bijuu's power but also allow you to become stronger with it. Shukaku at full power was enough to match the level of a jinchuriki releasing four to five tails of power. That was why he had to utilize the power of the fox to the level that he had too.

He then looked up to see Gaara struggling to stand up as Naruto started to feel the aftereffect begin to wear off. Gaara stood tall though he panted hard through short breathes while he raised his bleeding right arm to call the sand to his aid

"Uzumaki, you shall prove my existence." He said as he sent the sand towards the blonde only for it to be hit by a sudden blast of chakra. He then looked to the side and saw Hinata standing nearest to him with her hands in a seal with a strange blue mist leaving her eyes.

"Eagle stream." She said as she sent another blast towards Gaara, who was barely able to bring up his shield to block it but it was to no avail as his arm was grazed by the blast. He shouted as he felt the pain before he looked up to see Chouji charging towards the red head and landed a quick hit to the red heads gut, making him double over in pain. Shikamaru and Tenten then acted by wrapping the crazed jinchuriki in chains while Shikamaru used his Shadow possession technique. Shino then completed the cocktail of containment by surrounding Gaara's prone body in his kikai bugs to deplete the teen of any access chakra though only enough so that he couldn't use any of his techniques

"Ino, use your mind transfer technique." Naruto said with Ino nodding, though still confused as to why he wanted her to do it. She finished the seals and aimed towards Gaara with Naruto grabbing her shoulder. Both blondes then entered the mind of the red head, too which they were greeted by the sight of the giant Tanuki known as Shukaku. The beast had an angered expression on his face as the image of Gaara appeared before them.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with Naruto shrugging his shoulders as he pointed towards the beast

"I was thinking that it's time for a major repair job to be done for you." Naruto said as Gaara looked surprised

"What do you mean?" he asked with Naruto cracking his neck

"What I mean is that it's time for you to finally take control before this thing tries to destroy you." He said with Shukaku laughing

"Oh yeah? And just what is some snot nosed little shit like you going to do?" He asked until his humor died within him as he looked up to see a projection of the Kyuubi no Kitsune appear behind the blonde until it solidified and revealed Kurama standing behind his jinchuriki

"This snot nosed little shit is going to have me backing him up as he helps the boy you have been torturing." He said as suddenly jumped towards the Tanuki and nailed him right across his face. The fox then wrapped all nine of his tails around the Tanuki's body until he sat down on top of his stomach "You know what? You always were the best seat I have ever sat on." He said with Shukaku shouting out loads of curse words as Naruto chuckled with Gaara looking towards him in confusion.

"I don't understand, why is your beast so willing to help you?" He said with Naruto hitting his chest

"Because he has looked out for me the day I met him and he has been my best friend longer than any of my friends today. We have a bond that we both choose to value with all our hearts and I will never let anything take that from me." He said with Gaara taking in those words as he looked towards the two beast on the corner of his mind-scape

"Shukaku has told me countless times that humans and bijuu's can never be anything more than a power and life source for one another." He said with Naruto nodding

"That is true Gaara and in a sense that is a correct assessment, but haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to rely on Shukaku for more than just power?" He asked with Gaara looking to him with curiosity "Back when I was younger, Kurama and I were nothing more than merely two beings sleeping in the same living space. He would state that we would be nothing more than business partners with me gaining power and him ensuring that he lives. That all changed though when the day came that I was starting the academy and I was lost on everything that they dished out to me. He decided to help me out with that and that soon turned to him offering me advice, which then turned to us talking on a more friendly basis until it ended up with the two of us being the best of friends we can possibly be." He said as he pointed to the fox "I trust that fox with everything I can muster, because I know that he feels the same. It is through that unity Gaara that true strength is gained and proof of your existence. It's up to you to choose how it is presented and used in this world." He said as he nodded to Kurama, who stood up and slammed Shukaku back onto the floor

"You piece of-" He was about to say before getting slapped in the face by Kurama. The trio then left the red heads mind, to which made him look at the giant beast that was slow to get up for a moment before he choose to ponder on what he needed to think about

(Outside world)

Naruto and Ino awoke to find themselves being protected by their friends, which were currently waiting to be engaged in a minor five on four situation.

"Talk about great timing, we could surely use the hands." Shikamaru said with Naruto taking his place as the leader of the pack. This caused one of the enemy shinobi to laugh at that along with the others that were getting ready to enjoy would be easy victory.

