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Pepper was never thrilled when Tony had a mission. In fact she was the complete opposite, a train wreck. But Pepper being Pepper forced herself to stay patient and repeatedly told herself that Tony would be fine and come back in one piece with just a few bruises here and there. However, tonight was a whole different story.

Pepper sat on a stool in the workshop, one long leg crossed over the other. She stared blankly at her hands as Jarvis briefed Tony on the mission in the background. She was sick over this, literally. She had thrown up twice already but had splashed cold water on her face and brushed her teeth relentlessly so Tony wouldn't notice anything wrong. He could always tell when something was wrong with her. Tonight she hid it well and he picked up on nothing.

Pepper failed to notice that Jarvis was done with the briefing and jumped when she felt Tony's strong hand touch her shoulder.

"Smooch for good luck?" He said like he always did before each mission and she would always give him a sweet chaste kiss.

Before Pepper could think she launched herself into his arms almost making him fall backwards but he caught himself in time. Pepper's mouth met his in a hungry, possessive kiss. Tony instinctively wrapped his arms around her small waist pulling her even closer and lifting her up. Pepper slowed the kiss and gently tugged at his bottom lip as she pulled away. She bit back a smile when she saw Tony's expression. His eyes were glassy and dark and his lips were slightly swollen. He looked as though he had just been sucker punched but in the most excellent of ways.

Tony easily grabbed Pepper and threw her over his shoulder. She let out a grumble of protest. "Tony, put me down."

"Not now, not ever, woman." He started walking towards the couch.

"Tony!" Pepper started wriggling only making his hold on her tighten.

"Potts, you can't kiss me like that and expect me to do nothing." Tony reached the couch and carefully plopped Pepper down. He put his arms on either side of her trapping her in place. He leaned in to kiss her but Pepper stopped him.

"Tony you have a mission."

"Screw the mission. Instead stay and screw you." He grinned and Pepper shook her head and tried not to laugh at his crudeness.

"You always know just what to say to make a girl feel special." She said dryly and his brown eyes went another shade darker. "Tony you have to go." She was saying this but all she really wanted to do was grab him and make him stay.

"Miss Potts is right, sir." Jarvis agreed before Pepper could change her mind.

After a long moment, Tony let out a whine like a little kid who was just refused the new toy he wanted. He reluctantly straightened himself out and jogged over to the platform where the bots began putting on his suit. "You can expect me back in record time, Pepp. The world speed record is about to get broken." He winked at her before his face plate snapped shut and he took off.

Pepper hugged her arms around her body and got up from the couch. She felt another wave of nausea hit her and she began pacing back and forth, her 6 inch stilettos wearing out a path in the workshop's floor.

"Miss Potts?" Jarvis spoke up.

"Yes, Jarvis?"

"Why did you chose not to tell Mr. Stark the news you have?"

"Because, Jarvis, it would distract him from his mission and as much as I hate it I can't be selfish. There are people out there who need him right now."

"I see. That is very noble of you." Jarvis responded and didn't continue the conversation any further.

Although Tony almost did beat the world speed record when flying home he had still been gone for almost four hours. When he returned the bots made short work of dismantling his Iron Man suit. He only had a few bruises here and there and was sore but it was nothing a bath... with Pepper couldn't soothe. Pepper was no longer in the workshop and he quickly left for the living room. She was most likely asleep up there. He found her on the couch distractedly flipping through tv channels.

"So I believe we left off right about..."

When Pepper heard Tony's voice she jumped up and ran to him hugging him tightly. She sniffled into his shoulder and Tony pulled her back just enough to see that she had been crying.

"Pepp, I was only gone for a few hours. Standard mission. Jarvis would have told you if anything..."

"I'm pregnant!" Pepper blurted out. If Tony were a cartoon character he knew his eyeballs would be bulging out of his face and hitting the floor at that moment. Tony was many things but father was never on that list. "I just didn't want to tell you before your mission because I was afraid it would distract you and that would be horrible because you needed to go on this mission. I just found out this morning for sure. I took a few tests and they all came out positive but I wanted to be sure so I went to see the Doctor this morning and... I'm pregnant. I know this is a lot to..."

Tony grabbed Pepper's face and crashed his lips against hers. When they broke apart a huge grin was spread across his entire face and Pepper didn't know if she should be relieved or scared. "Iron Dad." Tony said thoughtfully. "Has a nice ring to it."

Pepper finally let herself go and was crying and laughing at the same time. Tony wrapped her up in his arms.

"You know what this means don't you?" Tony asked and Pepper looked up at him with wide innocent blue eyes. "Celebration!" He roared. "Now seeing as your pregnant and can't drink we will have to find something else to do." A wicked sparkle flashed in his eyes and if even possible his grin got wider. Tony scooped Pepper up in his arms and began carrying her towards the bedroom. "Tomorrow I start work on a little Iron boy or girl suit. I'll make both just in case"

"Tony." Pepper half heartedly scolded but laughed.

"Yeah, Iron Dad. I think it will look damned good on me."