The Day before the Pageant

"Do I have to?" Mousse protested again.

"We have to know if you can pass as a woman; this is the most obvious way" Konatsu said and adjusted Mousse's collar again. "You certainly can" he said pushing him in front of the mirror. All three of them studied him. They had decided that Mousse's first venture into regular society in full drag would be as a businesswoman because they were so common that people rarely even registered them. He was tall for a woman in black flats, but some women were tall. He wore a black suit with a skirt that terminated just above his black pantyhose clad knees. Underneath the tailored jacket he wore a high neck blue satin blouse. Konatsu had applied his make up lightly and put his hair back in tight, corporate bun. Mousse carried a black purse and wore small clip-on hoop earrings. The result was more than believable with the proper under padding. He looked not only passable, but downright beautiful.

Ranma looked at his friend in approval "are you ready?" he asked him. "You look sensational. If I didn't know you were a guy, I would ask you on a date" he said smiling wolfishly at him.

"But we know I am" Mousse said batting him lightly with his purse in a playful manner.

"Okay girlfriend, you're ready. All you need to do is go out for an hour by yourself and see if anyone notices anything" Konatsu said and gave him a slight shove towards the door.

"Don't make me do this" Mousse pleaded.

"We all have to do this; it's a rite of passage. Now go" he ordered.

Shampoo was hiding around the corner, waiting for Mousse to leave his place so that she could see where he was going. She intended to get to the bottom of his strange behaviour and large amount of girlfriends for once and for all. She registered the slightly nervous looking businesswoman leaving his building, but didn't really spare a thought for her other then observing that she was tall. 'Where was Mousse?' she wondered as the other woman walked in the direction of the park.

Mousse's face was flaming as he made his way through the streets of Nerima in full drag. He expected any second for someone to notice and publically announce what a freak he was. However no one seem to spare him a glance, so he calmed down and started imitating the purposeful walk that other women dressed like him were doing. He went into the park and sat on a bench to be less obvious, not noticing that his beauty was attracting the attention of eligible males. He stood up and took a lesser used path to stroll by the lake. "Hey Baby" a rough looking male said with a leer, happy to find such an attractive woman by herself. He'd been hoping to have a little fun today and now he could. He seized her arm and tried to drag her into the bushes. "Let's get better acquainted" he suggested. He was shocked when she wrenched her arm back from him.

"I don't think so" Mousse said in his most feminine voice, the guy was creeping him out but Konatsu had taught him never break character under any circumstances.

Not to be deterred, he tried to seize the tall beauty again "come on, you wouldn't be walking here alone if you didn't want some action" he said, shocked at how muscular her arm was.

"I'm not interested; I just wanted to be alone for a while. Leave me now or suffer the consequences" Mousse as Shampoo said, taking his arm back from the pervert.

"That's it, I tried to be nice. I guess that I'll just have to take what I want from you by force" he said, he flipped out a switch blade and advanced on her.

"Bring it" she said in a surprisingly masculine voice that caused him to freeze. Out of no where a whole bunch of chains exploded to tie the pervert up while a bowling ball knocked him unconscious. Mousse straightened his clothes and picked up his cell phone to call the police to tell them where to find the suspected rapist and left the park with a spring in his step. He'd more than passed!

"Hey gorgeous, where you going?" a familiar voice said.

"Ranma how come you didn't help me with that guy?" Mousse asked.

"I knew that you could handle him and it was amusing that he thought you were a helpless female" Ranma explained with a laugh that proved to be infectious. "Come on, lets go get you a sundae, pretty girl" he suggested.

"Why not" Mousse agreed. "Haven't we been here before?" Mousse asked.

"Yep, it's the nicest place in town" Ranma said. "Order a sundae, you're a girl so you can" he urged.

"I'll have a hot fudge sundae with cherry ice cream" Mousse said.

"She'll have extra sprinkles, extra whipped cream and lots of cherries. Right Sweetie?" Ranma said in a mushy tone of voice.