"Okay Blondie, since you wish to be all badass and step up to us; let's see what you got." He said with Naruto smirking as he raised his arms

"Ask and ye shall receive, mutha fuckas." He said as he clinched his hands tightly, thus causing both of his bone claws to suddenly appear. This sight caused the enemy to gasp in surprise, as they never seen something like that as the blonde charged towards them with his friends in tow

The day's battles raged on all throughout the hidden leaf village with the enemy soon regretting every attempting to defeat them as they soon learned that the village knew about the invasion beforehand. They saw that each of their strategies was countered down to the letter and only minimum damage was done to the village. The only side that was truly losing was theirs, as the number of casualties continued to build up as Konoha shinobi's were now making this look like child's play

The Ino-Shika-Cho group were going through enemies like men making it rain in the strip club with their fellow clansmen doing some fair damage as well. Shibi Aburame was cleaning house with his clans swarm and concur tactics that were sucking the chakra dry from the bodies of his victims while other clansmen were doing the same alongside him.

Unbeknownst to them however, Hiashi Hyuuga and Tsume Inuzuka were both fighting side by side as the enemies had them surrounded slightly. Hiashi was taking people down left and right while Tsume used her ever trusty claws to take down all opposition near her. However what happened in the next few moments would forever mark the day that Hiashi's world was changed as he saw Tsume get punched by an enemy sound shinobi. He then watched as the man had a lustful expression on his face as he reached for the waistline of his pants. This moment caused a sudden rage to build up within him as he roared towards the man and struck him in the center of the man's forehead, killing him before he even hit the ground.

Hiashi wasn't done there as he looked up with a snarling expression "You all are within my divination." He said as the surrounding men froze as Hiashi called out "Eight Trigrams." He shouted as he took up a different stance then he normally would "128 palms." He shouted as in lightning fast speed, he tore through the twenty enemies remaining within seconds of one another, each one dying just as fast as the other.

Seeing this, the Hyuuga clan member then walked over to Tsume and helped her up to her, to which she gladly took. The woman had to say that she was surprised by that sudden burst of anger but she already knew why he did it.

"You didn't have to be so damn dramatic about me getting hit." Tsume said with the man shaking his head

"You would think that in the years we have conducted this relationship that you would know that I have acquired enough feelings for you that I would do that type of thing." He said with Tsume nodding

"Of course I expected it, it's just that I have never seen you like that before and it's kind of a turn on." She said with Hiashi smirking at that

"Well that's good to know, I just hope our child won't have to see that when it gets here." He said with Tsume smiling brightly as she placed her hand on her stomach, where her new child was currently residing

"You do know that after this child is born that I would have to marry you right?" She said with the man nodding his head

"Might as well, you could make a pretty fun wife." He said before they both left the area to go assist any of their allies. Meanwhile on another section of the village, a certain masked shinobi known as Kakashi was doing his usual shtick of kicking asses and taking names. He had already downed 100 invaders already and was currently fighting side by side with Gai, who was doing the same.

"Eternal rival, we may need to up the ante a bit; they are starting to fall back slightly." He said with Kakashi nodding but as the man prepared to attack both men fell on one knee as they looked back to see a lone sound shinobi charging towards them with what looked like an amplifier similar to what Dosu had in the prelims

"You tree huggers have seen your final seconds." He said as he and the other enemy shinobi prepared to kill the two men that they knew would deal a heavy blow to the village with their deaths. However, the man and his cronies were soon stopped as they were attacked and devoured by three very large snakes. Kakashi then looked up to see one Anko Mitarashi standing by with her infamous grin plastered on her face while Kakashi sighed

"Do you always have to be so last second with your saves Anko?" He asked with Anko shrugging her shoulders as she walked up to the masked man, who was struggling to get up until Anko got close enough to pick him up

"Only when it concerns you Kakashi." She said as she grabbed his mask and pulled it down to reveal his face. She then planted a big one on him with her tongue instantly going down his throat. This lasted for a brief moment until she disengaged and pushed the man off her as she turned to leave the area "Just be ready tonight when I come by and don't you dare be tired." She said as she left with Kakashi merely laughing to himself. Gai only stood there baffled while Kakashi readjusted his facemask, not minding that the large eye browed man saw his face due to the man already seeing it.

