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Chapter 15

even during constant demands.

Sarutobi Konohamaru walked under the canopy of one of Konoha's numerous forests, muttering to himself excitedly. The technique Naruto nii-chan had been teaching him was unique and he couldn't wait to show how good he'd gotten at using it though he'd shifted it to suit his fighting style. It was perfect and Konohamaru could clearly see himself grabbing the Hokage's seat with this one. Boy was Naruto nii-chan gonna be surprised.

"Would you keep it down? That incessant mumbling is interrupting my meditation."

Konohamaru stopped, more startled than offended; he had been pretty sure no one would be in his favorite spot today. Uchiha Sasuke was the only other person he'd ever found there and that had only been once – the awkwardness that ensued after he'd heard what Sasuke had been talking to himself about was enough to make him never want to see the former avenger again and he was sure the feeling was mutual. Having overheard that Sasuke was in the hospital though, he'd thought the spot would be free but evidently he'd been wrong. At sixteen and chuunin, hot on his way to becoming jounin, there was pretty much nothing he thought he couldn't handle, but the figure seated in the exact spot he favored for training was going to be challenging to deal with.

"What's with you Hyuuga and forests, do you have an inborn affinity to them?" Politeness was wasted on this particular Hyuuga.

Konohamaru just received a white eyed glare in return, but he'd long since been immune to any fear the Hyuuga evil-eye was meant to incite having been on its receiving end several times.

"Or are you running away from home…again," he finished, glaring at the figure before him in turn.

"That was underhanded Konohamaru."

He sighed. It was extremely unfair for anyone to expect him to know how to deal with, in his opinion, one of the most impossible Hyuuga ever to be born: Hanabi Hyuuga! He could never know what she was going to say next; one minute she was hot and the next cold. It baffled him to no end. He remembered meeting her a total of five times – how could he forget – in that exact spot when he was just ten years old and she nine. She had been as aloof as any Hyuuga but that had done nothing for the tears that kept collecting until her cheeks bore twin never ending streams. At that time, he'd thought she looked so regal and…and beautiful but yet so sad. He hadn't known what to do, so he'd just pretended she wasn't crying and talked to her like he would any normal girl.

After the first few exchanges of words – which were harsh from her end – she'd told him she just wanted to take a walk in the forest. Konohamaru had known straight away it was a lie; Hyuuga, especially young main-branch Hyuuga, did not just take walks outside the compound unaccompanied. But he'd kept quiet, silently accepting her excuse and just started his own private training as she sat and watched. Over their second meeting, she'd corrected his stance once or twice and told him that he would make a miserable excuse for a ninja. He'd disagreed and they'd parted ways, each incensed from the intense argument that had occurred. He'd apologized a month later on their third meeting but she'd told him that she never argued with anyone whose opinion she valued and he'd told her there was a first time for everything.

Their fourth meeting was brief and he'd remember that as the first time he ever fought with a girl. She'd wanted to leave, escape from the village, muttering things about her family and excessive pressure. The argument that had ensued led to a physical fight which he didn't remember much of except for the fact that she'd beaten him to a pulp and proved she was stronger, hands down. Their last meeting had occurred 3 months later when she'd told him that the academy he went to taught absolute nonsense and her Hyuuga teachers were the best but perhaps not all the students were imbeciles. She'd smiled, truly smiled at him then and though he'd originally felt sorry for her having to literally run away from home in order to gain some freedom, her smile had shown him a glimpse of the real Hanabi Hyuuga and he found he didn't pity that one at all.

He hadn't seen her since then but there she was looking for the entire world like she owned the forest and of all the feelings he was experiencing, the most prominent one was irritation.

"What do you want Hanabi?"

"Excuse me?" she asked indignantly.

"What are you doing here?"

Hanabi glanced at him, seeming surprised at his genuine irritation before replying. "That's none of your concern Konohamaru-kun."

"It is my concern. This is my personal training spot after-all and you know that."

"This place belongs to me as much as to you Sarutobi-san and you may train as much as you please, I shall not disturb you."

Konohamaru stared at her, trying to figure out what she wanted – after all those years – but could think of nothing. It didn't help that she seemed to have the whole emotionless-Hyuuga-face thing down to a T and was looking at him, eyebrows raised as if she thought he was an idiot. She had to be there for some reason though…she can't have simply just left the Hyuuga compound again…argh!

