Love you cant live with it and Fang donsent really care about it. I on the other hand, dont care ethier, but I would like one, you know a Lover. Me and Fang have a wierd on and off realation. He wants to kiss and makeout, I want to talk and hangout. I like kissing with Fang, I truly do his soft red lips, his hair barly touching my face a little tickle, him wrapping his strong arms under my wings and I just act like im in LALA land. Which wouldnt be really bad Fang, no danger and all the free food we can eat. Ok back to realty the flock and I have been hanging out in Dead BirdKids Gave Fang thought the one up I dont why were alive and well, maybe it beacuse that huge pile of bones in the back of the cave, but I dont know. The flock is sleeping near the back and Fang in front at the leage looking at the stars. I decide to go and talk yo him.