"Did you and Anko just...How long has this...what did I just see?" Gai asked himself with Kakashi eye smiling

"Yes, officially three years and unofficially fifteen, and what you saw is me getting a shot at some sex for tonight." He said as he happily thought about the many things that he and Anko did over the years "Now come on Gai, we need to go see if we can help anyone else." He said as he took out the Raijin blade and summoned the sword with Gai responding, though still in shock. The rest of the day soon became a stand of victory for the Konoha forces as the invaders retreated with many celebrating though that would soon change when news broke out later that night

(Time skip: The next day)

The skies were dark as rain poured over the land with only gloom being seen on the faces of the people walking through the streets, each one walking towards what would be etched into the memories of all those walking towards the ceremony for those that had fallen.

Today was the day that they would honor those that have fallen in battle, one of which was their beloved Sandaime Hokage. The invasion was successfully stopped thanks to the Hokage setting up the strategies needed to take out most of the invasions important pieces to dominate the battle and take control of the village

Thankfully the number of casualties were low as they were mostly from shinobi that were overwhelmed and/or caught off guard in the first wave. That was the only form of success the invasion saw before it was dealt huge blows from the counter invasion that made the numbers dwindle and caused many to retreat. But even though they were able to do it, the news of the Hokage's death hit them hard. Of course they all knew that no one was guaranteed to survive, the Hokage knowing that the most; but that didn't mean that it still hurt to hear of his death. The old man had been a father figure to many and a living legend for them all to learn from. The man was one of the few shinobi left that could say that they had survived the three great wars along with extra conflicts between them and several other villages.

To die in his own home at the hands of his own student really hit them hard and even made some deny the fact that he could be dead. The funeral went by fast with the rookie twelve each taking on the man's death to various levels, though Naruto was the one that took the most damage from the man's death. Being that he was alone for his entire life and had very little people willing to give a damn about him, the Hokage was always the one that stood out the most. He would always be there to listen, always be available for advice, always ready to be the one to guide him when he felt lost. To lose that connection at such a time when he would truly need the old man hurt, almost to a point that he didn't want to attend the funeral. But thankfully Hinata and Tenten wouldn't allow him to sulk in his sadness as they both stood by him. They could see that he was fighting hard not to shed a tear during the process and continued to hold that expression until he sat with his friends in his living room, each one with a glass of whiskey in front of them and a cigar in hand.

Naruto sighed as he stood up with each of them doing the same as he held out the glass

"Well guys, while I'm happy to see that we all have made it out of that ordeal unscathed and unharmed; we must honor those that were lost in it, one of them being the old man." He said as he sighed with a lone tear welling up "He was a man that I am proud to say is my grandfather, regardless of how much we differ blood wise." He said as he wiped the tear from his eye as he continued "I was originally intending for this drink to be a celebration for us getting out of the chunnin exams but it looks like this will have to be used for another reason." He said with Ino looking confused as she sniffed the drink and literally could smell the heavy amounts of alcohol in it.

"Naruto, since when do you drink whiskey?" She said with the blonde boy shrugging his shoulders

"When me and the guys feel like getting fucked up when the weed isn't doing it." He said with the girl gasping with Shikamaru nodding

"I told you to use my guy that night but noooooo you had to use Chouji's." Shino said with Naruto nodding

"Well sorry next time I will go to yours." He said with Ino looking as shocked as ever

"Is this what you guys do on a regular day?" She asked with everyone nodding

"What else would we do?" They all said together before Naruto raised the glass in the air with everyone doing the same

"To the old man." He said with everyone nodding

"To the old man." Everyone said while taking a sip with each one reacting differently as the beverage of heavily alcohol traveled down their throats. Naruto, Shino, and Shikamaru took pleasure in the burning sensation that was caused by it. Chouji, Hinata, and Tenten reacted to the burning feeling of course but were able to hold it down. Ino on the other hand spat the drink back into the glass the moment it touched her tongue. She then saw the others look at her in mild surprise while Naruto placed his glass down

"Ino, did you just spit that drink back into the glass?" He asked with Ino looking at the blonde boy in surprise

"Well yes, this is not the easiest drink you can expect for me to take; I mean the alcohol is too strong a level." She said with the blonde boy chuckling for a bit as he walked up and took the girls glass right before he downed it without so much as a reaction. He then grabbed the whiskey bottle that held it and poured the girl another glass full right before handing it to the girl

"Shino and Shikamaru were able to handle it the moment I gave it to them, Chouji had a hard time at first sip but he paced himself until he could finish it, Hinata and Tenten weren't able to take several sips without feeling drowsy but they still made it through the whole glass." Naruto said with each one nodding "If you want to be in this group like you have been trying to be in then you need to do just what the others have done and finish the glass." He said with everyone nodding as they walked up to Ino and made the girl realize her mistake