He didn't have time to waste exchanging 'niceties' with the one girl whose memory caused him more embarrassment than any other. He still hadn't gotten over that particular beat-down and it had been a pain trying to forge reasons for his injuries to his parents. He felt his face flush and though her facial expression didn't change, he could almost swear he'd seen her smirk.

"Fine, stay here. I need to look for Naruto nii-chan anyway." He turned around; ready to jump into the branches above but her next words sparked a curiosity in him that made him stop.

"That hyperactive blond? He should have just stayed at home."

"You know where he is?" Konohamaru asked in surprise. It was a wonder the girl could remember who Naruto was let alone find her way across the village to the forest unsupervised. Yes, Naruto nii-chan was a hero to Konoha but that had been several years back and the Hyuuga never gave a hint as to whether they followed current events or not. It was easy to assume they ignored all that went on around them and Hanabi was the worst of them, being cooped up in their estate at all times, except when on missions. How could she not have bothered to even pass by and say 'hello' in the past six years?

"He's in a meeting with the council," she stated, seemingly bored with the topic already.

"The village Council?" Konohamaru exclaimed in shock. There could be no way they were making him Hokage already!

Hanabi gave him a look similar to the one he'd seen Neji-san give to Lee-kun on many occasions. This alone made his cheeks color slightly in more embarrassment.

"The Hyuuga council. His presence was requested along with Tenten-san's. It's a rare occurrence for any outsider to attend the council meetings so word must have spread to the whole village by now; it's surprising you didn't know this"

"Do you know what it's about?" he asked, his curiosity piqued.

"I do not reveal the goings on of the Hyuuga to outsiders," she replied icily.

Konohamaru sighed again; there she was, once again jumping from hot to cold in an instant. It seemed she did not know why Naruto nii-chan had been summoned to the Compound however, judging from the vehemence of her reply. No one got that upset over such a simple question – not even the ever arrogant Hyuuga – so she was probably annoyed that she wasn't told either.

"Am guessing it's not a good thing though," he stated.

She didn't say anything, just looked away from him and he didn't quite know what to make of that. But Naruto nii-chan could take care of himself even though the Hyuuga were known for being a tad extreme over particular matters…

"Naruto nii-san can take care of himself."

"You'd better hope he can, for his own good. He had better not be like you."

He opened his mouth to retort but thought better of it, he wouldn't play her game.

"So what are you really doing here anyway Hanabi; it had better not be that you missed me and came here to have me comfort you again."

He'd said that hoping to catch her off guard but the resulting glare he received instead was as cold as they got and he had half a mind to get as far as possible from her before he received another beating, but her answer stopped him in his tracks again.

"Even if I did, the extent to which you are-"

"Wait…so you did miss me?" he asked in mild shock and no small amusement.

"I said no such thing!"

"You didn't deny it either. Who would have guessed that Miss Hanabi Hyuuga has a crush on me?"


Later that day, as he nursed his dark swollen eye, Konohamaru reflected that that probably hadn't been the wisest thing to say to her…but it had been worth it to see her reaction. It seemed Hinata-san was not the only Hyuuga who turned that particular shade of red on special occasions. This was going to be fun!


"Tell me it's not true; tell me it's just a pointless rumor."

"I'm afraid I cannot say that Tsunade-sama. It has been confirmed true," Shizune replied, rather surprised at the way the news had been received. "But perhaps it's not as it seems."

Tsunade in turn glared at Shizune till she took a step back as precaution lest the Sannin's fist swung out suddenly in anger.

"It is as it seems Shizune. Those overgrown Hyuuga can't have summoned Tenten and that brat there for any other reason."

"For Tenten-san's case I can understand but Naruto-kun has never really shown any interest in Hinata-san, so why would they-"

"Hinata is at a marriageable age and it would not do to have her pining for some other ninja while they try to give her away to the highest bidder in the Fire Country, so they are probably trying to settle matters as soon as they can," Tsunade replied even as she took a large gulp from a previously hidden sake bottle.

