He doesn't like having weaknesses, he doesn't have an aversion to krypton and whilst he does have that normal human aversion to bullets he's faster than them, so it's not much of a problem. Jinx however is a weakness. He'd like to say he doesn't like it, and true, a part of him doesn't, but so much more of him just can't live without her.

Their first kiss had been messy, uncontrolled and probably the best thing that he'd ever experienced. They'd been fighting, the insults and witty jibes had stopped long ago and this was just a physical battle now with her hurling hexes at him and him flinging things across the room at her. The fight was pointless too, she'd dropped the loot long ago, but not fled and he'd not arrested her. Eventually she'd leapt at him after a hex exploded too close to him and flung him across the room, she'd punched him, hard. There was a moment of pause for them both and then before even he could register it they were kissing. It was rough and probably bruised his lips, let alone his already swelling cheek, his hands were already all over her and hers on him. In no time her nails were clawing into the back of his neck and her knee had hooked itself over his hips.

He always swore it took all of his willpower to pull them apart. They both stood there staring at each other, both struggling to breathe as if they'd run a marathon. Her pupils were so huge that her pink eyes were almost black and her cheeks were bright red.

His problem is that he knows he could resist her if it was just physical attraction, if all it was when he was near her was his body screaming for her. But it was more than that, she had a hold on his mind too, he simply needed her. It was as if someone had stolen a part of his soul so long ago he couldn't remember it and suddenly he had it back and everything worked for the first time in ages.

Apparently the feeling was mutual because one night when he was leaving her, he had to, he'd been called; she grabbed him and just said those three words that made it clear to him that there'd never be a moment in his future that wouldn't be about her.

'I need you'

That one simple admission was all it took. He would be at her side forever, and though she wouldn't admit it she knew that she could never be anywhere else either.

He'd not cared what side she was on, not one bit. He didn't want to change her, and if it meant things would be difficult then so be it. But she wanted to leave, apparently she'd been waiting all her life for something good in the world to go her way, because the world just wasn't worth it, there wasn't anything good in it. And then he'd come along and been everything to her. And the world was most definitely worth saving if he was in it.