"When you are offered a drink by your host, you are not offered just a drink but you are offered a place in the family. We say the term Salute Mi Familia because our first drinks were all here amongst each other. We became a family from that day because we all literally grew up in front of each other. Naruto is giving you what you want and you not accepting his drink is the ultimate form of disrespect." Shikamaru said

"If you want in, drink up and hold it down." Naruto said with the others nodding as Ino looked around and saw no escaping her situation. She then decided to go for it as she knew that it was an all or nothing situation right now and if drinking a heavy alcoholic drink got her closer to the blonde boy then damnit she would do it. So taking a deep breathe, she downed the whole glass in one gulp, regretting it instantly as the burning sensation kicked in on high. But thankfully the effect wore off and even felt a since of pleasure from it as it wore down, thus making her hold up the glass proudly to which Naruto nodded.

"Looks like we got a new member after all." Naruto said with his friends nodding until there was a knock on the door. The blonde then walked up to the door and found his godfather standing behind the door with a serious expression on his face.

"Naruto, I need to speak to you for a moment." He said with Naruto nodding and letting the man into his home. The old man paused for a moment when he saw the whiskey bottle on the table and saw the blonde's friends were in the room, meaning that they all drank from it to which he smiled sadly "I see you all continued the tradition within Konoha." He said which caused all the gennin to raise an eyebrow. Seeing this the man continued "Due to the nature of our profession, its normally a tradition for all gennin to partake of their first drink amongst each other; be it teammates or someone that you have grown up with. This is used as a means to promote unity and brotherhood amongst each other because we all will need it in times of dire need." He said as he poured himself a glass and drank the contents in it slowly. After finishing his glass, the elderly man then set the glass down as the blonde's friends all surrounded him and paid close attention to the veteran shinobi.

"So what's up Ero-sennin?" He asked with the elderly man sighing as he choose his words carefully and decided to just flat out get to the point

"Naruto, I'm sorry for not taking more of a role in your life before the previous months but this was a secret that the old man wished for you to learn when you were old enough or until you were ranked high enough for this information to be leaked." He said as he sighed "Tell me Naruto, what do you know about your parents?" He asked with Naruto pausing for a moment

"I asked Kurama about them and all he said was that while he did know them, it wasn't his place to reveal them. He stated that reason why he couldn't is because it bares too much responsibility for me to keep." He said with Jiraiya nodding

"Indeed, the fo- Kurama was indeed correct in his assumption; mostly because he wouldn't be telling you the whole truth anyway." He said with Naruto raising an eyebrow as the man sighed before he continued "Years ago, I was supposed to be a father to a newborn baby boy but sadly he died in the mother's womb and for many years we both were burden by this tragedy. However it turns out that this wasn't the case, as not only was the baby born healthy and strong but he was also placed under my care without my knowing of his true identity. For many years I would train a boy named Minato Namikaze that would later on grow up to become not only the Yondaime Hokage of this village but he would also become the husband to a woman named Kushina Uzumaki well as becoming a father to a son of his own; You Naruto." He said with the blonde looking shocked at what he just learned along with the others in the room

"So wait, are you trying to say that Naruto is the son of the Yondaime Hokage and is your grandson?" Ino asked with the old man nodding until he sighed

"Not just that but he is also related to all the past Hokage's along with the next one as well." He said with Naruto raising an eyebrow at that along with his friends

"What do you mean?" He asked

"This is where it gets complicated as you see during the era of the Nidaime, Hiruzen-sensei was on his way up the ranks and was a top tier candidate to become Hokage. Along the way, he fell in love with a woman known as Hakumei Senju that was the daughter of the Shodaime Hokage. During their relationship, Hakumei became pregnant and gave birth to two kids; a girl named Tsunade and a boy named Nawaki. However their time together would end as Hakumei died of an unknown illness. Hiruzen-sensei would then do the same thing that happened to me and watch over them while keeping their relationship to him a secret to everyone but them. This is what led to me being placed under his team along with Orochimaru and Tsunade, which would then lead to me and her having a brief fling." He said with Naruto's eyes widening along with the others

"Are you saying what I think your saying?" Naruto asked with the old man nodding

"Naruto, you are the son of the Yondaime Hokage, the grandson of both me and Tsunade, along with being the great grandson of the Sandaime Hokage and the great great grandson and nephew of the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokage's." He said with Naruto looking heavily shocked

"Holy shit." Was all he could say along with his friends nodding

"Good thing I made the logical choice of being your friend first." Shino said along with Chouji and Shikamaru nodding. Ino frowned upon realizing what would have happened if the entire village had known about this. No doubt he would be the most talked about individual in the village and would get multiple special privileges from many other shinobi.