Trying very hard to ignore the sake, Shizune asked her next question; "I still don't understand what is so bad about this whole situation. Hinata-san will probably never get Naruto-kun's attention in that way and it would be best if she forgot about…hey, are you listening to me?"

Tsunade was busy gulping down the entire sake bottle non-stop and when she was done, she reached for another one without a pause. Shizune felt her eyebrow start to twitch.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that Shizune. That brat has been showing an unnecessary amount of concern over that Hyuuga girl…it could be just another crush but…it can't be. You should have seen his reaction when he found out she had been captured," Tsunade said between sips of alcohol.

"Even so Tsunade-sama, as the Hokage, you cannot interfere in clan matters."

There was a long pause after which Tsunade replied; "Yes, as the Hokage I cannot interfere. But still, that kid deserves to be happy at the very least."

A heavy sigh escaped her and she struck the table with her fist, sending a few of the piles of paper tumbling.

"Those bastards! Why did they have to pull such a stunt now; am in the middle of negotiations with the Raikage who's trying to convince me that he had nothing to do with the capture of both Hinata and Tenten," Tsunade practically growled.

Shizune looked up from the papers she'd been picking up. "What? But the mastermind of the whole thing said-"

"I know what he said Shizune; Ibiki informed me," Tsunade cut the other woman off irritably. "But just because he said he was doing it for the Raikage doesn't mean the old idiot actually gave him an order to do it. Ibiki's tried harder but the guy just keeps ranting on and on about how the Raikage would have rewarded him, and the others know almost nothing about the reasons why; seriously…"

"There's little to do at this point though, except wait for Raikage-sama's response."

"I know…I know," Tsunade sighed, staring straight ahead as she tried to figure a way out of the ever growing mess and the sake bottle stood forgotten on the floor.


Tenten sat staring straight ahead, avoiding looking into any particular eyes of the elderly Hyuuga before her. She knelt in the traditional position as did the Hyuuga elders before her; all seven of them. Seven pairs of white eyes set in seven hard-set faces, all looking at her like she was the filth of the earth. Or perhaps she was imagining it all; how was it possible for an emotionless face to look so condescending?

She was in a large well-lit room with wooden floors and an entire wall made of paper doors having the most exquisite water scenery she'd ever seen painted on them. This however was all noted in passing as the council seated in front of her held her utmost attention. The Hyuuga – five male, two female – were seated facing her at the forefront, about five feet from her position and…was that Hiashi-san? Tenten stared in surprise at the Clan-head seated centrally as he looked at her like he'd never really seen her before.

Neji and Hinata were seated three paces behind her and from the looks of things, they were not allowed to say a single word at all. It was probably just an intimidating tactic to make her feel isolated and choice-less but it was working. Beneath the cold stare of fourteen eyes and surrounded by a thick silence, Tenten felt like running out of there as fast as she possibly could. So this was the Hyuuga council of elders huh; well they left an impressive picture. But with all this running through her head, she couldn't figure out why she was there in the first place; she had a vague idea but it…

"Uzumaki Naruto-san, you may enter"

Tenten almost flinched when the words pierced the silence, effectively halting her thoughts but her taut muscles held her body in the same position; somehow she felt she was not supposed to turn around and look at the doors behind her. She heard a door slide aside and from the sound of it, someone had entered the room, but Naruto? Why him?

"Um, hi?"

Tenten winced at that; it was Naruto – few people could be that tactless – but what he was doing there, she didn't know. Heck, she didn't even know what she was doing there. Neji had not uttered a single word of explanation to her on their way over and she'd given up trying to coax anything out of him.

"Step forward Uzumaki-san and have a seat. We've been expecting you and we have much to discuss."

She glanced up at Hiashi-san and peripherally noticed Naruto walk slowly and sit on a mat placed at the same level as she was; between the council and Hinata and Neji.

"I now call this council meeting to order," Hiashi stated. "Tenten-san and Uzumaki-san, I'm sure you realize why you're here."

Tenten really did flinch having not expected to be addressed so suddenly. How did they expect her to know why she was there when no one had mentioned a word to her.

"I-I was not informed of the purpose of this meeting." Damn that stutter.

