Summary: Takuya comes from a very (and I mean very) poor family. They are about to lose the small bit of land they own, so Takuya and Shinya go to the Knight recruiters. Shinya will be a serving boy to earn money, and Takuya will take his 'way with steel' to try and become a Knight. his will also keep the two in one place while their parents try to find a new home. When Takuya gets recruited for the Royal Knight's Academy, a school high class people pay to send their kids to, and he meets the twin Princes Kouichi and Kouji, his entire life changes. And what is it that makes him so good with a sword?

This is a Takouji fic. That means yaoi. That means boyxboy pairing. Also contains other yaoi pairings.

Edit: When I was talking to someone in PMs I realized that I put a note on my profile that I didn't put in this story. Some setting inspiration for this story came from Mages and Knights by Universal Laughter. I also got some inspiration from the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. Amazing books, btw.

I do not own Digimon :'(

Prologue: Arrival

Red-brown eyes stared at the huge structure of wood and stone. The uniform he had been given hung loosely on his slim frame. It was a simple combination of blue and grey. The undershirt was sleeveless and entirely grey except for two strips of blue, one on either shoulder, running from the neck to where the sleeve cut off. The jacket over it was similar, except the strips met in the back and fell in a third, wider stripe down the back, covering a little over half of the grey material. The pants (similar in style to our cargo pants, just with less pockets) held no blue, and covered most of the black boots h wore. In a bag at his side he held the only possessions he had. A green hat and a pair of goggles he found when he was six. Some Mage or Enchanter must have dropped them at one point, and their loss was his gain. A special pair of deer hide gloves he made and was allowed to keep. And, it also contained his only pair of clothes, faded, yellow shirt, worn, red jacket with most of the sleeves missing, and a pair of pants long since too small for him. Looking at the fortress-like building again, he could barely believe how they got there.

"You did highly well," the man behind the impromptu desk stated. "Those trainees are meant to test you. You're not supposed to win." He scribbled a few things on the paper in front of him.

"I'm sorry, sir," the brunette apologized, diverting his gaze to the ground.

"No, no, son, that's not a bad thing," the Knight recruiter said, reaching a gauntleted hand across the table and gently patting the fourteen-year-old's shoulder. "That is actually quite good. And with the Duke watching, too!"

"D-Duke?" the teenager squeaked.

"Yeah. He told me to send you to the Royal Knight's Academy," the recruiter said.

"What? There's no way I can pay for that," the boy stated, shocked.

"Not to worry. You are recruited to there, so you don't have to pay."

"Oh? Cool!" he hollered, then suddenly sobered up. "But what about Shinya?"

"Who?" the guy asked.

"My little brother, Shinya," the brunette replied. "He signed up for serving duty. Where is he going?"

"I don't handle those," the Knight behind the desk told him.

"If Shinya isn't going then neither am I!" the teen yelled.

"What are you saying, boy?"

"I'm saying find where Shinya is going and put me there, or transfer him to where I'm going," the teen declared.

"I'll try…" the recruiter said unconvincingly.

"Try is not good enough! I'm not going if Shinya isn't! I won't break up my family any more than it already is!"

By this time everyone was staring at the farm boy. The Knight saw a nod out of the corner of his eye and sighed. "Okay, we'll transfer your brother…"

Takuya looked down at his brother and ruffled his hair. "Come on, Shinya," he said, and they took the first step towards their new lives at the Royal Knight's Academy.

Look forward to Chapter 1: Royal Knight's Academy that introduces you to Takuya's life in his new home.