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This is it. The final Chapter.

This story took on a life of it's own and got way too long.

It is time to close this chapter of their life.

Are you are ready to embark on their new journey with them?

If so, then you will get your wish.

Another story will follow but it will NOT be as long.

So, enjoy this read and keep your eyes peeled.

I won't leave you hanging…you will learn more about the Stokes and those new babies soon…I promise.

She couldn't ask for a better night to share with him. It was absolutely perfect. As they walked hand and hand together down the pier he looked over at her and smiled. Not just a small smile, or a closed mouth smile, but a smile that Jules knew well. She knew it because it was that smile that could make tingles roll through her body. It was the Nick Stokes' smile that she fell in love with from the first night she ever laid eyes at him.

Jules thought about how she had leaned against the bar while she waited for her drink. She was intensely scanning the area to see if she could find her brother. She knew Warrick would be there; one of her friends had tipped her off. She knew she was about to blow his mind when he saw her actually standing in the same room with him. She knew he would never in a million years expect it. But what she didn't expect was to look down the bar and make eye contact with a man with deep brown eyes and that smile.

Jules swallowed hard just thinking about it. Remembering how her body froze when their eyes met, and she couldn't look away. And it was while they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity that Nick managed to break the magnetism with that wide smile. She always wondered if had he not smiled at that moment, if she would have remained in that trance all night.

And now, here he was, holding her hand and smiling that same wide smile, that showed his white teeth and deep dimples. Except this time, he wasn't a stranger ordering a round of drinks at the bar. He wasn't the unknown man with the dark hair and the mesmerizing eyes. He was her husband, her best friend, and the father of her children. He was her knight in shining armor and she loved him more than life itself.

"Why are you staring at me like that, Babe?" he chuckled as he asked.

"Oh," she said surprised that she had been staring at him the whole time she remembered that first night.

He had her in a trance yet again, even after all these years. Jules moved closer to him and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked to the rail at the end of the pier.

"Well, why were you staring at me like that?" he asked again curiously.

"I was…well, when you smiled…it," she stammered.

"When I smiled?" he said moving into his favorite position.

Nick stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her until his hands were resting on her belly. He made a point to stick his face into her hair and inhale her scent as he questioned her about her stare.

"Yes, when you smiled," she chuckled from his breathing that was tickling her neck, "Your smile…it was so happy."

"Yeah? And that made you stare at me like that?"

"Uh huh, because I love that smile. And then I remembered how it was that smile I saw across the bar at Club Taboo," she admitted, "And I was staring at you because at that moment it was like I just had it all flash in front of me. How I felt when our eyes locked that night."

"That was some night, wasn't it, Baby?" he whispered.

"Who would have ever guessed?" she smiled.

"You're telling' me? When I saw you wrap your arms around Warrick, I thought for sure it was over for me. There you were, the girl I saw at the bar, that little, blonde beauty that took my breath away...you had already been taken…by my best friend."

"See, ya can never just assume, Cowboy," she laughed and looked out into the water.

"Assume? Well, come on, Darlin', ya gotta give me that one! The way you two hugged it was either two people in love or a family reunion! And let's face it, who in their right mind would ever expect you two to be brother and sister…the color was a little off, dontcha think?" he laughed.

"No, I think our coloring is perfect," she laughed back.

"How about Sanders just coming right out with what we were all already thinking!" Nick laughed.

"Yeah, he just blurted it right out there…'Um, your white!'" she repeated what Greg had said that night.

Nick and Jules laughed at their memories.

They could hear the crickets chirping as they stayed silent for a moment relishing in their memories. The night sounds were silenced when she reminded Nick of their times on the pier.

"We spent a lot of nights on this pier," Jules sighed.

"Yea, we did. Most of the time trying to hide from your brother," Nick said and walked to the side of her and leaned against the rail.

Jules nodded remembering.

"Yeah, we couldn't go anywhere without getting caught somehow," she added.

"He was determined to keep us apart... such an asshole," Nick laughed.

"Hey, he was just looking out for me…you were a dirty dog, ya know," she raised her eyebrows with assurance.

"Nah, I just liked my freedom and …"

"…and you liked the ladies!" she added before he said anything else.

"I did…but I told both of you...the day I met you changed it all. I mean, I was so freakin' infatuated with you that I would actually pray you would come visit him at the lab. When we would go out to the bars, I would watch you like a hawk. You never even noticed. Oh and bowling! Ha! You had no idea how much my palms would sweat. I always worried there would be wet splotches on my ball and someone would wonder why!"

The two of them laughed.

Jules looked at him.

"And then…" she said slowly, "and then you caught me crying."

"Uh huh, and took a few good jabs from you," he smirked.

Jules chuckled slightly remembering pushing him in the chest before she gave in to his embrace.

"See, Cowboy, maybe that woman did me a favor after all," she walked in front of him and wrapped her arms around his body, resting her cheek on his chest.

"What woman?"

"Jolene Parker," she said flatly.

"HER?" said with disgust.

"Yeah, if Warrick didn't tell me that night that she was back in town then I never would have been so upset and left my keys in his pocket. I would never have gone to pieces when I was locked out and my car had a flat. And if I hadn't gone to pieces…"

"I wouldn't have found you," he kissed the top of her head.

"And you did…You found me and you rescued me," she smiled and looked up at him and into those chocolate brown eyes she could get lost in.

"I think that is the other way around, Sunshine," he leaned in and kissed her softly.


The two of them stood alone together and kissed intimately like young lovers on that pier. They knew they were undeniable; they were destined to be only with each another. They were truly one of a kind.

A lot had happened to Jules and Nick throughout those years. They battled to be together, and had to overcome obstacles and hurdles along the way, but they managed to always find their way back to each other.

And here they were, several years later, with many obstacles behind them, about to embark on yet another journey that would include their daughter and the two little babies they made together.

Their life was about to change again. The three of them would now be five…just like that.

Nick and Jules had a lot to be thankful for, but they didn't even need to remind each other of that. It was already being felt in their kiss.

The two of them looked forward to their future. They knew they could get through anything as long as they were together…they proved it repeatedly. They also knew that whatever life had in store for them in the future… they would be okay. They were ready. They were happy to move on to the next chapter in their life…

They were each other's soul mates.

And they were…after all…

…written in the stars.