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Shadow's first task, much to his dismay, was to clear the path of boulders... after punching didn't work (he flinched his hand back on contact. The rock was harder than it looked) he picked up one of the nearby flowers. Hissing? Is it a-? He thought risking a look up and he realised the flower was glowing red. The hissing stopped and it exploded right on his face.

He used the nearby water to clean the soot out of his fur before using the explosive flowers to get rid of the boulders. Eventually coming across a postbox. Glancing it at it caused it to emit a cheery, "Goooooood Moooooooorning!" Shadow blinked and it continued, "Welcome to the Island Postal Service? Do you have anything for delivery?" Shadow blinked again and turned away from it, Did that postbox just talk?

With that odd occurrence out of the way he advanced further up catching sight of the postman that had changed Tetra's mind back on Outset.

"Shadow? It that you?" The avian asked, sounding slightly shocked.

"I was last time I was asked." Shadow stated folding his arms as usual.

"Good to see you're fine. I must say, you've travelled far for one without wings." The postman replied.

"I had help from a boat. Before you ask No I could not save Link and Aryll yet. But I will when I can get back there." Shadow supplied with a shrug.

"Hmm I see. Say would you like to meet our chieftain? I've told my fellow Rito about you and we're all concerned. The chieftain will surely lend you his aid,"

"Can't hurt to do so,"

"Alright. I'll fly on ahead to let them know." with that the postman flew up towards nother entrance.

Shadow followed along the planks. Walking in on a conversation about Valoo.

The one Shadow assumed was the Chieftain gain an avian smile (Which wasn't much of one) as he stated, "You're Shadow? I must say your colouring suits your name. Quill's told me much of your exploits. A troubling tale, that of the kids. If there's something we can do to help I insist you let us know."

"I'll keep it in mind."

"Unfortunately we have a problem of our own to deal with,"

Quill then added, "Did you see the raging dragon atop the mountain when you arrived?"

"I didn't... but I assume, being avians your living is made via the sky." Shadow answered.

"We can only do so by the graces of the sky spirit, Valoo. Upon adulthood a Rito ascends to the peak of Dragon Roost to gain a scale from him. That scale allows us to grow our wings."

"But Valoo's lost his temper and you cannot approach him, thus endangering your way of life."

"You're very perceptive, Shadow. However it's my responsibility to sort this problem out. Sorry but could you wait until we've solved this?"

Shadow rolled his eyes and sighed, "Fine. But my quest isn't one that can wait."

"Chieftain, what about consulting Shadow with regards to Prince Komali? Shadow is obviously a courageous being, maybe Komali would open up to him?" Quill ventured.

The Cheiftain nodded before turning back to address Shadow, "I'll be blunt. My son is due for his wings, yet he seems too weak to actually get the scale... Could you possibly see if you could inspire him?"

"Got to do something to stop myself from being bored." The Chieftain accepted telling him to get something he wanted to give Komali from a girl named Medli. Quill pausing to add another bag to Shadow's collection, a delivery bag. Shadow nodded and began to walk up the nearby ramp, eventually finding the girl in one of the rooms.

"You're Medli, right?" Shadow questioned

"Hm? Yes I am" She answered as she turned then suddenly gained a look of awe, "Oh my god! You really are a black hedgehog that walks on two legs!" Shadow rolled his eyes Am I really going to get this reaction from everyone!? he thought as she finally collected herself, "Oh sorry, got a bit ahead of myself. I'm an attendant to the great sky spirit Valoo... Or rather i'm still studying to be one."

"I was asked to get something for Komali from you," Medli smiled and gave him the letter. Which was placed in the newly gotten bag.

"Please don't be offended by his manner, I'm sure he means well." She said.

"Don't worry... I've had my fair share of annoyances in my life, so he'll hardly be able to annoy me." he stated turned away.

"Oh ummm... Could you do me a favour? Could you meet me at the entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern afterwards? I'll explain everything then." Medli asked.

"Might as well. I won't be too long." he said leaving the room and finding his way to Komali's room.

Seeing a Rito playing with a red gem he approached and merely stated, "Are you Komali?"

"What's it to you?" The Rito said lazily getting up.

Shadow sighed and handed the letter to him, "From your father." he already disliked Komali's manner.

Reading it quickly his mood didn't change, "Oh sure telling me to be brave is easy for him... it's not like he suffered like me trying to get a scale. At least he doesn't have to still get one." The Rito complained with a very sarcastic tone, "You're in the letter too. Don't go poking in my business. I don't want to see Valoo when he's like this."

Shadow grumbled, "You're more irritating than a lot of people I know. If your so down in the dumps get a hold of yourself. If you're a prince then act like one and man up. While you're growing a pair I'll be attending to something else. I may even calm Valoo own while I'm at it."

