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Sneaky Snake

"You are the Heir of Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, and Merlin, as well as, the Potter, Black, Baxter, Rosamond, Vanover, and Hellyar families."

"I… What?" Harry asked trying to get his head straight. He looked over to the parchment hoping that it would show the goblin was lying, but moments later he regretted doing so. Looking at the parchment did several things, it showed Ragnok was telling the truth, gave Harry a headache, and a sore bottom as he fell out of his chair and hit his head on the desk.

Not only was his mother the descendant of Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Merlin, but she was also the half-sister of none other than Severus Snape!

Chapter 7

The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to. - Dodie Smith

Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock. – Jules Renard

Harry walked numbly out of the bank. His left hand felt heavy from the weight of the nine rings that hugged his left ring finger. He couldn't wrap his mind around everything that he had learned that evening. Harry hadn't even comprehended that the sun had fully risen and he was wandering around the Alley amongst the early morning crowd.

Apparently in two years he had two be married with two sons and then had an additional seven years to have seven more sons, but no worries he could afford three dozen kids and even then he, them, and there kids could live comfortably without working.

However, it wasn't the enormous amounts of money, the apparent need to have a large family, or even his famous ancestors that bothered him. No, it was that his mother's father had an affair with Eileen Snape knee Prince producing none other than Severus Snape.

Worst of all he had he had a magical family tree to prove it.

The man who made the first five years of his Hogwarts schooling heel, turned the man who was trying to buddy up to him was apparently his uncle and Harry had no idea what to do with this new revelation.

But that wasn't where it stopped. After running down his inheritances and putting the rings on, Ragnok went over Harry's finances with him. Together they discovered that over the past fifteen years Dumbledore had stolen over 200 thousand gallons from Harry. This new shock pissed off the goblins beyond words.

What pissed Harry off was the fact that his mother seeing the problem with having Sirius being a decoy decided to write three letters his innocents and Petigrew's guilt. One of these letters was left at Gringotts for Harry. It was a long letter expressing her sorrow that she couldn't be there for him and didn't get to see him grow up. It had been hard to read and sent numerous conflicting emotions through him.

The other two letters were to be sent to Dumbledore and the Aurors in the event of the Potter's deaths. So, not only did Dumbledore take his money from him, but he also took his godfather.

Harry was so immersed in his thoughts that he failed to notice the dark robed figures appeared throughout the magical shopping district. That is, not until the first terrified screamed sounded.


Severus Snape was fuming. He had been woken up at 6:30 this morning by his Slytherin sixth years that is to say by all but one of his Slytherin sixth years. They told him how the missing one had been acting strangely the previous day, and then last night when he went to bed he failed to ward his bed, something he apparently did every night even when he was drunk. This lead them to believe when they woke up this morning and found him missing that he had no intention of going to sleep the previous night and was simple waiting for them to go to sleep.

He now had no idea what he course of action he should take. If it this had happened before the boy had been re-sorted into his house he wouldn't have hesitated to tell Dumbledore and point out his Golden Boy's tendency for rule breaking, but now he was trying to gain the boy's trust. Trust that he knew Dumbledore no longer had, nor deserved.

Snape clearly needed to find the child, but had didn't know where he should start, but then it came to him. If anyone knew where the boy was it would be Granger.

One thing was certain when Snape found him, and he would he would be in big trouble.


Harry's head snapped up at the alarmed shriek of a three year old girl that just witnessed her mother murdered in front of her. The entire Alley was overrun with Death Eaters!

The Death Eater that struck down the girl's mother raised his wand to rid the world of the child next. Harry reacted without thinking. He ran forward and grabbed the little girl. He angled his body so that if he hadn't been fast enough he would be the one struck. The curse wiped by less than a half inch from striking him. He stumbled but was able to rotate his body so the little girl landed on top of him so he didn't squish her. Harry quickly stood up, his hood fell down revealing his identity.

The little girl still had hold of him and refused to let go so he did the only thing that he could think of that would allow him to fight and keep her safe at the same time. He grabbed the little girl and sung her on to his left hip and pulled his wand out with his right hand. He sent a reducto at the Death Eater that was surprised to find himself face to face with Harry Potter.