Mousse blushed at this "that'll be fine" he muttered and handed the menu back to the waiter. He was shocked when him asking for his cheque was met with "it's on the house because you're so cute" the waiter said.

Mousse beamed at Ranma and said in a high, excited voice "gosh thanks mister!"

Ranma and Akane

Akane and Ranma were kissing heavily in her bed; they were alone for once and were taking advantage of the fact. They were riding a fine edge between innocent kissing and heavy petting. Akane didn't object when Ranma took her top off, he moaned when she nibbled the sensitive place on his neck that she'd discovered. She grinned at him wickedly and ground herself against him, eliciting another moan from him.

"Akane you don't play fair. How am supposed to wait for our wedding night if you're going to tease me like this?" Ranma complained, but ground back into her softness.

"Why wait?" she asked and started to undo his pants as he top was already off.

"I promised you" he protested.

"I already know that we're going to get married, but that could be years from now. I love you and want us to make love together" she said.

"But Akane?" he protested, but surrendered to their mutual desires when she pulled out the pack of condoms that she'd purchased. It was awkward at first when they..... LEMON (A/N sorry I'm the first one to love writing lemons, but in keeping with the PG-13 rating I've given this story, I have to self censor)

Afterwards they cuddled "that was amazing" Akane said, she was cutely flushed and her hair messy, Ranma thought she'd never looked so sexy. 'She's mine' he thought happily. "Want to go on a date tomorrow?" she asked.

Ranma frowned at this "I promised Mousse that I'd run lines with him for his play" Ranma said. That night was the Miss U-Haul contest, but he didn't want to tell Akane that. "How about the next night?" he asked.

"Sure, that would be great" she said.

"I'd better get out of here before we're caught" Ranma said, Akane happily watched him dress and knew that he was now hers forever. She dressed herself. "I'll see you later" she whispered to him with a giggle as he gave her one final deep kiss.

"You got it girlie" he said with a crooked grin that only endeared him to her more. 'I'm in love' she thought as she stretched, she was a little sore in her girly parts, but it was so worth it. 'Mrs. Saotome' she thought dreamily as she picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Hello, I would like to confirm my reservation for a table at the Miss U-Haul contest tomorrow. Yes, it's just for one person" she said and then hung up with a self satisfied grin.

Miss U-Haul

Mousse was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of drag queens and how elaborate their costumes and props were "there's no way we're going to win" he said as he was helped into one of the can can costumes that they'd rented for the occasion by Konatsu.

"Don't sell yourselves short, you'll win for sure" he said.

Ranma came out wearing the other one, looking adorable as ever. Both had full updos with feathers in their hair and looked very authentic. "You look great Mousse" she gushed.

"So do you girlfriend" he grinned back at her.

"You're on next" Konatsu announced.

"I'm nervous" Mousse said.

"Just get out there and do everything I taught you" he said.

With butterflies in their stomachs, Ranma and Mousse took up their positions and waited for the curtain to open and 'Because we Can' to start.

Shampoo stood in front of the sign that read "Miss U-Haul Crowned Tonight" she frowned at this. She'd followed Ranma and Mousse and couldn't understand what they'd be doing here.

"Shampoo?" she heard someone calling her name.

She turned to see Akane in disguise; she wore a male school uniform and a newsie type hat. "Akane what you do here?" she asked her.

"I just came out to get some air during intermission, would you care to join me? I have a table" she said.

"I guess. What go on here?" Shampoo asked in confusion.

"It's time for you to learn the boys' secret" Akane said cryptically and bade someone get another chair for her table and ordered Shampoo a drink.

"What that?" she asked.

"Watch and learn" Akane said as the lights dimmed.