"You? With that attitude?" Komali scoffed, "You're lying." Shadow was just glaring at him now, "Alright fine. If you can find someone who can calm Valoo down then I'll listen to you!"

"Better." Shadow muttered as he left the room and the home-like cave into an area that had volcanic ask blowing around it. He moved forward, effortlessly leaping down nearby Medli and tapping her shoulder.

"Oh! You actually came!" the girl said as she turned towards the black hedgehog.

"Well you're the most interesting person that needs help right now."

"Sorry to bring you to a dangerous place but I'm really desperate for help, This spring has been blocked by a boulder dislodged from one of Valoo's rages." She sighed then asked, "How was the prince?"

"Bad... where I'm from we have a word for what he's like, Emo."

"Oh bugger... That's not good." she muttered, "It may partially be my fault. His grandmother was Valoo's former attendant and I was honoured to be taught by her. If I had a bit of her str-"

Shadow cut her off with a hand, "Don't go asking for other's strength. You'll have the strength you need in time. I found that out the hard way."

"I guess so... anyway I need you help reaching a shrine up in the cavern. If I could get some wind under my wings I could fly up there." She said.

"I get it. You want me to throw you with the wind so you can fly to the other side and get to the shrine. Alright then." With that said he lifted her up then waited for the wind to be right before throwing her in the direction she specified. She landed easily then turned and thanked him.

"I'll be fine from here on. Take this as thanks... I know it's not much but it's useful." Medli said throwing a bottle down that was casually caught by Shadow.

"I won't tell them. For now." he said turning to the water and putting some in the bottle before going back up and watering one of the plants that was up there. Picking up the explosive vegetation he lobbed it onto the rock then moved and dive into the water, swimming quickly to the other side.

More bomb flowers were there and two statues. Ignoring them he leaped at one wall then pushed off it to the other then again to land neatly on the other side.

Entering the cavern he noticed three statues, one of them mossy but the others were set into a track of some kind. All three were in front of a dragon painting on the wall behind. He moved the statues out the way and headed through the opening.

Two bokoblins were there, and easily dispatched. He picked up one of the pieces of wood that the monsters hand dropped and used it to light a pair of torches. A chest appeared between them and from it, came a key. He also took not of a pot that smoked green almost continually. Using the key to unlock the door, the moment it was unlocked the key vanished into thin air without reason. Shadow sighed, rolling his eyes at this noting that it would make traversing the cavern a lot harder. The door opened by itself into a much warmer room.

This room, once he cleared some wood out of the way, contained a lot of lava, something Shadow was sure he was not going to fall in any time soon. As Shadow observed the room, trying to find a way forward he noticed one of the bat-like creatures fly a bit too close to a lava plume and suddenly explode into nothingness just like the bokoblins had.

Obviously the bats were far from intelligent. Picking his way long more wooden pathways, leaping over a lava plume that plume that had just died down, casually slicing a bat that got too close before using one of the bomb-flowers to blow up yet another rock revealing another door. Going through the door he noticed a chest over the lava. He leaped the gap easily and pulled cavern's map from the chest. Giving it a brief glance to get his bearings before leaping over to another pot-lined area. S he climbed the ladder he heard an odd sound and saw a red creature barely miss him on it's decent. He followed it easily slicing through it with the sword.

With that done he climbed the ladder once more heading through another door. As he searched the initial room a bokoblin tried to ambush him and found itself impaled on his sword before it perished. Picking up the dropped sword he tested the weight and swung it at some of the wood there. Searching the second part of the room netted him two dead red jelly-like creatures and a key from the chest there.

The next door revealed the room where bat had flown into the lava plume. A glance to his left netted him the way forward, grabbing a nearby rock and throwing it at the bomb flower. The shock of the rock hitting it ignited the fuse and blowing the flowers and the rock up.

Heading through the next door, losing the recently gained key in the process. Through the door he was attacked by more red jelly creatures. After dispatching them he thwarted yet another bokoblin ambush and used the dropped wooden stick to burn the interfering wood out of the way. Examining the switch a few moments before stepping on it.

With the door ahead now unlocked he found himself back outside. He turned to find another bokoblin in his way. Sighing he dashed forward and, before the monster had time to react, stabbed it in the head. He looked up at the sound of odd squawking that sounded like the avian had a cold. "What the hell?" he asked himself.

Without warning the stone Tetra had sneaked among his things suddenly erupted to life again. "Shadow. It is I, the King of red Lions. That noise you are hearing is a Kargarok. An aggressive avian."

"Okay. What about the red jelly things?" Shadow asked

"Those are Red Chu-chu's. And the bats are Keese. None of them are a match for your skill though." The talking boat asked.

Shadow decided not to say anything about using Tetra's glowing rock, replacing it in his pack and heading up the ladder part way. "Who builds a ladder right in the path of magma?" he muttered waiting for the sideways plume of lava to reduce before ascending to the top and slaying the Kargarok after telling it to blow it's nose.

