Additional Note to Readers:

Hi everyone. I'd just like to add that I do have another pen name of Petalsoft on other forums in which I have published this story before. I have been receiving emails and reviews wondering if I, Misty Glow, have stolen someone else's story, so I wanted to lay the confusion to rest and assure you that Misty Glow = Petalsoft.

This site is where I first started writing my fan fiction under the name Misty Glow. But when I started writing my Harry Potter material, I was posting elsewhere under Petalsoft. Just lately I decided to put some of that material over here on fan .

But I do thank people for being alert and informing me when they are in question. I have had stories stolen from me and posted, and it was from readers that I found out about it. So thank you.


Misty Glow (aka Petalsoft)