'Not to mention all the girls that would be chasing after him to get a piece of his fame.' Ino thought, knowing that she would be one of them.

'I'm in love with a guy that is not only hot as hell but is related to my hero? Thank you God.' Tenten said with happiness evident all over her face.

'Naruto-kun is going be getting so many fan girls now, too bad they can't have him.' Hinata thought to herself as she imagined herself scaring the fan girls off with her skills

"So when do I get to meet her?" Naruto asked with Jiraiya smirking at that as he walked over to the door and opened it up

"As soon as you pick up your gear; we leave in an hour." He said with Tenten and Hinata stepping up

"We want to come along too." They said with the old man raising an eyebrow

"Why is that?" He asked before he got a perverted grin "Oh so you must be the ladies he's always talking about." He said with Naruto scoffing under his breath

"Ero-Grandpa." He said, liking the feeling he got after seeing Grandpa, which also made Jiraiya freeze as he looked towards Naruto with a smile creeping up to his face along with a lone tear as he hugged the blonde boy

"I may be a ero-grandpa but always remember that I'm your ero-grandpa, gaki-grandson." He said with a smile on his face along with Naruto, as the others looked on in happiness

(Orochimaru's hideout)

The snake sannin was currently in worlds of pain as his arms continued to pulse with grueling pain. Whatever that old man did to him was something that was beyond that of a normal Fuinjutsu, as he never heard of a seal that also took away the life of its user. He would have to do some research on this technique and figure out a way to release the seal if his dream of capturing the Sharingan was to come true

"Kabuto, have you located her?" He asked with his trusty assistant walking in

"Yes Orochimaru-sama but I'm afraid that trying to go after her would prove futile." He said with the snake sannin raising an eyebrow through his pain

"What do you mean Kabuto?" He asked as more pain sheered through his body

"I'm afraid that while Tsunade was indeed in the location that you predicted she would be, she has suddenly left and is now heading towards a new location. It's in the direction of Konoha." He said with Orochimaru raising an eyebrow again

"How? She said she was never going back." He said with the glasses wearing traitor nodding his head, which made the snake sannin pause for a moment to think while simultaneously doing his best to ignore the pain

"What are your orders?" Kabuto asked with Orochimaru pausing for a few more moments

"Send some of the reserves to go and capture her, tell them not to let their guard down around her or that apprentice of hers. Tell them that they are free to kill the apprentice but Tsunade must be brought back here alive." He said with Kabuto nodding and leaving the room, but soon shuddered when he heard Orochimaru scream in pain again

(Uchiha compound)

Deep within the home of the once mighty Uchiha clan, Sasuke Uchiha was livid and steamed at what happened in the previous week. Not only did he get the greatest ass kicking of his entire life at the hands of the red haired gennin from suna but he would soon learn that during the invasion, Gaara would be easily defeated by Naruto through some strange method in which he was suddenly encased in chakra and had six tails flowing behind him.

This greatly irated the Uchiha clan member to no end as he endlessly trained and destroyed countless dummies that were nothing more than means to relieve his anger and couldn't bring him the desires of his heart

After destroying the sixth dummy he soon stopped for several seconds while resting on the seventh before roaring in anger and backhanding the dummy with all his might but nothing came of the effort. He cursed loudly as he panted and grabbed his pulsating arm all while thinking of the blonde haired shinobi he called a teammate

"What did he do to become so powerful when I was born with power?" He shouted as he punched the dummy again and again until his hands began to bleed but yet he ignored the pain and continued his relentless assault on the doll until he finally grew so tired that he dropped to the ground from the over exertion. He stared up into the sky and saw the clouds pass over his eyes, his anger still present and the desire to keep on going coursed through his veins like lightning in a storm.

It just wasn't fair, he had everything that there was to get from this village and yet someone that wasn't even in the same social status as him nor had the level of power he would gain later on once he took seat on the council, held a level of power that far exceeded his own and he didn't even know how the blonde got there.