The man was basted back and Harry turned his attention to the next Death Eater to step into his line of sight.

Screams of pain, panic, and loss filled the air. Blood stained the grown, marking the mass destruction of human life. Smoke rose from the buildings that had been set on fire. A putrid smell entered Harry's nostrils as a new scream was added to the air. The scream of those being burned alive. Harry's attention was sent back to his fight as a curse stuck his left cheek. He felt the sting and then the trickle of the warm blood as it oozed from the new cut.

He snapped into action fighting for his life. Curses flew from his wand out of instinct barely relized what he was doing. Everything was going so fast. All he could do was keep moving and make sure the little girl was okay. Finally he was brought out of his daze as he struck a Death Eater with a banishing charm. He flew back and hit an unstable building. The buildings sign swung down and impaled its self in the Death Eaters chest.

It Harry like a ton of bricks. He just killed a man. Was this the only man he had killed today? He didn't know. What he did know was that he was responsible for this man's death. This man was might be someone's father, brother, husband, son…

Harry felt sick. What had he done? Was he any better than the Death Eaters? This man might have been black mailed into servicing that nut job. He didn't know. Numbly he sat the little girl down before he bent over and emptied his stomach.

The Death Eaters continued the destruction with little resistance from the towns people for another ten minutes, but disapperated as soon as the Aurors finally arrived. Harry looked at the brown haired blue eyed little girl that he had been carrying throughout the fight. "Are you okay?" He asked his voice ruff and raspy from being sick.

Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head no. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her as he wished someone would have done for him when he was little and upset.

"My… mummy…" the girl sniffled between sobs.

"I know," Harry whispered sadly. The girl's mother was gone and there was no way to bring her back. "Do you know where your daddy is?"

"Gone," she gasped out.

"I'm sorry," he told her truthfully. "Do you have any family?"

She nodded into his shoulder, "'m brodder."

"Where's he at?"

"'Ogwarts." Harry nodded as an Auror approached them, but this wasn't just any auror it was an Order member.

"Harry what are you doing here?" Tonks asked confused. "And who's the kid?"

Oh, I'm just here to do some shopping. Got a little distracted. But, I should get going. And this is…"

"Kelly," the little girl provided peaking out from Harry's shoulder.

"Her mother was…" He bit his lip he didn't want to say it out loud. Luckily Tonks seemed to understand. Her eyes widened before they looked at the girl with pity and she nodded her head. "Is it okay if I take her to Hogwarts? That's where her brother is."

She shifted from foot to foot, "How are you going to get there?"

"Was going to floo to Hogsmead from the Leaky Cauldron.

"I'll walk with you." She agreed nodding.

Harry generally liked Tonks. She didn't treat him like he was some dumb kid like the rest of the Order. He floo-ed from the Cauldron with the little girl back in his arms. He then went as quickly and unnoticeable as possible to Honeydukes so he could use the passage to get into the school.

"This is a secret so make sure you don't tell anyone," Harry whispered into Kelly's ear and she nodded solemnly in response. "What house is your brother in?" He asked trying to make converstion as they traveled through the tunnle


"Yeah? I have a friend that's in Hufflepuff. What year is he?" she merely held up two fingers. "Second year? When I was a second year me and a friend borrowed his father's flying car and flew to school. We crashed into the Whomping Willow and got into so much trouble." She giggled that time. Harry continued to talk about nonsense things the whole way to the castle trying to get her mind off of the days events.


Snape sat at the faculty table at he still had no idea where Potter was, but neither did anyone else, including Granger. It was expected to see surprise and then worry filter across her face when he had confronted her about her friend's location.

He had told Dumbledore that the boy was probably just skipping class, but if he didn't show up by the end of lunch he would go and find him and drag him to class himself if he had to. The only problem was that lunch was halfway over and he still had no idea where Potter could be.