Another plume of lava was in his way for a few moments before the gap was leaped. Moving around the rock there he used the wood to aid his leap to the other side. Using another bomb-flower to blow the rock in the way up and heading through the door. This time there were more bricks, which Shadow moved so he could get to the next room. Pulling out another brick to access another portable torch, which he used to burn away the wood at the top of the ladder. Revealing a chest that had a key in. Using that key to move ahead he found himself outside again. Ascending some broken steps he heard another Kargarok. With a smirk he picked up a pot that was there and lobbed it at the avian, giving a humph of amusement as the pot struck and killed the bird in one hit.

The kargarok was nesting on a key which was used to advance into a keese filled room. Moments later they were gone and another torch used to light the ones without fire, opening the way forward. Crossing a rope bridge and going through the door, which barred itself upon closing. After thwarting more Bokoblin ambushes the doors opened.

Moving ahead once more Shadow spotted what seemed to be a gant centipede of fire. Dispatching it with a parry attack he used one of the pots in the room to harden some of the lava, creating a platform to ascend up on one of the lava plumes. Passing through yet another door he spotted an unusually locked door across a lake of lava he would not be able to jump over. Blowing up the two accessible boulders revealed a large pot similar to the previous one only smoking yellow instead and a door.

Going through the door got him outside, and in clear earshot of a raging dragon. Skating up the stairs he found himself shut into an arena. Two green bokoblins attacked him this time and, without even pausing, his sword was already finding it's way into one of them. When one made a sound s if it ws bout to attack he swung round, accidentally launching one into the other, both exploding into defeat. Then a kargarok dropped a larger creature wielding a large spear into the arena. Shadow leaped over it's initial swing and sliced into it's rear. The monster obviously couldn't take the pain of having a sword slash it's backside as it pranced around briefly, dropping the spear in the process, holding the injured buttocks.

Shadow picked the spear up and stabbed at the creatures, killing it at last. He let go of the spear in time for the King of Red Lions to explain that the creature was a Moblin, just like the ones he had to sneak past at the forsaken fortress.

With them defeated he approached Medli who was now freed from her cage. "Shadow! You rescued me! Thanks!"

Shadow sighed, "Didn't you say you were going to be alright?"

"That's not important, what's I've found it is though, some creature is doing something awful to great Valoo's tail. That causes his anger." Medli stated.

"I'll deal with it. Just like your late captors. Don't worry. It'll be done."

Medli nodded, "I'll make sure everyone knows. Oh here take this, it'll help you get to places you can't by just jumping, if there's something to latch on to." She gave him grappling hook, with a sizeable amount of rope.

With Medli flying back down the mountain Shadow used the Grappling hook to get our of the arena and over a few more gaps to a new door. On the other side was another rope bridge, complete with patrolling Bokoblin. Instead of using his sword he simply grabbed it from behind and threw it off the bridge. A quick glance around the room gave him an impulse to cut the rope bridge down. This proved more fruitful that he thought by reveal the way forward.

Once again in the central room he spotted a cage, with the floor held up by three ropes. He sliced them all with a fluid spin attack then suddenly had a sinking feeling as the rock wall sped past. He landed safely, shaking off the feeling he'd just had and then moved forwards, jumping onto a few hanging platforms, ascending the ladder and spotting a branch that was hanging down he checked the room and risked swinging out on the rope. A sudden jerk alerted him to something moving and and he managed to get himself back onto safe land. He realised that not only had the door opened but one of the keese flitting around had gotten too close and was accidentally kicked into the opposing wall. Going ahead he sighed as he saw yet another thing to swing on, above lava as well. Swinging out once the Grappling Hook had caught to land on the target bit of land. Three more hanging platforms were crossed until he had to swing over lava again. Landing and going through the door. He spotted another centipede striking it when he could to make it curl up. He used it to push the switch down when it deactivated on him. The chest that ws freed contained an ornate key with an eerie eye on it. His trip back to the room which contained the ornately locked door was uneventful aside from meeting fire keese along the way.

He swung across the lava lake and took down another fire centipede upon landing. One of the two chests contained a strange belt which his sowed in his pack them moved up to the door. Unlocking the door the room beyond was circular with a pool of lava in the middle and Valoo's tail hanging from the ceiling. Without warning a monster burst from the lava and attempted to roar at Shadow the hedgehog ignoring it and using Valoo's tail to swing over the creature. At this a crusty lava fell and broke the creature's outer shell slightly... Twice more shattered it completely. With the armour gone he used the grappling hook to pull the eye closer allowing him to slash away at it without worry for the lava.

Once it was down the lava dried up and swirling winds were gathering. Entering them, Shadow was whisked out of the cavern and back to the foot of the mountain.

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