The Recovery of Team 7 and The Spark of Something New

Chapter 1: The Fateful encounter, will he be OK?

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Sasuke has finally decided to attack Konoha. The fateful encounter of Naruto and Sasuke is happening right outside of Konoha's gates. Sasuke and Naruto are all alone in their fight. Sasuke lost Karen in a fight with Danzo and he lost his other two companions at the meeting of the five Kages. Naruto left without notifying anyone. The Hokage sent Sakura and Kakashi to find Naruto and bring him back safely after she had found out why Naruto left. The two were racing as fast as they could so that they could get to the two in time.


In the forest outside of Konoha

"SASUKE!!!! Why are you attacking Konoha?" Naruto screamed.

"Because I want revenge! The elders used Itachi. They made him kill his family, turned their back on him, and then turned him into a missing nin. And then they had the nerve to lie to me about it and use me to KILL HIM!!! I will never forgive them!!!" Sasuke said.

"I understand how you feel."

"How can you. You who has no family! Never felt the loss of them!"

"I have felt pain. The entire village shunned me my entire life. They hated me for the stupid fox inside of me. Please come back. I know you don't want to do this."

"ENOUGH!" Sasuke ran through some hand seals. "Katon: Fire Dragon jutsu."

A huge dragon made of fire was conjured and sent straight at Naruto. "Suton: Water Wall jutsu!" A giant wall of water sprouted up in front of Naruto effectively defending against Sasuke's attack. Sasuke took no time in waiting. He charged directly at Naruto, drawing his sword. Naruto pulled his Katana from his sheath on his back. Their swords locked. "SASUKE!!! It doesn't need to be this way!" Naruto yelled

"YES IT DOES!!! YOU DON'T KNOW THE HATRED I HAVE!!!" Sasuke screamed back.

"I do! I hated the villagers for hating me. I know what it is like to be the outcast, the loner! I know your hatred. If I was able to overcome it than you can too!"


In the forest with Kakashi and Sakura

"Kakashi-Sempai? Do you think we will make it in time?" Sakura asked.

"We can only hope Sakura. All we can do is move as fast as we can."


In the clearing with Sasuke and Naruto

Sasuke went through some more handseals. Lightning enveloped his sword. Naruto did that same except wind surrounded his Katana. Once again the adversaries charged at each other. Sasuke slashed. Naruto jumped back avoiding the blade by mere inches. He then jumped forward with his own attack. Sasuke doged. Naruto jumped back a few feet making hand signs. "Suton: Water Dragon jutsu." A giant water dragon appeared from the ground and attacked Sasuke. Sasuke was unable to dodge and the attack hit him dead on. He caught a tree limb and was able to keep from being swept away. Naruto jumped at him, he pulled a kunai out and threw it at Naruto. It hit Naruto in the side. Naruto pulled the Kunai out and continued his charge. Sasuke pulled his sword out and charged towards Naruto. The two swords clashed sending a loud ringing sound through the forest. Naruto thrusted and Sasuke evaded. Sasuke saw his opening and slashed Naruto's side. Naruto screamed out in pain. Fresh blood was pouring over the hand that covered his wounded side.

"ENOUGH!!!!! CHIDORI!!" Sasuke screamed.

"Fine. I will end this now and force you back!" Naruto said. A ball of chakra started forming in his hand. "Rasengan!"

The two ninjas charged at each other.

Sakura and Kakashi finally emerged from the nearby farest to where the two ninjas were fighting. "Damn! Were too late!" Kakashi said as he saw the chaos and the two ninjas heading straight at each other.

The two could only watch in horror as the two best friends, the two rivals, came at each other with deadly attacks. Sakara screamed. "Nooooo! Please stop it!!!" But to no avail, they kept charging. The two collided. There was a massive explosion of light. The force hit Sakura and Kakashi, knocking them off their feet. A few moments later the light dissapered. There was a huge crater in the middle of a recently created clearing. Sasuke and Naruto were gone.

"NOOO!!!!" screamed Sakura. The tears were poring down her face. Kakashi lowered his head and his hands dropped to his side. "Sakura, we were too late. Let's get back and report to Tsunade."

"NOOO!" She yelled.

"Sakura, we have to get back."

"NO! We have to stay and find him! Naruto can't be gone! He has to be alive… Whenever there was trouble, he was always there…always. He always had my back, whenever I needed him most."

"I know. He was a great student. He knew though. He knew that when the time came for them to fight he would die. He foresaw it. Come on. Lets get you back."