Just then the Great Hall's doors open revealing Harry Potter dressed in muggle clothing holding a small girl. They were both dirty in covered in blood. A cut on Potter's face was begining to scab, the dry blood trailed from the cut down his neck. He was favoring his left side and limping. Limping to the wrong table. He wasn't even going to Gryffindor which would be understandable, but to Hufflepuff. As he walked down the aisle between the Puffs and Claws a second year Puff jumped up.

"Kelly?" He yelled and ran down to meet Potter and the girl who was now squirming in Potter's arms.

"Jimmy!" The newly free girl exclaimed as she jumped in to the other boys arms. The boy looked at Potter in confusion.

Potter set a gentle hand on the boys shoulder and spoke quietly with him. The boy became visibly upset and hugged the girl, Kelly, tighter. After a few minutes the boy left with the child as Potter watched.

The whole hall was silent trying to find out what was going on and what Potter would do next. He continued to walk down the Puff table until he was where the other sixth years where seated. He sat down and spoke with them briefly. Occasionally one of them would look at the door.

Finally Potter nodded and stood up. He walked over to his seat at Slytherin table and sat down. "I trust you will find out what that was about?" Dumbledore asked him. He returned with a curt nod. He would find out, but whether or not he shared that information with the Headmaster was a different story.


Harry took his seat at Slytherin table after telling the boy about the death of his mother and asking his class mates to look out for the new orphan. He didn't know what would happen to the two kids now, but he would try to keep in touch with them. He filled his plate even though he wasn't remotely hungry. In fact, he was still feeling sick, but with all eyes on him Harry was going to act as normal as he could.

"So, where have you been Potter?" Malfoy asked serenely.

"I fail to see how that is any of your business, Malfoy." Harry responded keeping his cool.

"Come on Potter, who can you trust if not your dorm mates?" Zabini tried.

Harry raised an eyebrow to 'are you serious?'

The other boy huffed and crossed his arms, "fine be that way. But you should shower and change you look like the dead."

Harry nodded in acknowledgement. He stayed for a few more minutes pushing food around his plate before getting up and leaving. He quickly took a shower and got dressed in his school robes. Harry barely conceded to himself that he was injured. The cut on his left cheek was hard to miss and would surely scar. But, his injured ribs and damaged leg, they weren't obvious, and Harry hadn't even released that they occurred until now. He couldn't remember how he got them. He had been so focused on protecting Kelly that he hadn't realized that he himself had been hurt.

Harry shook his head to clear it of thoughts. He grabbed his school supplies and went down to the common room, intending to go to his afternoon classes. But he was brought up short by the sight of his uncle in the common room.

"Where the hell have you been?" the man demanded. "Do you remember yesterday when I told you I would not tolerate you sneaking out? Of course you do." The man's face was pale and his nostrils flared in anger. "six points Potter!" He growled out before moving towards him. Out of instincts that were still running on high from earlier Harry stumbled backward.

Snape sighed, "I'm not going to hurt you Potter. I just want to check your injuries." The older man explained before slowly moving toward him again. This time Harry didn't pull back. Snape gentle inspected his cheek and side, healing them before turning to his leg. "Do you mind telling me how you came to have these injuries?" Snape asked softly like was trying to not frighten an injured animal.

"Death Eaters attack Diagon Alley." Harry said plainly, but honestly.

"Might I also inquire why you were there?"

Harry hesitated this time. How much was he going to tell Snape? Was he going to tell him about Scott? Or what he learned at Gringotts? Did he want Snape to know he was his uncle? "I wanted to visit the bank."

"Hmm," Snape sounded from the back of his throat. He knew it wasn't the entire truth, but it wasn't a lie, which he supposes is better than what he had been getting from the boy. Maybe he just needed to go slower to gain the boys trust. "We will need to discuss this… incident more fully, but for now you have class and you've already missed several today. Now go."

Harry looked at him oddly before leaving the room. He still wondered if he should tell Snape about their familial relation or not. How would the other man react? Would he continue to try to… well whatever he was trying or would he pull away and accuse him of lying?

Harry shrugged it off. He would worry about it later, right now he needed to concentrate on classes, and his first class was Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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