The Cold Ones

-Chapter 1: Love At First (sight) Chat-


"Ugh! The tenth one still refused. What will I do? "I'm not really making any progress; I'll never have a college degree" I thought to myself while marching my way to a small condo in New York. I took the stairs while watching my feet, still depressed from the awful job hunting today. I slowly walked the hall way to reach the room 404, where I stay alone. Old brown wallpaper, antique furniture, silence that sometimes haunts me, no television, the condo is puny yet it's enough for her daily needs, only a laptop that sits beside my bed, distracts my loneliness and discomfort in the condo; this is a way to describe the small room.

I went straight in front of my laptop upon entering the filthy room, instead of resting because of the awful job hunting. I turned on the internet connection then typed in "" [A/N: I don't know if there is really a site like this, don't bother looking, I just made it up] at the address bar entering the coolest, most awesome band ever, The Cold Ones, lead by the gorgeous Edward Masen, or more popular as Edward Cullen. Who can't resist his perfect emerald eyes, wonderful face that makes you go gaga and crazy. He's every girl's Mr. Right.

I waited patiently as their song playing on my iPod, until they come online for the chat with them at six o'clock, they chat to their fans for three hours during Wednesdays and Fridays. I know it's very impossible to have a one on one chat with the vocalist considering there are more than a million of fans in America wanting to talk to him and the rest of the band.


After the last gig we drove our way to the Vampire Records' Studio where we recorded our debut album."Geez, such a hectic day" I complained as a stretched my arms ans yawned from so much exhaustion brought by tight schedules of our band. "C'mon ROCKSTARS your fans are waiting!" Carlisle exclaimed trying to cheer us up, the sleepless, not-to-mention tired, and drowsy "rockstars" he calls.

"Emm, Rose, Jazz, Eddie!!", Alice really woke me up by her really loud yell at us four. "They're waiting we have to chat even if we're very tired, its almost six. Get those butts off those seats" she added.

"Alice, stop calling me Eddie, its not cool" I said to Alice with an annoyed tone of voice." Carlisle can hire people to pretend to be us"

"We'll be fooling them aren't we? We can't do that you dobe"

"Fine, fine" I replied while a stood up limping and still drowsy"

We then walked to the usual PCs we use in chatting with fans, I entered the chat rooms that listed all the fans that's online that very moment. I picked a very random one, but she didn't reply,"She appears to be shocked" I thought to myself. So I picked another random name from the list, BellaSwan018:

-Edward_Cullen has entered the chat-

Edward_Cullen: hi!!

BellaSwan018: hello

BellaSwan018: how are you?

Edward_Cullen: tired, drowsy and SLEEPY -_-

BellaSwan018: oh...

BellaSwan018:wanna know how am I?

Edward_Cullen: what?


BellaSwan018: my cellphone's broken

Edward_Cullen: y?

BellaSwan018: your numbers not registered....

Edward_Cullen: lol. hehe.

"She made me smile, it took my drowsiness away, I admit that its a bit corny but humorous plus flirty for a girl" I thought to myself with a grin.

BellaSwan018: its a joke Mr. Cullen

BellaSwan018: I know its not allowed

BellaSwan018: I just wanna make you smile ^-^

Edward_Cullen: youre cool, it worked

BellaSwan018: heres another Mr. Cullen

BellaSwan018: Did the earth moved?



BellaSwan018:...or did you just rocked my world...^-^

Edward_Cullen: lol. ^_^

BellaSwan018: are you amused with my stupidity?

Edward_Cullen: not stupidity....


Edward_Cullen:what's your full name?

BellaSwan018: Isabella Marie Swan, bella for short ^-^

Edward_Cullen: where do you live?

BellaSwan018: NYC ^-^

Edward_Cullen: great!

Edward_Cullen: we're having a charity concert there at seven, come.

BellaSwan018: i'll try

Edward_Cullen: don't try, go...

BellaSwan018: i'm busy job hunting. lol.

Edward_Cullen: oh.. too bad!

BellaSwan018: i'll try my best to attend the concert ^-^

Edward_Cullen: can you be online tomorrow morning?

BellaSwan018: ok, may be at nine

Edward_Cullen: wonderful...

Edward_Cullen: see ya

Edward_Cullen: btw, I have to go talk to others I spent so much time on you

Edward_Cullen: wish to see ya at the times square ^_^


BellaSwan018:bye, have a good sleep later Mr. Cullen

Edward_Cullen: bye, goodnight, dream of me tonight. lol.

-Edward_Cullen has left the chat-

"That girl really cheered me up there", I said inside my thought with a grin written on my lips. Before I left the chat, I added her to my empty contacts, finally its not empty anymore. Then, I felt like being watched, I turned to my left, where Alice sits, still with the grin.

"Are you ok?" she asked in confusion

"Pretty much" I replied, "Why ask?

"You're smiling, that's not normal"

I ignored that comment from her then looked back on the screen and continued chatting with the other fans.


"Ahh!" I squealed in my thoughts, "I can't believe that the unexpected happen he actually talked to me". How foolish of me talking like that at him. I'm such a clutz that I didn't even ask his life. I can't believe it, "Ahhhh!!" I squealed again, I still talked to the irresistible, gorgeously breath-taking Edward Cullen. I breathed heavily to prevent myself from having a heart attack, "I'm so stupid" I sighed.

I did the same thing I do before going to bed the only difference is I get to do it early, very different from my usual routine at night. I lied to my bed then turned off my laptop, turning on the lamp sitting beside it, prayed then closed my eyes.

I'm lying on my bed yet awake, not knowing the reason I made various sleeping positions, I lied on my stomach, turned sidewards yet I can't sleep only one name remains in my thoughts, Edward Cullen.

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