Hiashi turned his eyes onto Naruto who flinched visibly as well and shook his head – far too vigorously – to indicate the negative. Tenten fought the urge to wince at that and could easily understand the blonde's nervousness. It wasn't just the numerous white eyes that stared at them unceasingly, but if her hunch was right, then Naruto probably was not ready to face Hiashi-san in such a manner and was probably even more intimidated than she was. This was not to say that she liked being there…the meeting was probably going to head in a direction she'd been trying to avoid even pondering on for the whole year.

"The council wishes to question you both on your increasingly…questionable…interactions with our future house heads." It was a woman who had spoken this time; about sixty years old, seated tall and elegantly with the same emotionless face as the rest and a flat voice to complete the image.

"Y-you mean Hinata-chan and Neji?"

The council just stared at Naruto and Tenten really didn't want to be in his shoes right then. His eyes narrowed and his head tilted forward just the tiniest bit after a while with no response. Tenten wasn't the most adept at reading body language – not with all those Hyuuga there – but she was certain that meant the blonde was getting rather irritated. Then again, Naruto really had asked the most obvious of questions.

"What do you mean by 'questionable;' I haven't had any questionable interactions with Hinata-chan, let alone Neji." Naruto had mumbled the last bit but Tenten found herself fighting back a nervous giggle and by the looks of it, some of the council member had found it amusing, though others seemed even more annoyed but the comment.

"Uzumaki-san, do you have any intentions of courting Hinata?" Another man had spoken this time, his voice rather high and irritating but with a gaze more piercing than any she'd ever seen. Apparently he didn't want to waste any time and had gotten straight to the shocking question.


"Do you have any romantic sentiments towards Hinata with the intention of courting her?"

Tenten decided she did not like this particular elder. He was smirking in satisfaction, clearly enjoying Naruto's discomfort. She frowned at that, then his eyes turned to hers and his smirk grew even wider…she really had a bad feeling about all this.

The elder's question was met with a long silence in which Naruto's face just kept getting redder with each passing moment, then:

"W-well…I, I," Naruto stuttered, apparently at a complete loss of words. "What if I d-do…will you give us your consent?"

Tenten heard a soft gasp from behind that was most certainly from Hinata even as she noticed that Hiashi's eyebrows moved slightly in a small frown and the rest of the council's lips became thinner.

"You are a commendable ninja Uzumaki-san but Hinata will not marry a ninja; that has already been decided by this council," another of the elders spoke up.

Naruto gaped at them for a moment, his mouth opening and closing a couple of times with no words coming out. Tenten didn't blame him, at their age, few were thinking of marriage – especially the males – and it was a little unfair for the council to even mention it, knowing it would make him uncomfortable.

"What? Wh-who said anything about marriage…I…I…shouldn't it be Hinata's choice in the first place anyway?" Naruto spoke, his sentences faltering; a fact that seemed to please some and irritate others.

"The Hyuuga do not get romantically entangled with one who will not be a spouse and Hinata may choose from any civilian of the Fire Country who pleases her before she is to be declared clan-head, though it's none of your business Uzumaki-san," the female spoke again.

"You cannot do that and it is my business!" Naruto almost shouted before he took a moment to calm himself. "What if I go ahead and…court her anyway?" he asked, his blue eyes flashing.

"If you care for her as you claim you do, then you shall do no such thing for the consequences will be dire-" the woman had started to say before she paused.

"Uzumaki-san, you are aware that Hinata has had an interest in you for a while now; why do you choose to step forward now? If your feelings are so fickle that they arise in a matter of days, then worry not for it will take just a couple more for them to dwindle and completely disappear," Hiashi spoke up, his tone hard and unforgiving.

Tenten turned to look at Naruto, his head bowed as if in shame and his fist clenched and shaking. What Hiashi-san had just said was harsh and she wondered how Hinata must have been feeling at that moment. She felt sorry for him and tried to speak up in defense of him.

"With all due respect Hiashi-san, Naruto is not the type to-" Tenten began to say before she was cut off by the councilman who had been smirking earlier.

"Your situation is not much different Tenten-san. We are well aware that you and Neji have been intimate without the council's acquiescence."

Seven pairs of white eyes turned their gaze on her with such intensity that she flinched. The guns were now aimed at her and she suddenly felt like fleeing again

"I was not a-aware the council's agreement was required," she responded, a slight blush on her face which was partially due to her stutter.

