Ok… I don't own Vampire Academy or any of the characters *softly sobs…jokingly of course* Some changes in the plot were made. I will point them out as I go along. My idea came from the song "Your Guardian Angel" By Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.


I had to.

No one could save the black hole that is my heart.

The only choice was to go away. Forever.

By this I don't mean move or runaway.

Yes, I mean suicide.

To explain my situation better I must tell the stories that is my past.

After the well known Strigoi attack my one and only true love Dimitri was 'awakened' by that I mean brutally killed and brought back as the evil, no hearted Strigoi. I knew what I had to do then. After withdrawing out of the academy I took Adrian's money and went in search to kill my love. It was a very hard and long road but finally after a struggle I killed the man I loved forever. No matter how hard I try I can't feel anything but sadness and grief for his loss.

In order to barrow money I had to try to date Adrian for a little bit. No matter how hard anyone tried I couldn't be happy. I put on my robot face, answered when spoken to, started dropping homework and staying in my dorm room and crying myself to sleep. The news that pushed me over the edge was Lissa. Ever since I came back she would act weird and ignore me and after finally confronting her I got this reply: "Really Rose? Your wondering why I'm ignoring you? When you came back your all sobby sob and I can't be expected to be seen with a depressed blood whore. As far as I'm concerned our friendship is done." Her, Exact, Words,

So, you can now see why I am doing this. It's for my own good. The only two people in my lives are either dead or treating me like I'm dead.

As I climb the ledge I knew I was failing and disappointing the people who cared and loved for me. My mother, Adrian, Eddie, Christian, and even Abe tried to come and talk to me after seeing my condition. They are my biggest regret but the biggest reason I am deciding my life is no longer worth pursuing.

So, I wont.

I stood on the edge of the novice roof crying and looking down. This is it. This is for me. My life has always been for the Mori but this time, its all me.

"YOU DON'T COME FIRST, THIS TIME I DO!!!" I yelled as I fell towards the ground getting ready for my eternal darkness. But, not before hearing someone scream "Rose, NOOOOOOOOO"