The curtains opened to reveal two girls in full can can costumes. Their song came on, they lifted up their skirts to reveal layers of colourful under lace embellishments and red drawers and started high kicking. Shampoo's jaw dropped when she identified the redhead to be the female Ranma, she glanced at Akane. She nodded back to her, knowing that Shampoo recognized who it was. Shampoo turned her attention to the other girl as both 'ladies' flipped up the back of their skirts to reveal drawer covered butts. They were amazing as they did a kick line, and then somersaulted in tandem from opposite sides of the stage. It was sexy and raunchy at the same time.

Then the taller one picked up redhead up and whirled her around airplane style, she then snaked around the brunette until she was wrapped around her waist. The brunette flung Ranma into the air, caught her and then placed her back onto the stage. She took a hold of Ranma's waist, with a single pull Ranma's skirt came off and she wore only her drawers and bodice. Shampoo kept on watching the brunette, the drag queen was very skilled she thought, and then the familiar features fell into place. "Mousse?" she said in surprise.

Akane nodded in confirmation "the boys have been busy" she said and continued to watch her fiancée. Mousse continued to flip Ranma around until she looked embarrassed to be stripped down to a g-string, leaving her female boobs uncovered. She kept on trying to cover herself with Mousse's flying skirts with hilarious results, until the entire audience was laughing. Finally they terminated their dance by both doing full double front splits.

"What that about?" Shampoo said in bewilderment.

"They'll explain" Akane said. She watched the rest of the acts and waited with bated breath as they announced the winner.

"This is unusual, but there are two winners tonight that did a double act. Not that many girls are unselfish enough to share the limelight, but let's give it up for Raunchy Ranko and Shampoo. They are the winners of Miss U-Haul1995" the MC announced and an ecstatic Mousse and Ranma went on stage. They hugged the other contestants and Mousse accepted the banner and oversized baskets of comps, while Ranma accepted the cheque and oversized tiara.

"Shampoo?" Shampoo repeated.

"Come on" Akane said and pulled off her hat.

"Where we go?" she asked as Akane led her to the security guard in front of the stage.

"Could you please tell Ranma and Mousse that their fiancées are here to see them?" she asked him sweetly.

The three drag queens were now in the private room that they had been assigned. "You won, I told you you would" and happy Konatsu said as he hugged Ranma. "Mousse you were wonderful too" he said hugging him in turn.

"Of course I am" he said, practically glowing at his accomplishment.

"I couldn't have done it without you" Ranma said. "Now I can pay Nabiki off and buy Akane her ring" he cried and kissed Mousse on the lips impulsively.

"Ranma that was my first kiss" he protested.

"Yes, it should have gone to me" a voice said, while another voice said "what ring?" The boys started guiltily apart and turned horror filled eyes on Shampoo and Akane.

"These girls said they were your fiancées" the security guard said with a shrug.

"I can explain", both boy cried at the same time.

Konatsu backed out of the room "sorry, no concern of mine" he said cheerfully and escaped.

Akane walked over to Ranma "it's okay; I've known about your....unique job for a while now and love watching you perform. Nabiki told me when I wondered if you were cheating on me when you went out, so I started following you. I thought that it was kind of weird at first and then I realized how great you were and came to watch you. I love that this has made you accept both halves of yourself, I'm going to marry you regardless of whether you find a cure or not and wanted you to embrace your uniqueness. There's nothing shameful about it. I love you in either form because you're still you" Akane said.

"Really?" Ranma said.

"Absolutely, do you mind if you keep on performing for a while? I've grown addicted to watching you" Akane admitted chagrined.

"I'm marrying a pervert" Ranma said putting her arms around Akane. She was annoyed when Shampoo butted in.

"Ranma, as you officially engaged to other girl, kiss of marriage over. I sorry I kept glomping on you when you no like it and hurting you Akane. I congratulate on upcoming marriage and hope we can be friends" Shampoo said and then turned to the still frozen Mousse. "Can I have few minutes alone with Mousse?" she requested.

"Of course" Ranma said and then drew Akane out.