"It is not for a commoner to know of the inner workings of the Hyuuga but caution and basic logic would have been enough to perceive such a thing," the elder spoke.

Tenten stared in surprise at the blatant insult; if his aim was to irritate her, then he was starting to succeeding but before she could retort, Naruto cut her off.

"You're really rude, you know that?"

"Uzumaki-san, it would be wise for you to not interfere in the matters that involve Tenten-san and do keep your opinions to yourself. It is a well-known fact that you speak and act before you think but refrain from doing so here; your thoughts are not held in high regard." The second female elder had finally decided to speak up.

"She is my friend! I can't just sit here while you…you insult her," Naruto finished off feebly.

"If you feel so strongly for her, then perhaps you should aim your romantic intentions in her direction and save us all this meeting," another elder responded, though he looked more bored than anything else.

"Esteemed council members, what is it that you wish to inform me of," Tenten spoke up ultimately stopping Naruto's counter. She wasn't sure though that that had been such a bright idea for a few of the councilmen's eyes were now narrowed in annoyance. She took a deep breath to steady herself and keep her courage.

"Very well Tenten-san, you will cease this idiocy you've been engaging in with Neji and not interact with him outside missions. You shall find yourself a new training partner and refrain from indulging in any intimate activity with him for he shall soon have a spouse and you will not."

Tenten stared at the man who'd just spoken; it was the first time he'd voiced his opinion and she was certain she did not like this one at all. But it was not the time to ponder such things and she had to speak up…even though she really didn't want to.

"This will be going against Hyuuga tradition though, will it not?" She was gambling she knew but this was the only trick she had in her box. It was ridiculous having to defend her relationship with Neji in the direction of marriage when he had never even hinted at such a thing.

Yes, she did want to marry him but even that though, had always been much further down the road. Now the Hyuuga council was demanding that she leave the relationship altogether but what was she supposed to do, say 'yes?' She wasn't even sure Neji liked her enough to…no, that was the wrong direction for her thoughts to go in. He had proven it over and over again that he loved – yes loved – her enough to fight for her…so she would fight for him.

"Speak clearly child," Hiashi-san said and she had to raise her eyebrows at this…'child?'

"Esteemed elder, you'd said that Hyuuga do not get romantically involved with those who they will not wed. Neji and I are already romantically involved, so would it not be traditional to let us marry?" Tenten asked while looking straight at the lady who had said it, though she was fighting a losing battle with her quickly reddening cheeks.

She could have sworn she saw Hiashi-san smirk but was distracted at the genuine smile on the face of the female elder she'd been addressing.

"It seems you have a good head on your shoulders child."

"Nevertheless," spoke the elder who'd looked bored before. "Hyuuga tradition is only applied to those as noble. If an ant died on your beautiful kimono, staining it in the process, you would not throw the cloth away for such an insignificant creature. You would simply just wash the stain off."

"You know, it's ironic that all my life I've wanted a family. It was tough growing up without any parental guidance, but I'm grateful for that now, because who knows what I'd have done if I'd grown up with people like you. Hinata-chan and Neji are must be really strong to have put up with this all their lives," Naruto spoke up, his voice oddly husky as if he was containing a lot of anger.

"Your judgment on what we expect of our clan members is irrelevant to us; after all, high quality is something we don't expect you to understand Uzumaki-san."

"That's not fair-" Tenten started before she was cut short.

"And you Tenten-san, why is it that you insist on marrying Neji. You who has no clan, no venerable lineage and not even a last name. Why do you insist on this? Did your intimacy with Neji go too far?"

There was a collective stiffening of everyone in the room and Tenten found herself staring at the man in surprise…why couldn't he have just remained bored?

"Hirihito-sama, perhaps this is going too far," one of the males whispered.

"Hardly," Hirohito spoke in a hard tone. "Anyone with the byakugan can see that you're no longer a virgin Tenten-san and as such you know you are not of much use to any man. Is that why you have insisted on Neji? How certain can we be that it was even him who-"


It wasn't shouted or even spoken loudly, but the anger in the voices was enough to stop even Hirohito, if only for a moment.