"Ok." Sakura sniffed.

"Sa..Sakura..Ch…Chan, Ka..Kakashi-san"

"Naruto!!!???" Sakura quickly turned and started to scan the area, but she saw no one. "Sakura Chan. I n…need help with Sasuke." She turned and saw Naruto limping out of the forest carrying an unconscious Sasuke on his back. "NARUTO!!!" She screamed. He looked terrible. His clothes were torn, he had scratches all over him, and fresh blood was pooring out of the side of his body. "Your alive!"

"I can't believe it! I thought for sure you were dead." Kakashi exclaimed.

"It takes more than that to kill the future Hokage." Naruto said. As he was heading towards them he collapsed. "NARUTO!" both Kakashi and Sakura screamed.

"Quick we have to get both of them to the hospital. Sakura, can you heal their major injuries now so they don't die on our way back?"

"Yes, just give me a moment." A green glow enveloped her hand and she set to work. First she went to Naruto and pulled his shirt up. She gasped. There was a giant gash that was hidden by his clothes. "His injuries are more severe than I thought. I must get to work quickly." Moments later she stated "Ok. I was able to stop the bleeding and do a quick patch up for his side but it won't hold for long. Tsunade is the only one I know capable enough to fix this severe of a wound. Kakashi, you head back with Naruto while I fix Sasuke."

"No Sakura. Sasuke's injuries seem to be less severe. I can't leave you alone here with him. What if he wakes up and tries to kill you? No I won't leave you. Pick up Naruto, I will take Sasuke. He will make it back to the village alive."

"Alright then, lets go."

Back at the village

"What is the status with Kakashi and Sakura? Have they reached where Naruto and Sasuke are?" Tsunade asked.

"We are not sure yet Tsunade-sama. The two left the village a while ago. I am sure they have reached Naruto and Sasuke by now." Shizune said.

"All right, but keep me informed on the situation."

"Yes madam Hokage." With that Shizune left the office.

At the front gate

Kakashi stopped at the gate to talk to one of the guards. "Quick! Go let Tsunade-sama know that we have Naruto and Sasuke and that they need immediate medical attention right away. Tell her that we need her to perform the surgeries. We will be at the hospital waiting."

"Yes sir Kakashi-Sama." The guard said. And with that he disappeared in a ball of smoke.

In Tsunade's office

The guard poofed into the Hokage's office. "Tsunade-sama! Kakashi sent an emergency request that you meet him at the hospital. He says that he has Naruto and Sasuke and that they need immediate medical attention from you."

"What!!?? They have Sasuke too!?" Both Tsunade and Shizune exclaimed.

"Yes Tsunade-Sama. That is what Kakashi told me. Also it looked like Sasuke was draped over Kakashi's back." The guard replied

"Alright I am on my way." Tsunade stated.

In the hospital

Tsunade burst into the hospital throwing on a doctors over coat. "All right, where are they." She asked a nurse nearby.

"Naruto is in surgery room 1 and Sasuke is in surgery room 2." The nurse replied.

"Ok. What is there status?" Tsunade asked.

"Naruto has a giant gash in his left side. It was partially attended to by Sakura, but she couldn't do much for it. He also has a few broken ribs, a fractured arm, a stab wound in the other side, and multiple bruises and cuts all over his body. Sasuke is in less a critical of a condition. Sasuke received major bruising on his head from the final explosion which is why he is unconscious. He has bruises on his body, cuts, a few broken ribs, a cracked skull, and a broken leg." The nurse answered.

"Are there guards deployed outside of Sasuke's room?" Shizune asked.

"Yes Shizuni-sama. There are 10 ANBU black ops and 6 jounin." The nurse replied.

"Ok good. I will tend to Naruto first because his condition is critical. Everyone let me work." And with that Tsunade disappeared into Naruto's room.

Sakura turned to Kakashi and asked "Kakashi-sensei? Is Naruto going to be all right? I am really worried for him?"

Kakashi got a visable frown on his face through the mask. It took him a while to respond. "I don't know Sakura. He is in critical condition. You heard the nurse. He has multiple injuries that are severe."

She turned away from him. Tears started to well up in her eyes until she couldn't hold them in anymore. Tears started flowing down her face. "I…want him…to be….alright…Kakashi…sensei." Sakura sobbed.

"I know. All we can do is wait."

Six hours later

Tsunade emerged from the surgery room covered in blood. "Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked. "How is he? Will he be all right?" Tsunade lowered her head.



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