--Ok, so this is the 2nd official crossover that I've done. I hope you guys like it! May be spoilers up to both episodes points (just a fair warning) No slash, no wincest. Thank you and enjoy!--

Supernatural: After Abandon All Hope

The Mentalist: After His Red Right Hand

A Study in Scarlet


Seeing Red

Patrick Jane had had trouble sleeping for the past six years. In fact, the only place he got any real rest was at the CBI headquarters on his couch. On the nights he did manage to get to sleep, he saw their faces. Smiling, screaming, happy, bloody. Sometimes they hugged him. Sometimes they blamed him for his death and moved farther and farther away so he couldn't get to them.

He didn't dare let his colleagues know or see the thoughts and nightmares that plagued him every day of his life he had to live without them. And he didn't let them know that they had become more and more vivid recently. He'd slept a whopping four hours last night but with enough tea he'd be right as rain.

"Good morning," he said, smiling as usual. He sat down on his couch, laying back and shutting his eyes.

"Don't get comfortable," Lisbon said. Lisbon and Rigsby jumped away from each other. A ghost of a frown crossed Patrick's face before he opened his eyes and sat up, smiling.

"What's up?" He asked.

"DB out in Davis. They've already arrested the guys that did it," Lisbon explained.

"Then why are we going, Boss?" Rigsby inquired, grabbing his jacket.

"Because the guys swear up and down that they didn't do it." Patrick hopped up, grinning ear to ear.

"Wonderful. I love a good mind reading in the morning." Lisbon turned, pointing a stern finger at him.

"No trances, no hypnosis," she said firmly. He wilted a little.

"Well where's the fun in that?"

"I hate you, Dean," Sam grumbled, shifting his wrists in the metal cuffs.

"I know," Dean sighed. "How the hell was I supposed to know the cops would show up?"

"The sirens might've been a clue," Sam snapped.

"I'll get us outta this, okay? Just trust me, Samantha," Dean smirked.

"The last time I did that we got locked up, you got shot and half a dozen people died," he whispered harshly.

"It'll be fine," he assured. "We didn't do anything…this time."

"Oh yeah, because two fake FBI badges, having a full arsenal in the trunk and breaking an entering are nothing," Sam said sarcastically.

"Don't you watch crime shows, Sammy? They just wanna catch the guy who did it. They don't care about the other illegal crap you did," he said confidently.

"Yeah, that'd work. If this was T.V. and it didn't look like we killed this guy."

"Crap," Dean drooped.

Two black, official-looking SUVs pulled up.

"I swear to God if that's the FBI I will kill you here and now," Sam spat.

A woman that Dean assumed was the leader of this little gang got out first, showing her badge to the local sheriff before talking to him.

An Asian man exited the driver's side of the other car, looking completely and totally serious, as if his face would break if he smiled.

The woman that followed him from the back seat was nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. Dean grinned out of sheer reflex, taking a long look at the curvy red head. Sam rolled his eyes.

A tall man got out of the back seat of the first SUV, trying to look tough, but giving off a sort of awkward vibe.

The last man to get out of the car was average height, blonde and smiling. And for some reason he couldn't quite understand, Dean was almost instantly irritated at the mere sight of him. The man caught sight of the brothers and his smile widened.

The entire group, save the dark-haired woman speaking to the sheriff, went off toward where the body was to take a look around.

A few moments later the blonde man Sam and Dean had seen earlier came around the corner, sneaking past the dark haired woman and heading their way.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Dean asked, gesturing toward him.

"How should I know?" Sam asked, agitated.

"Hello," The man said, smiling pleasantly. "My name is Patrick Jane. I'm a consultant for those CBI agents behind me."

"So, you're not a cop?" Dean asked.

"No," Patrick answered. "I'm not a cop. And what might your names be?"

Sam and Dean glanced at each other, silently agreeing to stay silent.

"Well, you either tell me your names now or my colleague finds out the hard way," he looked over at Lisbon.

"I'm Sam," the younger Winchester said. Dean glared at him, angry at the betrayal.

"I'm Dean," he said gruffly, frowning. Patrick looked between the two of them.

"Let me guess," he said. "Brothers?"

"How did-"

"Well, the genetic similarities were easy to point out, but you both are leaning away from me and toward each other, which leads me to believe that you have a strong family relationship." Patrick stated. He looked at Dean. "You are trying to block Sam from me, which leads me to believe you're the older of the two, since you have an instinct to protect him."

Sam and Dean exchanged glances again, both awestruck.

"Jane," Lisbon sighed, walking toward them with the Asian man they had seen earlier. "I told you to wait until I was done talking to the sheriff."

"Lisbon, this is Sam and Dean. Brothers, and close ones at that. If you want a confession you're going to have a rough time doing so. Neither one will betray the other," Patrick said matter-of-factly. Lisbon glared up at him, exasperated, before turning her attention to the men in front of her.

"I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI and this is agent Cho," she said. "We're going to have to take you both to our office."

"Unless you want to confess right now," Patrick said brightly. Dean scowled up at him.

"Thanks, but no thanks," he smirked.

"Alright then," Lisbon said, grabbing Dean's upper arm and guiding him to a standing position. "Come with me."

Sam stood on his own. Cho went to take his arm when he noticed the considerable height difference. He looked up at the man that was much taller than he was, expression unchanged. Sam looked down at him, both staring at each other for a beat.

Cho sighed and shook his head, following Lisbon to the car.

Patrick smiled pleasantly at them as they passed. He looked around the property one more time. Something caught his eye and he stared, eyes wide, face pale. He blinked and did a double take. But when he looked back, they were gone. He could've sworn he saw…

"Jane!" Lisbon called. He turned. "You comin' or what?"

Patrick replaced his horrified look with his usual smile and jogged toward the car.

He was just tired, that was all. Wasn't he?