"Hinata, you have no right to interrupt this meeting and Neji, sit back down. This meeting is not yet over and both of you need to keep your emotions in check," Hirohito said.

"Forgive my intrusion honorable council, but I believe that is quite enough," Neji said, his eyes narrowed and his voice flat. This was the most pissed off she'd seen him recently and it worried her…he shouldn't have to disobey his family for her.

"Your opinion is not required on this matter Neji and we will continue this meeting with or without you here," one of the elders said.

"N-no, this meeting has to stop. We understand your stand on this…but…but I will stay with Naruto-kun no matter what y-you say."

Tenten stared at Hinata in shock and almost applauded when she came back to her senses. Wow...wow! That had been incredible! Naruto thought so too by the looks of it and so did Hiashi-san and even Neji who looked a little less incensed. The rest of the Hyuuga looked taken aback but only slightly so as they stared at Hinata's determined but slowly reddening face.

"I agree with Hinata-sama. I've already chosen my bride and it will be Tenten, regardless of the council's decision. She is not inferior to anyone; in fact, she is more skilled and loyal than some clan members."



"Surely you cannot believe that we will allow this…this ludicrousness no go on"

Tenten stared wordlessly, trying to forget the stabbing pain she'd felt at the reminder of her rape and the sinking feeling there after knowing it would be hindrance for both her and Neji. At the same time though, she was repeatedly trying to stop her face from reddening any further at what Neji had just said…he'd called her his bride!

"That's it! I've had enough!" Naruto exclaimed.


"Agreed," Neji said as he walked towards Tenten and reached for her arm. "We are leaving. Excuse us honorable council," he said with a slight bow.

"Such impertinence!" exclaimed one of the elders and Tenten watched in horror as he made a sign with his right hand. She knew that sign…it was the one to activate the Hyuuga curse-seal!



"No!" Hiashi-san practically shouted as he reached to grab the elder's hand. "That is forbidden in the council-room!"

Tenten had never really understood why Neji would occasionally keep his distance from the man but at that moment, she could begin to understand. Hiashi-san had fierce look and his eyes gleamed with promises of death for anyone who dared cross him at that moment. She turned to look at Neji and noted his look of surprise with concern. It must be unnerving for him to see someone almost activate the curse-seal on him.

"Agreed, this meeting has gone on long enough. We have heard your opinions but are you willing to face the consequences of them knowing very well what they will be?" one of the councilwomen questioned Neji and Hinata?

They in turn just stared at her determinedly, nodding once in affirmation.

Hiashi-san sighed deeply and everyone turned to look at him in surprise.

"Very well," he said after a pause. "We chose you both as future house heads not just because of your strength and position in the clan but also because of your insight and knowledge; so we trust your decisions and as such…you may marry whomever you choose."


"This is an outrage!"

"SILENCE!" one of the older looking members of the council exclaimed. "Go ahead son."

Tenten stared in shock and from the silence in the room, everyone else was too. Hiashi-san had just stated that she could marry Neji…but if it was that simple a decision to make, then why was the council meeting called in the first place and what about the announcement that Neji would marry one of his distant cousins?

"This meeting was called to re-evaluate the choices made by this council as regards to the spouses of the future house heads."

"Wh-why were these choices made in the first place then?"

Hiashi glanced at his daughter before answering her question.

"Some, not all the council members felt the previous decisions were the best for the clan." At this, Tenten saw Hirohito and a couple of others frown. "As clan-head however, I retain the right to make the final decision."

"What makes you think so?" Hirohito growled.

"It is written in some of the older clan rules Hirohito-sama, perhaps you should reacquaint yourself with them," another of the councilwomen spoke.

"My decision is final; however, there are traditions that will still remain. Even though both of you may marry whomever you wish, you must do so before you're inaugurated as house heads," Hiashi-san said, his voice silencing any protests.

Tenten was still in a daze and couldn't think straight.

"Hinata, your inauguration is in four months and Neji, yours shall be six months later. Do not forget that. Dismissed!"

Naruto on the other hand looked like he'd just been punched in the gut. No one could blame him though, he had just started to like the idea of dating Hinata but now he was being told to marry her within four months else she had to choose someone else…what the hell?


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