"You'd better have a good excuse for bringing Autobots into a restricted military base, Commander." The General told him, looming over the Commander, ignoring the three Autobots doing the same to him.

"You sent me to collect one. Their condition was that she had an escort from three others. I apologize sir, but you told me that I had to resort to any means necessary, and I deemed it necessary to refrain from causing an interplanetary incident."

"As soon as I get to my office your ass is busted down to Sergeant. And you three!" He turned to the Autobots. "I hereby order you to extricate yourself from this facility."

"How come only Sari gets to stay?" Bulkhead asked, servos on his hips.

"That weapon has been commandeered by the United States military."

"Don't that break our diplomatic accords, man?" Jazz asked.

"I think it does. I mean, not only were they ready to kidnap an Autobot by force, they seem to plan on taking her apart."

"You can't fool me, you buckets of bolts." All three of them reacted in mock rage, purposely overacting in an attempt to infuriate him. "I know full well this weapon is not an Autobot."

"Ahem." Sari called out, holding up her locket.

"You!" The General pointed at a soldier. "Take Ichabod to lockdown. Ichabod, you are being court marshaled for willingly endangering this facility. As for you machines, surrender immediately. You are trespassing on army property."

Sari scowled at him. "You think we can't automatically record every word you say? You think we won't have any chance to talk to our superiors? Do you even realize that we are ready to transmit every word you've said here today at a moment's notice?" He scowl melted into a grin.

"If he was, he probably would've known better than to let us transmit it already." Bumblebee added. A soldier rushed to the General, holding a phone.

"Sir, it's the President." After a moment, the Autobots were free to relax. Sari smiled. Her plan had gone off without a hitch, but she wished she could have gotten it formulated earlier on.

"Come on, guys. Let's head home." She told them, climbing into Bumblebee. Even though she did come up with a plan, she felt bad about what was lost in the process. Ichabod was locked up, and he could face serious charges. Still, he had requested that they let him take that responsibility on himself.

As they drove back to Detroit, they received troubling news.

"Attention all Autobots in all systems: Trypticon is lost. The entirety of the Decepticon forces, along with every dangerous criminal in Cybertronian history, have escaped with the station. We have lost track of them, the defensive systems preventing us from tracking them. All Autobots are hereby ordered to report to the nearest space bridge. Protect the bridges with your sparks." Ultra Magnus's voice reverberated through their heads.

"That's not good..." Sari said.

"That's not good at all..." Agreed Bumblebee.