Orphan girl

I am thirteen years old and my name is Cecilia Hammond, I just turned thirteen last year. I have glasses and brown hair and brown eyes, a boy at school that I dated for a short time said I look like a cute anime girl.

I suddenly as of yesterday I suddenly found I phased through the floorboards to underneath the house, it was pretty scary. Then today I woke up as a old lady and I screamed breaking the windows and mirror in my room.

My dad came in and belted me so I accidentally teleported myself to under the house again. Then I went back to my room when he had stopped and noticed I had turned back to the right age.

Dad came back in again and I suddenly made a blackhole appear it started sucking up the room and it sucked him into it. I closed the worm hole then opened another portal this time it was a worm hole.

I got a bag and went inside. Then once I got inside I teleported into a bank and took as much as I could fit it the bag.

Then I used the wormhole to get back home. Once home I grab another bag and fill it with clothes then I get my dog Ninja and teleport to Sydney from Newcastle.

I turn into a twenty-six year old woman and get a room at hotel where they allow dogs then I get my information from the adoption agency as me at my age and I'm given the file with my real name Cecilia Mactaggart daughter of Moira Mactaggart. In a letter addressed to me I learn that Sean Cassidy is my father.

I know both of these people are dead from the news and one of them was an X-Man. I teleport me and my dog and stuff to her island and I then settle in. I get some smokes as adult me and then come and sit on the steps and smoke.

Suddenly a jet comes out of no where and lands on the island. Out comes Professor Xaiver and Wolverine. My dog runs up to them and yaps happily at them excited at some new play mates. Wolverine pats Ninja's head and Xavier ignores her, they come over to the steps and Xaiver looks at me sternly and says, "This is no place to squat young lady. Who ever you are."

I say, "I'm not squatting this is my home, my mother owned this home. I'm Cecilia Mactaggart by the way." I put my hand out for him to shake hands, but he ignores this so I put it back on my lap.

He then looks at me in surprise and asks, "Your Moira Mactaggarts daughter?"

I say, "Yes."

Wolverine says, "No way!"

I say, "I can prove it."

Professor Xaiver says, "Okay prove it to me then."

I teleport to my room and get birth certificate and photo that came with the file and then teleport back and give them to Xavier. He looks with Wolverine peering over his shoulder. He says, "Your telling the truth. I just wished she had told me. Who's your father, do you know?"

I say, "Sean Cassidy."

Wolverine asks, "How do you know that?"

I say, "It's in a letter."

Wolverine asks, "From him."

I say, "No from her, he had no idea she said."

Wolverine says, "Geez that would hurt him if he was alive."

Xaiver says, "Well you can't stay here alone with your dog, your coming back with us to Nation X."

I say, "No, I'm not."

Xaiver asks, "Why aren't you with your adoptive parents?"

I say, "I got the fuck out of there as soon as I got my powers, I don't want to deal with those abusive bastards anymore. Even if they weren't living together anymore."

Professor Xaivier says, "Oh, I'm sorry. But I'm still going to call the police and get the cops to take you in if you don't come with us."

I put out my smoke on the stairway and said, "You're a jerk."

Wolverine said, "No, you don't want to stay here all alone at your age."

I said, "Sure I do."

Wolverine just scoffed and Xaiver said, "Anyway I've got a computer I have to look through so just get your stuff ready and wait for us."

I just lit another smoke and they went inside.