Mousse regarded her with wary eyes, he felt so ashamed that she'd witnessed his downfall from manhood. "Mousse why didn't you tell me about this?" she asked in Mandarin, indicating his costume.

"I promised Ranma that I wouldn't. Shampoo, I never intended for you to find out about this. It started out with my wanting the prize money to buy you nice things and than I got involved in the community and liked the people I met" he said. "I guess you think I'm a sick fag or something" he said hanging his head. He was surprised when she caught his head in her hands and gave him a hungry kiss.

"Shampoo, why?" he asked in shock.

"I always thought the cross dressers in our tribe were sexy. Mousse you look amazing!" she said taking his hands and squeezing them.

"I have to dress like a girl to turn you on?" he asked with a heavy heart.

"No, I love the male you a lot better, but won't object if you wear something frilly to bed for me once in a while" she said.

"To bed?" he asked.

"Once we're married Airen" she said. "I love you" she admitted to herself and him.

"Oh Shampoo" he said and kissed her deeply.

"I fell in love with you a long time ago, but my great-grandmother said that I had to give you up. So I did because it was my duty, but the hurt twisted in my heart and I became violent towards you out of frustration. I'm so sorry" she said. "Mousse can we go home?" she asked.

"Of course, just let me change" he said. "Shampoo, I love you too" he added with a happy smile.

"I know" she said giving him her sweetest smile, this almost broke his heart. He expected her to take him to the Neko Hanten, but was surprise when she clung to his arm as she led him to his apartment. He wordless opened the door.

"I like your place, its so you" she said viewing it up close for the first time. It was cozy and felt like home to her because it was his.

"Shampoo I don't know what the future's going to bring. Dr. Tofu's making me take night school to finish off my high school and has suggested that he can get me a scholarship to become a chiropractor"

"Whatever happens, we'll do it together" she said and started to undo his robe.

He bit his lip in nervousness. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I would like us to make love" she said. He liked that she didn't order this, but requested.

"If we make love, than I could never leave you" he said hesitantly.

"I don't want you to" she said.

"But about your great-grandmother? She'll never let us be together" he pointed out as she eased his robe off and stroked his chest.

"She will have to when I refuse to come back to the Neko Hanten and work as a waitress. It will be even more convincing when I threaten to give up my claim to leadership. I'm staying right here with you until she gives us permission to marry" Shampoo said and caught his lips with her own. "Nothing like the threat of her great-great-grandchildren being conceived out of wedlock to bring her around" she said. "Now please make love to me?"

Mousse scooped her up and took her to the bedroom, where they made ardent love as only two Amazons can.

Two Years Later

"I told you that curls would work for you", Shampoo exclaimed putting her curling iron aside, her wedding ring flashed her finger. Mousse examined himself in the mirror and fluffed his hair; this caused his own ring to sparkle. "You don't think that the purple eye shadow it too dark and makes me look cheap?" he questioned.

"I think you look beautiful" his wife said, depositing a kiss on top of his head. "Now if you win, I'll do whatever you want me to in the bedroom" she said.

"What if I don't?" he teased.

"Than I'll do it anyway" she answered with a grin.

"Akane, I look stupid in diamond tights" Ranma complained.

"Tough, I like them. Now get your cute buns out there and win" Akane said patting Ranma's full buttocks affectionately.

"Give me back my ring" she said.

Akane put her other hand over her pretty, but modest diamond ring "nope sorry, it's mine" she said. "Come on Shampoo let's go to our table" Akane suggested.

"Sounds good, good luck gals" Shampoo said and left with Akane.

Ranma grinned at Mousse, "you ready?" she asked him.

"Always, us girls have to stick together" the chiropractic student said. He and his wife still lived in Nerima and above the clinic he worked at part-time. Cologne had allowed them to marry when Shampoo promised to succeed her as leader on her deathbed. Cologne had seen two hundred years and is expected to see two hundred more.

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