He had to figure out just how that damned blonde bastard got to that level of power so that he too can have it.

He needed it to kill his damned brother

As such, he pushed himself off the ground and once more went back into his training. Unbeknownst to him, his sensei watched the entire spectacle with a saddened expression on his face as he walked away

"Looks like it was inevitable." He said to himself as he walked away

(Unknown location)

The Oto reserve shinobi, seven in all, could currently be found rushing towards the location that their master had ordered them to go. They were very confused by this sudden order of action by the snake sannin but choose not to argue it due to their numbers originally being eight before that one had his head sliced in half by an angered snake sannin. All was well as they traveled at their regular shinobi with nothing looking like it was going to get in the way of their mission.

"Man what the hell is Orochimaru-sama thinking sending us out now? Shouldn't we be saving up some cash so that we can replace the shinobi we lost?" One of the men asked with the one beside him shaking his head

"I don't but you know how Orochimaru-sama gets when he is utterly pissed off about something. He killed Genokai without as much as a warning." One of the men said with the other ones nodding

"Silence you idiots, it matters not what Orochimaru did but the mission that he gave us and we need to make sur-" The man that was leading them was saying until he was suddenly cut off by something. That something being his abdomen getting such a deep gash that the entire right portion was ripped off, thus causing all the blood in his body to leave the wound. As his body fell to the ground the other in the unit stopped and pulled out a weapon to defend themselves from whatever assailant that killed the leader of their group

"Show yourself you coward." One of the men called as he and his partners prepared themselves for whatever was about to happen. It was here that a kunai suddenly shot out of the brush in front of them, thus making one of the men dodged to the left until he felt something sharp hit and pierce his midsection. He then felt his back hit a tree and was then greeted with tremendous pain as whatever hit him was dragged along his body until something strange happened. He began to fall towards the ground but couldn't for some reason feel his legs until he saw them...falling towards the ground that is. It was here that he soon saw what happened and he realized what happened to him as he landed head first on the ground with the impact snapping his neck.

He was bisected from the waist down

The other members of the group however saw the whole ordeal with wide eyes as they couldn't believe how easily their partners had been killed, but they had to keep their composure or else they would die just as easily as the previous two.

"It's odd how you shinobi are trained in the art of sound, yet you fail to detect two shinobi." The voice said, causing all five of them to turn around but they saw nothing until they saw a figure standing behind one of their own. Before they could even say anything an explosion went off, killing the man instantly as the remaining four fell towards the ground until they each landed on their feet. One of them broke their leg on the fall, thus making the remaining three surround him to protect him from whatever was going on.

"I don't know who you are but you're really pissing me off." He said as he removed his gloves to reveal tubing in the center of his palms as he directed them all around his body "Super slicing wav-" He was saying until he suddenly stopped when he was grabbed by his neck and was held in the air. The three Oto shinobi watched in shock as the man suddenly combusted into black flames and fell to the ground as he burned to death. The other two were shocked but before they could even prepare themselves to use their own techniques they heard someone speak behind them

"Water release: Water Prison jutsu." the voice called out as the two healthy Oto shinobi were encased in an orb of water though they were surprised by this as there was a water source near them. They tried to get a good luck at the user until the saw a shadowed figure standing beside the prison. They saw him do some seals before he placed both hands in the water prison to cause some type of strange seal pattern to appear. It was then that they held looks of horror as they were greeted by the sight of a huge great white shark. The sharks made quick work of the two Oto shinobi with their blood quickly over taking the water that once made their prison. Seeing that the job was done, the shadowed figure canceled the technique and soon the injured Oto shinobi caught sight of just who their attackers were.

Both were dressed in black cloaks with red clouds with straw hats covering their heads to hide their identities. The man then looked on in horror as the two shinobi stood before him until he was grabbed by a skeletal like hand. He was then brought up to man's eyes and for several seconds things went dark until the hand raised the guy above head and then clinched hard to cause the body to explode and make it rain with his blood

"So do you know where they were heading?" The tall one of the duo asked with the shorter one nodding his head

"Yes, they were after the slug sannin under orders from Orochimaru but we don't have time to deal with him as we have more important matters to attend too." The shorter one said as he continued on with the taller of the two right beside him

"So we're still heading there right?" The taller one asked as the shorter one nodded as he picked up his head to reveal the crimson red orbs with the comma like marks within them, along with the Konoha headband that had a scratch going across the symbol

"Yes, we are going to Konoha."

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